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    U.S. Government Gives Millions To Jewish Group To Escort Illegals Into America

    Published: Thursday, February 8, 2024

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    Peggy Hall writes the report, and she begins saying,

    This story really needs to come with a vomit warning.

    Indeed, it does. Then again, just about everything coming out of Washington, D.C., these days (including from the Republican side of the aisle) needs to come with a vomit warning.

    Washington, D.C., is SICK! Most of the politicians and bureaucrats that run it are ethical, moral and spiritual degenerates. Many of them are true psychopaths. And it’s only a matter of time before they totally sink America’s ship of state.

    Today’s report is just another example of the terminal cancerous disease that is Washington, D.C.

    For all of you authentic Americans who have earned your own way, made sacrifices, WORKED for money, experienced lean financial years and the trials and tribulations that come from making it on your own, this story will probably upset your stomach like it did mine.

    Especially if you are someone like me, with values and ethics, morals and standards, and a desire for JUSTICE for all (no, not social justice or climate justice or gender justice — yep, that’s a thing.) Just JUSTICE.

    I’m talking about the true definition of justice, which is: “the equal application of the law.” In other words, where no one is treated any differently, with any more or less consideration, or given any special privilege or preference. I know, I know… you probably think this is just pie-in-the-sky wishful thinking. But this wishful thinking IS based on principles and values that are worth striving for.

    And I will continue to strive for these principles, to explain, exhort, encourage and empower those who are willing to take up the fight alongside me.

    I do realize how exhausting this fight can be, when we are sloshed with the vilest of hogwash again and again — as I am about to share in this latest account of how your money, and my money, which is stolen out of our pockets every paycheck (and printed out of thin air by the government) is HANDED OVER with NO STRINGS ATTACHED to anyone who claims they are a victim, refugee or asylum seeker in the U.S.

    And wait until you see who is behind this invasion of the illegals flooding our borders, with open hands and pockets waiting to be filled with money and resources that SHOULD be going to actual Americans, veterans, elderly and low-income. I will be the first in line to lend a helping hand where needed (and I have done so my entire life) but to blatantly facilitate the decimation of America by intentionally flooding it with people who want a handout? Uh, that would be a big N-O.

    What about the criminals, drug dealers, child traffickers, those carrying diseases?! You know, those diseases that authentic Americans were being coerced to get jabbed against? Who knows who these people are that are BEING BROUGHT over the BORDER. They are not escaping, they are escorted. That is the difference between what I’ll call traditional immigrants versus the manufactured immigrants of today.

    I came from a family of immigrants who MADE THEIR OWN WAY. Who got ZERO help from the government; no English language classes, no social security payments, no housing assistance, no cash grants, no transportation, no food stamps, no job placement. My immigrant history includes people who wanted to ASSIMILATE into the American culture and learn its language and customs, while still celebrating traditions from Eastern Europe (minus the communism).

    But what in the non-spinning world is going on here and now, where people are basically being fished out of their own homes and communities in far-flung countries and given the royal red carpet treatment and proverbial bags full of cash and other assistance — far above and beyond what authentic Americans are getting?

    This is where the vomit bucket comes in.

    Here are the dark and dirty details of how the US is financially footing the bill for the immigrant invasion. 

    There is a Jewish organization called HIAS, which stands for Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society.

    HIAS gets hundreds of millions of dollars in US funding through the Office of Refugees Resettlement (ORR). ORR was created by Brandon Biden as part of the Department of Health and Human Services in the federal government. (Note: just a reminder for how bloated and excessive the federal government is. There is NOTHING in the Constitution that allows for these unfettered agencies that are created on the whim of the president.)

    Check out the ORR website here, and note near the bottom the list of agencies that are getting matching grants from YOUR money. 

    You’ll see that HIAS is listed as one of those agencies.

    Peggy continues:

    HIAS spends YOUR tax dollars on getting 500,000 ILLEGALS all the way from South America and Central America into the USA. 

    You might think that the poor immigrants should get the red carpet welcome wagon treatment. After all, think of the deplorable conditions they are escaping, not to mention the risks these asylum seekers face while trying to escape to a better life.

    Um… that’s not really the case, at least for these refugees that are helped every step of the way by HIAS (funded with millions of dollars from the US government).

    Keep reading, and I’ll show you exactly how HIAS describes how they are helping HALF a MILLION refugees cross the dangerous Darien Gap in the Panamanian jungle to grab money, housing, transportation, cash grants, medical care and jobs that should be going to authentic Americans.

    According to the HIAS website:

    Many refugees traverse multiple countries in the Americas on their journeys, making it difficult for them to receive adequate protection and continual support. To rectify this problem, HIAS has been implementing cross-border programs, providing an innovative way to support GBV survivors and LGBTQ people in the DariƩn.

    Here’s where things get really despicable.

    The US House of Representatives is taking the first steps to impeach Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas for his "willful and systemic refusal to comply with the law" and breach of the public trust.

