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    Benjamin Netanyahu Holds Middle Finger In The Face Of The U.S. And the Entire World

    Published: Thursday, March 28, 2024

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    Since its inception in 1948, the Zionist State of Israel has been a country without accountability. While Israel loves to portray itself as the forever victim, the truth is, since May 14, 1948 (and even before), the Zionist state has been one of the most monstrous terror states in the entire world. Over 5 million Palestinians have been murdered by Israel since 1948 (why isn’t THAT a Holocaust?), and millions more have been subjected to the worst kind of inhumanity: rape, pillage, plunder, land theft, kidnapping, beating, torture, imprisonment, dismemberment, family separation, child mutilation—the list is endless.

    Even when Israel attacked an American Naval vessel, the USS Liberty, in an overt attempt to sink the ship to the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea, killing 34 American Sailors and Marines and wounding over 70% of the ship’s crew in the attempt, Israel was held guiltless. Zero accountability!

    Israel wasn’t even required to remunerate the victim’s families for the loss of their loved ones who were murdered by Israel. It was America—on behalf of Israel—that “paid off” the victim’s families. Most Americans don’t even know the attack ever took place, so massively successful was the wholesale cover-up of the attack by the Washington and media establishments.

    The latest in a 75-year-long trail of ethnic cleansing and genocide committed by Israeli military forces is Israel’s genocidal war in Gaza. And once again, Israel has faced ZERO accountability, being shielded by the AIPAC-bribed president and members of Congress and the Scofield-deceived evangelical pastors and churches in the United States.

    Forget the 30,000 Palestinian dead number regurgitated by the media. The real number of Palestinian dead in Gaza is closer to 200,000. And again: NO accountability!

    Now, FINALLY, there is a dim light of accountability beginning to shine on Netanyahu’s bloodstained hands.

    There are “reasonable grounds” to believe Israel is committing genocide in the besieged Palestinian enclave of the Gaza Strip, according to a report issued by a United Nations-appointed expert.

    In the report, issued late on Monday, the UN Special Rapporteur on the occupied Palestinian territories Francesca Albanese said there are clear indications that Israel has violated three of the five acts listed under the UN Genocide Convention.

    “The overwhelming nature and scale of Israel’s assault on Gaza and the destructive conditions of life it has inflicted reveal an intent to physically destroy Palestinians as a group,” she said.

    More than 70 percent of the recorded deaths have been women and children and Israel has failed to prove that the remaining 30 percent – adult males – were active Hamas fighters, she said.

    On the third act, Albanese said Israel has destroyed or severely damaged most of Gaza’s life-sustaining infrastructure, including hospitals and agricultural land.

    Additionally, calls for “violent annihilation” from Israeli high-ranking officials aimed at soldiers on duty on the ground serve as “compelling evidence of explicit and public encouragement to commit genocide,” Albanese added.


    Finally, people in positions of global leadership are beginning to admit it.

    The calamitous atrocities being committed against the Palestinian people (again, mostly women and children) are so overwhelmingly odious that even the U.S. government recently refused to veto a U.N. Security Council resolution demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

    Here is the BBC version of the report:

    The UN Security Council has called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, after the US did not veto the measure in a shift from its previous position.

    It is the first time the council has called for a ceasefire since the war began in October after several failed attempts.

    In the Security Council vote on Monday, the US abstained, while the remaining 14 members voted in favour.

    The US had previously been accused of using its power of veto to shield Israel at the UN.

    Most of the world has long known the truth of Israel’s genocidal ethnic cleansing of Gaza. Only the Western world—led by the United States and its Israeli-bribed government and media—refused to acknowledge Israel’s international criminality. But now the death and carnage are SO massive, even our own Zionist White House is being forced to acknowledge Israel’s gargantuan crimes against humanity.

    So, now Bibi will feel the heat of world opinion and show some—maybe just a smidgen of—humanity and stop the genocide, right? WRONG!

    Israel will resist pressure to halt Rafah attack, says Netanyahu.

    Prime minister vows to continue offensive.

    Israel will not give in to international pressure to stall an attack on the southern Gaza city of Rafah and will continue its bloody offensive against Hamas, said Benjamin Netanyahu.

    “There is international pressure and it’s growing, but … we need to stand together against the attempts to stop the war,” the prime minister told a military graduation ceremony in southern Israel, saying that Israel’s forces would operate against Hamas all through the Gaza Strip “including Rafah, the last Hamas stronghold”.

    Israel has been under pressure to hold off from any attack against Rafah, which is packed with about 1 million displaced civilians from elsewhere in Gaza and is a key logistics hub for aid agencies.

    The UN and humanitarian organisations have expressed deep concern that an Israeli offensive there would aggravate an already “catastrophic” humanitarian crisis. Even the US, Israel’s staunchest ally, has voiced reservations.

    The huge air, land and sea campaign launched by Israel in Gaza has driven about 80% of the population from their homes and pushed hundreds of thousands to the brink of famine. It has reduced swathes of the territory to ruins.


    There is no humanity in Netanyahu. He is a heartless cold-blooded killer in the similitude of Stalin, Hitler and Mao. So, he stands in front of the White House and the capitals of the world and sticks out his middle finger.

    If there was any doubt in anyone’s mind about who is the dog and who is the tail, the matter is now settled once and for all. Israel is the dog, and America is the tail.

    When it comes to Israel, the United States has Stockholm Syndrome. The less responsive Israel is to the principles of peace, human decency, freedom and life itself, the more Washington tries to please it with lavish amounts of taxpayer dollars, military hardware and munitions.

    Israel is the arrogant, spoiled, entitled, self-proclaimed victim who was never disciplined or told “No” as it was growing up and who has become a hardened professional criminal who bribes and bullies the United States (along with the rest of the Western world) into complete submission.

    In short, Israel is the cold-blooded kidnapper, and America is the Stockholm Syndrome kidnapped woman who takes her beatings and still tries desperately to please her kidnapper.

    Israel needs a visit to an old-fashioned woodshed. And the United States needs a good psychotherapist.

    No! What America really needs is a generation of true men of God in our pulpits to show this country exactly who and what Israel really is—and isn’t—and to help lead America out of this dungeon of servitude to a spurious, satanically inspired Zionist state that is holding our entire country captive.

    © Chuck Baldwin

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