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    Feminizing America

    Published: Friday, April 5, 2002

    Recent news reports stated that one of the reasons President Bush decided to take a more active role in negotiating a peace settlement in the Middle East was because of his concern that women voters were being "turned off" by pictures of dead bodies from war-torn areas in and around the West Bank. Keeping women voters happy seems to be a high priority for politicians these days, and for good reason - America is now a thoroughly feminized country.

    Subscribe to any cable or satellite service and one will discover an abundance of women's channels. Do these channels promote traditional femininity? No. They promote radical feminism instead. At the same time, trying to find a men's channel is an exercise in futility, because it does not exist.

    To find a masculine president, one has to go back to Ronald Reagan. Before that, however, the vast majority of U.S. presidents, Republican and Democrat, exuded masculinity and manliness. Those days are over.

    Today, women must be appeased and catered to. They are the heads of businesses, the heads of churches, and the heads of their homes. In politics, the women's vote is usually the one that turns the election. Women serve on military ships and in military operations. They dictate their children's upbringing (which explains why most of them grow up undisciplined and spoiled, by the way) and have the final word on virtually all family decisions. Such a phenomenon is the sign of a nation in trouble. God's prophet warned that one of the marks of a nation under divine judgment is when "women rule over them." (Isa. 3:12)

    The exact cause of the feminizing of America is difficult to pinpoint. Did radical feminism cause men to abandon their God-given responsibilities, or did that abandonment create the vacuum from which radical feminism grew? It is the old chicken or the egg question. However, one thing is sure: men have abandoned their responsibilities of leadership, and our nation is going down the tubes because of it.

    In the black community, the vast majority of children are being raised without a father. The white community is not far behind. Furthermore, in those homes where fathers do exist, they are largely detached and provide no real influence. Mom is in charge, and everybody in the household knows it. It was not always this way, however.

    There was a time in this nation when rugged men taught their sons the qualities of manhood. Boys grew up learning how to box, how to wrestle, how to play football, etc. Today, America's boys only know how to play girls' games. They have never had their noses bloodied or their butts bruised. "Soccer Moms" have replaced disciplinarian dads.

    Then again, there was a time when a man's primary interest was not in guzzling a pack of Budweiser and sitting all evening in front of the "boob tube" while ignoring virtually everyone in the house. There was a time when men took their families to church and taught their children the fundamental values of honesty and integrity. Believe it or not, there was a time in America when men took pride in being the spiritual heads of their homes. They actually knew how to balance a checkbook and how to read the Good Book. They were the kind of men that women loved and children respected.

    However, the feminization of America is so complete, so thorough, that I am not certain if old-fashioned, masculine men are even desirable anymore. You would not know it by looking at our politicians, or our preachers, that is for sure. Therefore, President Bush (and everyone else) will continue to appease the feminist majority (male and female) that comprises this new, feminized America.

    © Chuck Baldwin

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