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    Must God Apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah?

    Published: Tuesday, October 2, 2001

    It astonishes the mind to realize how many professing Christians refuse to believe that acceptance of moral perversity leads to divine judgment. Such widespread misunderstanding of Holy Writ can only be attributed to a half century of impotent, shallow pulpits. Unfortunately, the consequences of such willful ignorance can only mean we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of past nations that also ignored the warnings of Scripture.

    If the Bible teaches anything, it teaches that God is sovereign in the affairs of men. America's Founding Fathers believed that to a man. Our very form of government is predicated upon this principle. The writings of the Founding Fathers are replete with personal acknowledgments to this principle. For Christians to now repudiate this principle is the height of silliness and stupidity.

    Since the destruction of the Canaanite empire, every nation throughout history that has repudiated the moral laws of God has fallen victim to the wrath of God. There have been no exceptions. Even more interesting is the fact that the vast majority of these nations fell at the zenith of their power and influence. The mightiest armies men can assemble are but toy soldiers when they march against God.

    It is true that God made a special covenant with only one nation, Israel. However, it is equally true that only one nation, the United States of America, made a special covenant with God. From the earliest days of our nation, our forebears made it crystal clear that this country was founded for "the advancement of the Christian faith" and for "the glory of God." Reread the Mayflower Compact, The Fundamental Orders of 1639, and the First Charter of Virginia. Study again the writings of America's Founders. There is no mistaking it: this country made a covenant with God.

    Furthermore, Holy Scripture is also clear that God charges every nation to honor His standard of righteousness. Scripture promises divine blessing to nations that elevate these principles and divine judgment upon those nations ignoring them. This has been accepted Christian dogma for 2,000 years! God has made another covenant with the nations of the world: bless Israel and be blessed; curse Israel and be cursed.

    Another principle that God has determined will cause a nation to falter or prosper is the principle of leadership. Leaders without the fear of God will doubtless bring a nation into divine displeasure, while leaders who fear and honor God's laws will surely experience Heaven's favor.

    For far too long, too many of these sacred principles have been violated in our country! Are we now shocked that God could be using pagan nations (as He repeatedly did with Old Testament Israel) to judge Christian America? Instead of ridiculing the brave men who attempt to call America back to God, we should be doing what God demands.

    That means the White House and the church house need to stop normalizing adultery, homosexuality, and other acts of sexual deviancy. We must begin holding our political leaders to the fundamental principles contained in our Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights. Most of all, our pulpits must become, as DeTocqueville said, "ablaze with righteousness."

    Listening to many modern pundits, one would think they expect God to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah; however, God owes no nation an apology. God is righteous in judgment as much as He is in blessing. The only apology owed is the one owed to God from disobedient people. That is called repentance, and it is time America did it.


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