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    Biden And Bibi: Demon-Possessed Mass Murderers

    Published: Thursday, April 4, 2024

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    When most people think of someone being demon possessed, they think of a madman who runs around naked in graveyards. We are told of a demon-possessed man in Luke 8:26 – 39 who resembled that description. People can be driven out of their minds by demonic influences, for sure. For example, I have no doubt that much of the “mental illness” that accompanies attempted mass killings today is in reality demonic possession. Our culture is awash in demonic/occultic activity, so why should we be surprised when the number one symptom of that activity, mass murder, begins to escalate?

    However, I say with utmost confidence that most demon-possessed men today are not running around naked in cemeteries; they are “dignified,” wealthy men sitting in fashionable, ornate offices wearing expensive suits and sitting in seats of great power.

    Never forget that the two main character traits of Satan are LYING and MURDER (John 8:44). And Jesus ascribed those character traits not to the maniac of Gadara referred to in Luke 8 but to the pious and powerful Pharisees who were teachers of the Law and rulers (under Caesar and Herod) over Jerusalem and Judea.

    There is no place where deception and murder are more ubiquitous than in positions of power. The greater the power, the greater the deception and murder. The most prolific murderers of human history have ALWAYS been governmental leaders.

    It’s not a short read, but you really should read the book entitled DEATH BY GOVERNMENT by R. J. Rummel.

    As a minister of the Gospel who will commemorate his 49th year in the ministry this June, I have had my share of personal confrontations with people that I KNEW were demon possessed. Plus, my studies on this subject have given me significant insight into this devilish phenomenon. Accordingly, I am convinced that the most rabid warmongers and pro-abortion advocates (baby killers) are revealing symptoms of demon possession. And no two men alive are more reflective of that spiritual diagnosis than Joe Biden and Benjamin Netanyahu. These two men are literally obsessed with death and deception.

    The Biden White House has approved of sending billions of dollars worth of new military equipment and ammo to Israel, The Washington Post has revealed, even amid public criticism from US officials over Prime Minister Netanyahu's intent to soon send ground troops into Rafah, which is expected to result in humanitarian disaster in the refugee-packed southern city.

    This package is to include 25 F-35 fighter jets, sources told the Post, and additionally the highly controversial 2,000-pound bombs which have been known to kill indiscriminately in Gaza when deployed by the Israeli air force.

    "The new arms packages include more than 1,800 MK84 2,000-pound bombs and 500 MK82 500-pound bombs, according to Pentagon and State Department officials familiar with the matter," the report indicates.

    "The 2,000-pound bombs have been linked to previous mass-casualty events throughout Israel’s military campaign in Gaza," WaPo continues. "These officials, like some others, spoke to The Washington Post on the condition of anonymity because recent authorizations have not been disclosed publicly."

    The 2,000 pound bombs have been flagged by human rights monitors as behind much of the soaring Palestinian casualties, given they can demolish entire city blocks and produce craters over 40 feet wide.

    The weaponry was approved as part of a prior authorization, but it highlights that for all the current US-Israel tensions due to the soaring civilian death toll in the Gaza campaign, Biden is certainly no closer to attaching 'conditions' on Israel when it comes to deployment of US-supplied weapons.

    A State Department official has explained that "fulfilling an authorization from one notification to Congress can result in dozens of individual Foreign Military Sales cases across the decades-long life-cycle of the congressional notification."

    "As a matter of practicality, major procurements, like Israel’s F-35 program for example, are often broken out into several cases over many years," the official added.

    A New York Times investigation in December concluded that Israel has been using 2,000 pound bombs supplied by the US on Gaza neighborhoods on a routine basis. The Pentagon has said it almost never uses these types of weapons in densely populated urban areas anymore because of the likelihood of large-scale civilian casualties.

    The Times report further said that 2,000 pound bombs had been dropped on Gaza and even inside declared 'safe zones' in the south, some hundreds of times.


    As you read the above report, you can see how imbecilic it is to believe that only some 30,000 Palestinians have been slain in Gaza since October 7 and why a more realistic number of Palestinian deaths is around 200,000.

    And with demands coming from all over the world—even from within Israel itself—to stop the slaughter in Gaza, Biden and Bibi have just collaborated on increasing the number of bombs and missiles that America will distribute to Israel and that Bibi will use to kill many more thousands of defenseless, innocent women and children. More than 70% of the Palestinians who have died in Israel’s genocide have been women, children and babies. And Israel has never proven that the remaining 30% were Hamas fighters. Not even close.

    My friends, this is DEMONIC.

    We are not talking about self-defense here. Israel’s war against Gaza has never been about self-defense. It’s about mass murder, genocide and ethnic cleansing. This has been Israel’s MO since it began its first NAKBA in December of 1947.

    To get a glimpse at the barbarism with which IDF soldiers are killing innocent civilians, I invite you to watch this brief video clip of IDF soldiers cold-bloodedly murdering two unarmed civilians, who had their hands up waving white flags, then using giant bulldozers to scoop up their bodies and dump them into a quickly dug-out grave to try and hide the killings. It’s nauseating to watch, to say the least.

    And while evangelicals in the U.S. are cheering on the demonic slaughter of hundreds of thousands of innocent people—many of them fellow Christians—tens of thousands of Israeli citizens are marching in the streets in protest over Israel’s war in Gaza and demanding Netanyahu’s ouster.

    Tens of thousands of people have gathered outside the Israeli parliament building in Jerusalem in the largest antigovernment protest since Israel launched its assault on Gaza.

    The protesters on Sunday demanded the government secure a ceasefire deal that would also free Israeli captives held by Hamas in Gaza and called for early elections.

    Demonstrators claimed the Jerusalem protest was the biggest since Israel launched its war on Gaza in October.

    “After six months, it seems like the government understands that Bibi Netanyahu is an obstacle,” demonstrator Einav Moses, whose father-in-law Gadi Moses is being held captive, told The Associated Press news agency. “Like he doesn’t really want to bring them back, that they have failed in this mission.”

    The crowd stretched for blocks around the Knesset and organisers have decided to continue the demonstration for several days.

    “They say they want to oust Netanyahu; they say they’re fed up with his policies.”

    The prime minister was doing “everything for politics, nothing for the country”, Lapid said.

    Thousands of others demonstrated in Tel Aviv, Israel’s largest city.


    Joe Biden further displays his antichrist spirit by officially declaring Resurrection (Easter) Sunday as Transgender Visibility Day. Biden seems to revel in committing blasphemy.

    According to Jesus, the most glaring character trait of satanically inspired men is preoccupation, fixation and obsession with death and deception. Biden and Bibi reek with it.

    © Chuck Baldwin

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