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    Feeding the Hand that Bites You

    Published: Friday, August 31, 2001

    According to U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary, Paul Wolfowitz, China is “almost certain” to become a world superpower, perhaps within the next twenty-five years. Wolfowitz warned that China could therefore emerge as a serious threat to the United States. He said, “I would say overall we’re concerned about the direction of Chinese policy, and the developments we see there.” Duh! Does Wolfowitz believe China has suddenly changed policies? Nonsense! Chinese policy is the same as it has always been. It has always been communist policy to advance itself through deceit and destruction.

    The Communist Chinese government in particular is unquestionably the most murderous, barbarous government in world history. “The Black Book of Communism” states that the Red Chinese have murdered over 65 million people, and that is a conservative estimate. The stories of Chinese torture and brutality (even cannibalism) are well established. Why do our government officials regard an act of subterfuge or aggression by China as a change of direction? That is tantamount to a farmer thinking it strange that a hog would head for a mud hole.

    Knowing the history and propensity of the Communist Chinese, therefore, what does our government do? It encourages economic and military exchange with these duplicitous dregs. Political leaders from both parties continue to promote trade with Red China, continue to abet technology transfers to China, and continue to look the other way at Chinese abuses.

    A recent Washington Times report revealed the fact that the Red Chinese have broken virtually every promise they ever made to the West. They continue to export weapons of mass destruction to America’s enemies. They continue to threaten American cities with annihilation. They also continue to purchase influence in our own government.

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    A recent News Max report told how the Communist Chinese have peddled influence within both major political parties. Do you really believe that Bill Clinton could have succeeded in transferring all that technology to China without help from the Republican Party? Get real! Both parties are up to their eyeballs in Chinese favors.


    It is time for our government to wake up to the fact that the Communist Chinese are not trading partners or economic competitors. They are international gangsters. Therefore, only leaders with impeccable character and iron will have a chance to prevail against them. As Elliott Ness and his brilliant band of “Untouchables” engaged Al Capone and his gaggle of goons, so should America’s leaders engage the bloody butchers of Beijing. Unfortunately, there are not many “Untouchables” in Washington these days.

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