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    Not All Heroes Are Honored

    Published: Tuesday, December 11, 2001

    The horrific events of September 11 gave rise to many acts of heroism by numerous brave Americans. Many of these stouthearted souls have been duly honored. However, not all heroes are so honored. Some are left to suffer the devastating consequences of their courage alone and are totally forgotten. One such American hero is Linda Tripp.

    Does anyone remember Linda Tripp? Linda is the Pentagon employee whose honesty and courage led to Bill Clinton's impeachment. During a time when Democrats were 300-pound gorillas, Republicans were 90-pound weaklings, and the media were nothing more than Clinton lap dogs, Linda Tripp stood up to the awesome power of the establishment in a fashion not heard of since little David faced off against Goliath of Gath. Unfortunately for Linda (and for the rest of us, too), she has not been rewarded for her sacrifice.

    Instead, news reports recently revealed that Tripp is virtually penniless. She has not been able to find work since being fired by Clinton's war machine. As a result, she has lost her home to foreclosure, and any prospects for gainful employment appear minimal. Linda went from a job paying more than $100,000 per year to joblessness and penury almost overnight. "For what reason?" you ask. She heroically stood up for truth, justice, and constitutional government.

    President Bush's "compassionate conservatism" has not helped, either. One would think that one of Bush's first priorities would be to reward those great Americans who suffered so intensely under Clinton. It did not happen. Linda's phone never rang; her job was given to someone else. Linda Tripp has been treated as so much debris. She has received no kind words, no congratulations, no accolades, no rewards, nothing. However, Linda Tripp is an American hero! She represents justice and courage in a way that most people could only dream about.

    It appears that heroes are not created equal. It is not enough that one is heroic; he or she must be heroic in a matter deemed politically correct. Therefore, Linda Tripp is left to live out her days in obscurity, without appreciation or honor. Instead, Linda has seen herself become the butt end of every late night comedian's act. She has been denigrated by the press, hounded by the Democratic Party, and abandoned by the Republican Party.

    No, not all heroes are honored. Some, like Linda Tripp, must wait for a higher power to reward them. In the end, I suppose it is always that way. Real heroes do not seek the applause of others; their reward was found in what they did. They make most of us seem small - especially that crowd in Washington, D.C.

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