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    Why Almost Nothing Changes When Republicans Are Elected

    Published: Thursday, March 7, 2024

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    Before digging into the title of this column, I need to call your attention to what I said in this column of February 8:

    As I said, among the millions of illegals that have entered the U.S. are untold thousands of drug cartel members. These men are among the most violent and bloodthirsty people in the world. Murder is a part of their daily routine. Human life means absolutely NOTHING to them. And Biden has given them everything they need to set up their butcher shops in America.

    When my oldest son worked as a police officer, he told me, “Dad, you would not believe how much human trafficking is taking place right under our noses in this country.” He said, “America is inundated with gang-related human trafficking.”

    The most prominent trademark of these drug/human trafficking cartels is the way they behead (and often dismember) their victims—and the victims are not dead when they are decapitated either.

    To date, I’ve only seen two news accounts in the mainstream media documenting beheadings in the U.S. One case was in Minnesota, and the other case was in California. Both beheadings took place after Biden took office, and in both cases the perpetrators of these vicious crimes were illegals. Of course, Minnesota and California are Democrat open-border states with major sanctuary cities.

    My point is, there is no telling how many cartel beheadings have already taken place in our country, as the pro-illegal aliens Zionist news media will doubtless do their best to hide these atrocities from the American people, lest we become enraged and rise up en masse against these open-borders politicians like Joe Biden.

    Well, please let me call your attention to a recent report out of Long Island, NY:

    A park in Babylon, Suffolk County reopened Friday after the discovery of several body parts belonging to a man and a woman the day before.

    The Suffolk County Medical Examiner says a female head, right upper leg, left leg from the knee down and right arm and two male arms were found, and autopsies are underway to determine the identities of the victims and what happened to them.

    It is believed that the female body parts are that of an adult woman.

    When officers arrived and searched the area, they found a second arm about 20 feet from where the first arm was found.

    Police say both appear to belong to a man.

    Police said that the decapitations and body dismemberments were an “isolated” case and no one else is at risk.

    These pro-open borders devils in government stay in a constant state of denial. In their hearts (if they have one), they KNOW that illegal alien drug and human trafficking cartels are pouring across the border in waves. They KNOW that these gangs are some of the most wicked, bloodthirsty and violent people on earth. Yet, they continue to try and convince the U.S. citizenry that we are in NO DANGER.

    As I said before, ARM YOURSELVES, because there is no State and no city big or small that does not have illegal alien gangs in their vicinities, and these illegal alien gangs are growing and expanding exponentially. Folks, get it through your heads: The America we used to live in is G-O-N-E, GONE. In this illegal alien gang-infested America, NO ONE IS SAFE!

    Now, why almost nothing changes when Republicans are elected.

    When I first arrived in Montana in 2010, there were two men here that I knew to be among the most constitutionally astute, steadfast and dependable scholars in the State. One is former State legislator Rick Jore and the other is former State legislator and Public Service Commissioner—and an associate of Rep. Ron Paul—Roger Koopman.

    Roger is the head of a grassroots organization called Montana Conservative Alliance. This organization has been tabulating the constitutional scores of Montana State representatives and senators for years. And Roger has just released the 2023 tabulations.

    First, I need to let Roger explain the basis for his tabulations and why almost nothing changes when Republicans are elected:

    You’ve no doubt seen a number of purportedly “conservative” ratings of legislative voting records, put forth by various groups.  Generally, these indexes mimic the positions of the house and senate GOP leadership, and not surprisingly, almost all Republican legislators score high.

    Is this approach a reliable indicator of true conservatism?  We think not.  Often, these reports are very misleading, and help return to office Republican politicians who are fundamentally not free market conservatives, and who should be replaced.  There is, in fact, a significant percentage of Republican legislators who are guilty of:

    (1)  voting with the Democrats to defeat key conservative legislation, with the best bills usually getting killed in committee.  Thus, session after session, the conservative agenda goes nowhere.

    (2)  introducing a flood of bills that are anti-market, anti-liberty, and that progressively increase the size, power, cost and interventionism of state and local government.  Because these big government measures are “Republican sponsored,” they stand a much better chance of passage.  Republicans who we think should know better, line up to support their fellow party members.  As a result, no matter how large the GOP majority, state government continues to grow every time the legislature meets.

    MCA has always refused to play the “party politics game.”  Those who do so only perpetuate the problem.  Our rating system is quite unique – independent of any “party” and totally focused on ideas and principles rather than on currying favor from appreciative politicians.  Let the truth be told, unapologetically, and trust that an informed citizenry will then be equipped to do the right thing. 

    When you take a close look at GOP legislative voting patterns, suddenly something screams out at you.  The assumption that most elected Republicans believe and understand the philosophical foundations of freedom, free markets and constitutional government is simply not true.  They may be very nice people, who “say” conservative things, but if they truly understood the ideas and principles that undergird our free republic, they simply could not, in good conscience, vote the way they do.

    A true conservative, in our view, is not only guided by principle, but is ideologically and philosophically consistent.  Looking at any given bill, a conservative instinctively knows if that measure is based on a proper and constitutional function of government.  He instinctively knows if the bill advances or diminishes human freedom, and votes accordingly.  He doesn’t compromise.  Legislation that has “good intentions” is not good enough.  Bills that are “half good and half bad” are bad bills.  Period.  Push the red button – even if you are the only one in the room who does.

    When the average conservative, pro-liberty score among 101 GOP legislators is 37 percent – meaning that, based on the index bills MCA carefully selected, the typical Republican legislator voted to defend your freedom just over one-third of the time– we are led to ask the obvious question: are the Democrats any more consistent as liberals, than the Republicans are as conservatives?  Or perhaps an even better question is, are the liberal Republicans more consistent and more dedicated to what they believe than the self-described conservatives?  To both forms of the question, the answer is YES! 

