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    What Is Bush Hiding?

    Published: Friday, December 14, 2001

    During the election season last year, I warned my listeners and readers that should G. W. Bush get elected, he would never allow Congress or the American people learn the truth about Bill Clinton's copious acts of criminality. In other words, Bush would continue where Janet Reno left off: there would be more stonewalling and cover-ups. This prediction brought the ire and angst against me by Bush-backers. We now know I was right, although I do not expect the Bush people to be willing to admit it.

    News reports yesterday said, "President Bush invoked executive privilege for the first time Thursday to keep Congress from seeing documents of prosecutor 's decision-making [regarding] the Clinton-era fund-raising probe." Bush said, "Congressional access to these documents would be contrary to the national interest." Translated: "Congressional access to these documents would be contrary to my interest."

    Bush's decision to cover-up the truth about Clinton's criminality makes him culpable to that criminality. It also means that there is no closure to the blight of eight years of corruption and degradation in the White House. Add Bush's cover-up to the long list of injustices left unaccounted for such as Ruby Ridge, Waco and now Chinagate. The question must be asked: what is Bush trying to hide?

    Could it be that if Congress uncovers foreign influence within the Clinton administration, it would it also uncover foreign influence within the Bush administration? The Boston Herald recently reported that billion-dollar arms and oil deals with the Saudi monarchy "have served or currently serve at the highest levels of U.S. government."

    The Herald goes on to say, "Nowhere is the revolving U.S.-Saudi money wheel more evident than within President Bush's own coterie of foreign policy advisers, starting with the president's father, George H.W. Bush."

    The report further states, "At the same time that the elder Bush counsels his son on the ongoing war on terrorism, the former president remains a senior adviser to the Washington, D.C.-based Carlyle Group. That influential investment bank has deep connections to the Saudi royal family as well as financial interests in U.S. defense firms hired by the kingdom to equip and train the Saudi army."

    This more-than-casual connection between Bush and the Saudi monarchy is causing U.S. policy makers to turn a blind eye to things that would otherwise "cause our blood to boil," because no one wants to "stop the gravy train." (Remember that the vast majority of the September 11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia.)

    People mentioned in the Herald report as participating in ongoing covert, international influence peddling include "former U.S. officials, former presidents, aides to the current president .people who are the pillars of American society and officialdom."

    That Bush is hiding much seems obvious. What exactly is he hiding? Maybe we do not want to know - and it looks like we never will.

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