    At this writing, the GOP House has failed to impeach Mayorkas. The GOP continues to be as inept as ever. Forget about the GOP impeaching Biden. The Democrats can impeach Trump TWICE, but the Republicans can’t even impeach a corrupt Democratic cabinet member ONCE. Mike Johnson is no better than Kevin McCarthy, and Mitch McConnell has always been a fifth column saboteur for the Deep State.  

    Yeah, yeah, this could all be staged so that outraged Americans will be subdued into thinking that something is actually being done about the border crisis that Mayorkas is turning a blind eye to.

    Oh, ya didn’t know? Mayorkas is a Jewish Cuban. (An acquaintance of mine with the same mixed heritage calls himself Cubish.)

    The reason I mention the Jewish-Cuban heritage of Mayorkas is because of his special connection to HIAS, the Jewish refugee organization getting millions of US taxpayer dollars to help illegals make the long trek through the Panamanian jungle to get their handouts in the USA.

    You see, that special connection is that Mayorkas was a board member for HIAS WHILE HE WAS HEAD OF U.S. IMMIGRATION!!! Yep, good old “open-borders Mayorkas” was making sure millions and millions of your tax dollars were going to transporting these illegals to the US while overseeing the USCIS (United States Custom and Immigration Services) and likely denying your own grandmother (and other LEGAL applicants) from getting a visa to visit you in the US.

    Ugh… I warned you that this was a vomit-worthy story.

    The corruption in government is so rampant at every level it makes your head spin.

    What makes this report even more nauseating (if that’s possible) is Israel’s policy toward non-Jews in its own country. There are NO open borders in Israel. Just the opposite. Israel is in the process (and has been for over 75 years) of committing genocidal ethnic cleansing in an all-out military effort to kill (the death toll in Gaza has now exceeded 35,000) or drive out the “illegals” from Israel.

    But in reality, the Israelis are the illegals in Palestine; they overthrew the legal residents of the land by force of arms under the auspices of the Zionist-sponsored Balfour Declaration, the United Nations and U.S. President Harry Truman.

    Biden’s goal is to bring in as many millions of illegals as it takes to be able to ensure that Democrats will have the votes to never lose another national election. He doesn’t care a hoot in hell how many violent criminals, murderers, rapists, drug dealers, drug cartels, human traffickers or sick and diseased people are granted entrance into America. He knows that most of these third world illegals have ZERO understanding of the principles of Natural Law, liberty, federalism and constitutionalism. All they know is the power of brute force. The more of them that are in America, the more brute force (namely, police-state powers—being applied against the American people, of course) will be required. Biden is counting on that to keep his depraved, pro-tyranny party in office and to be able to expand his pro-tyranny agenda. 

    And now we learn that Biden is doling out hundreds of millions of tax dollars to his Jewish Zionist buddies to help facilitate this invasion of our country. This means Israel is a co-conspirator of the invasion of illegals into America.

    As I said, among the millions of illegals that have entered the U.S. are untold thousands of drug cartel members. These men are among the most violent and bloodthirsty people in the world. Murder is a part of their daily routine. Human life means absolutely NOTHING to them. And Biden has given them everything they need to set up their butcher shops in America.

    When my oldest son worked as a police officer, he told me, “Dad, you would not believe how much human trafficking is taking place right under our noses in this country.” He said, “America is inundated with gang-related human trafficking.”

    The most prominent trademark of these drug/human trafficking cartels is the way they behead (and often dismember) their victims—and the victims are not dead when they are decapitated either.

    To date, I’ve only seen two news accounts in the mainstream media documenting beheadings in the U.S. One case was in Minnesota, and the other case was in California. Both beheadings took place after Biden took office, and in both cases the perpetrators of these vicious crimes were illegals. Of course, Minnesota and California are Democrat open-border states with major sanctuary cities.

    My point is, there is no telling how many cartel beheadings have already taken place in our country, as the pro-illegal aliens Zionist news media will doubtless do their best to hide these atrocities from the American people, lest we become enraged and rise up en masse against these open-borders politicians like Joe Biden.

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: If you don’t own a gun, buy one! And if you are not carrying a gun, start carrying one! And if you live in a state where you can’t buy one or can’t carry one, MOVE! If you are able to move, MOVE!

    Once these cartels have had time to expand and organize, it is going to mean open warfare on the streets and in the stores and restaurants and sporting events and concerts and churches and homes everywhere in America. And if you think that the police are going to be able to protect you from these two-legged wolf packs, just talk to the people in Mexico or Colombia.

    I realize that most evangelicals are totally blind and deaf to any uncomfortable truth regarding Israel, but in the rare opportunity that you might have to enlighten one of them to the clear and present danger that Israel poses to the United States, tell them about the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society that is funded by U.S. tax dollars from the Biden White House and authorized by both houses of Congress—including the Republican House of Representatives—and that is personally escorting hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens into our country.

    © Chuck Baldwin

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