    We have not bothered to score the Democrats in this report, but it’s fair to say that they would average no more than 5 to 10 percent conservative.  That’s being generous.  Every single Democrat among 49 legislators would fall under the “statist/left” category.  They are ideologically very consistent.  But consider the Republicans, where only 16 out of 101 made it into the conservative zone, while 36 scored either liberal or far left.  Why, then, do liberals vote so philosophically consistent, while the best of conservatives cannot get scores above 81%?

    This constantly vexing question can only be briefly addressed here.  But the short answer is this:  It is easy for a politician to be a liberal, and much harder to be a conservative.  If you are a liberal (Republican or Democrat,) you simply accept the assumption that while freedom might be a quaint idea, when it comes to solving problems, government must step in.  You buy into the statist notion that the purpose of government is to fix what freedom and free people mess up.  As a lawmaker, you lock in to the premise that every problem requires a government response.  (Never mind that government intervention created the problem in the first place.)  This elevated view of one’s job is a heady and prideful experience, that makes a legislator feel extremely important – even indispensable!  By believing that every problem has a government solution, these so-called “solutions” become easy to vote for.  Every recipient of your “generosity” will appreciate you on election day!  Not surprisingly, the left wing of Republican legislators actually even calls itself “The Solutions Caucus.”  When the session ends, these liberals can go home and brag to their constituents about how many government “solutions” they supported -- while at the same time complaining about the “obstructionists” on the far right, whose only answer to everything is more freedom and less government. Guilty as charged! 

    We don’t wish to imply that having a bad voting record makes you a bad person.  It just makes you a bad legislator.  Maybe taking time for personal study into the words of our founding fathers or the works of great thinkers like Thomas Sowell, Milton Friedman, Friedrich Hayek, Adam Smith and Frederic Bastiat will provide the enlightenment necessary to turn these men and women into wise lawmakers someday – assuming they have the public-spirited humility to listen, to learn and to grow.  In the meantime, it is quite evident that they lack the philosophical foundation needed to honor and protect our freedom. 

    Now, before I give you the bottom-line statistics from Roger’s tabulations, let me remind you that Montana is a Red State. And during the 2023 session (the Montana legislative session meets every other year) we had a Republican supermajority along with a Republican governor, which means Republicans had total control over the legislative agenda.

    The Republican who was House Speaker had a reputation as being a solid conservative, including being VERY pro-life. Well, guess what? With a supposed pro-life Republican legislature, a supposed pro-life governor and a supposed pro-life House Speaker—and with a supposed pro-life Republican U.S. Supreme Court—the Montana legislature deliberately chose to NOT pass a Personhood Amendment. In fact, the supposed pro-life House Speaker even shut down attempts to bring a Personhood Amendment to the floor for a vote.

    In 2023, the Montana legislature didn’t need Democrats to kill the most important and most powerful tool we have to stop legal abortions, a Personhood Amendment; the Republicans killed it all by themselves.

    Now to Roger’s tabulations:

    The HIGHEST constitutionalist score in both chambers, House and Senate, was 81%—Eighty-one percent! And only ONE senator and only ONE house member achieved that score. Only ONE! The average constitutionalist score of all the Republican senate members was 39%. Thirty-nine percent! The average constitutionalist score of all the GOP house members was 36%. Thirty-six percent! The constitutionalist average for the combined house and senate Republican members was 37%. Thirty-seven percent! (By the way, the House Speaker earned a constitutionalist percentage of 56.) That means that Republicans in the 2023 Montana legislature voted AGAINST the Constitution 63% of the time.

    In other words, the vast majority of Montana’s Republican legislators in 2023 were either constitutionally illiterate or despicable cowards and traitors to the Constitution. And, folks, I assure you that if you applied Roger’s constitutional tabulations to your GOP State representatives and senators, you would find almost identical scores.


    Years ago, I had lunch with a sitting Republican county commissioner here in Flathead County. During our conversation, I asked him this question, “When you took your oath of office, what did you swear to do?”

    He gazed at me in silence for a long time and then said, “I honestly don’t remember.”

    When I reminded him that he took an oath to honor and follow the Constitution, he said, “I guess I haven’t read much about that.” I give him credit for being candid in his answer.

    Folks, I promise you Donald Trump is as ignorant about the Constitution as Joe Biden. The overwhelming majority of government officials at any level (city, county, State or federal) know jack squat about the Constitution. Even worse is, they KNOW they don’t know, and they don’t CARE that they don’t know. The only time either side tries to quote the Constitution is when they think it might help their position. If they know their position is counter to the Constitution, they simply ignore the Constitution and maintain support for their position.

    In other words, on the whole, our congressmen and senators from both parties are cheap, crooked charlatans and con artists.

    But as long as we have an electorate that is ignorant of and apathetic to our Constitution, we will continue to elect and re-elect the same constitutionally illiterate, self-serving con men to be our governmental representatives.

    So, while pro-Trump and pro-Biden sycophants escalate their biased zealotry for these two constitutional ignoramuses, the gangsters on Capitol Hill (Republicans and Democrats) continue to send billions of tax dollars and millions of tons of bombs and missiles to the gangsters in the Likud government in Israel to continue their genocidal mass murder of innocent women and children in Gaza.


    P.S. We have just released my latest Prophecy Message (Number 20) entitled The Seven Vials With The Seven Last Plagues: Armageddon, taken from Revelation 15 and 16.

    All I’ll say is, almost everything you’ve read or heard about Armageddon is patently untrue. I hope you’ll watch and share this message.

    Find my Prophecy Message Number 20, The Seven Vials With The Seven Last Plagues: Armageddon, here.

    © Chuck Baldwin

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