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    Ron Paul For President In 2004?

    Published: Friday, January 11, 2002

    A reader recently admonished me to "relax and trust in the Lord." By that, he meant I was supposed to accept President Bush's unconstitutional actions and policies. Because Bush professes to be a believer, I am supposed to "take peace and comfort in the fact that God is in control." Again meaning, I should not criticize the president.

    The same reader argued, "With a child of God in the White House, we know that he is receptive to the will of God. A non-believer such as Clinton was not receptive to the will of God."

    However, did this reader react the same way when another professing Christian, Jimmy Carter, was in the White House, or did he work diligently to elect a man who, at the time, made no attempt to identify himself as a "born again" Christian (Ronald Reagan)? Did the reader "take peace and comfort in the fact that God was in control" when Carter was president? Did he "relax and trust the Lord," or did he work feverishly for Reagan?

    The fact is, when it comes to politics, religious rhetoric means next to nothing! When America's founders declared independence from the government of old King George, they did not care one whit whether the old coot professed to be a Christian or not. He was acting like a tyrant, and they wanted no part of it.

    I personally do not care whether my president is a professing believer or not. He certainly needs to be a moral man. Bush appears to be that - now. For that matter, some Democrats appear to be moral. He should be a man who understands and appreciates America's Christian heritage (which Bush seems to have only a rudimentary knowledge concerning). Most of all, however, my president should be a man who knows and is determined to follow the principles of the Declaration of Independence and one who is willing to chain himself to the U.S. Constitution. In this regard, Bush appears to be a total ignoramus.

    My reader friend has obviously made the mistake that a majority of professing Christians have made: they have married themselves to the Republican Party. These unfortunate folks really believe there is no hope for America outside the Republican Party. They are truly poor, deluded souls.

    If they really trusted God, they would stand without compromise for His principles and for the U.S. Constitution and let Him take care of the rest. Instead, they perpetually support unprincipled Republicans who perpetuate the same socialistic, big-government, unconstitutional programs and policies. They then thump their chest that they have accomplished a great and noble victory by supporting "the lesser of two evils." Meanwhile, the country continues its trek into internationalism and moral egalitarianism.

    It is time for conservative Christians to wake up and realize that they have no representation in Washington, D.C. The Republican Party no more represents constitutional government than the Democratic Party. Both parties have sold America's heritage down the river! Political parties throughout our history have come and gone, and it is time for the Republican Party to go!

    Former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough recently told my radio audience that an independent candidate could, and maybe would, be elected president by 2012. I believe it could happen sooner than that. Bush's constant betrayal of conservative principles, his disgusting chumminess with reprobates such as Ted Kennedy, and the certain (Enron) scandals sure to come will cause countless millions of conservatives to stay home in 2004.

    More than 6 million evangelical Christians stayed home during the 2000 elections knowing Bush was not a principled conservative. More than that will stay home next time unless they have a viable alternative. That viable alternative might be a Ron Paul candidacy representing a combined Reform, Constitution, and Libertarian ticket.

    Dr. Paul has impeccable credentials; and he is morally spotless. He is about the only Congressman left in Washington that has both the knowledge of the Constitution and courage to stand unflinchingly for it. Furthermore, the combined resources and energy of the above mentioned three parties (if united) would make a serious challenge to the current establishment. I expect millions of principled Republicans and Democrats would also join the cause, not to mention millions of Independents and non-registered voters who have heretofore given up on politics.

    Whether this scenario pans out or not, the important thing is that Christians, and others who call themselves conservatives, stop selling their votes (and our country's future) for the thirty pieces of silver being offered by the two major parties. It is time to stand for Declaration principles, honesty in government, and the U.S. Constitution - and we may not have that long to make up our minds!

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