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    Unborn Babies Have Few Friends In Washington

    Published: Friday, January 18, 2002

    For 29 years now, America has authorized and condoned the killing of innocent, unborn children. The number of babies that have been aborted since January 22, 1973, is now pushing 50 million. That is more deaths than those caused by Hitler and will soon surpass the numbers killed by Stalin and Mao. Furthermore, it does not matter which party is in power: the killing continues.

    In fact, America's two major parties can barely be distinguished on this subject. The Democratic Party actively supports abortion-on-demand, while the Republican Party gives only lip service opposition. Neither party intends to reverse Roe v Wade; neither do they intend to outlaw abortion. Neither is the current occupant of the White House seriously pro-life, rhetoric to the contrary notwithstanding.

    President Bush never promised, or even hinted, that he would do anything to end legal abortion - and he has not. First Lady, Laura Bush, was even quoted as saying that she does not feel the Roe decision should be reversed. Several conservatives have tried to defend Mrs. Bush by suggesting she never said that. However, to this day, neither the White House nor any spokesperson of the First Lady has ever repudiated that quote.

    Since taking the oath of office, President Bush has been virtually mute on the abortion issue. He has not even used his bully pulpit to condemn partial birth abortion. It is as if the abortion issue does not exist, and for Bush and the majority of the Republican leadership, it doesn't.

    To add insult to injury, the Bush administration is urging the Republican National Committee to appoint a radical pro-abortion activist to become the party's chief fundraiser. According to the Washington Times, Bush "wants the committee, meeting this weekend, in Austin, Texas, to install Lewis Eisenberg as RNC finance chairman."

    Eisenberg is so radical in his support of abortion rights that he even supported liberals such as Walter Mondale, Richard Gephardt, Christopher Dodd, Bruce Babbitt, and Joseph Biden, among others. Eisenberg is a close friend and admirer of Christine Todd Whitman. Whitman is the former governor of New Jersey and is currently Bush's chairman of the Environmental Protection Agency. She and Eisenberg are two of the most outspoken proponents of abortion rights in the nation. How could a genuine pro-life president appoint such people to high leadership positions? You are right, he couldn't. Remember, however, Bush also authorized embryonic stem cell research which turns aborted fetuses into human guinea pigs.

    One can expect the president to give the pro-life community some crumbs of conservative verbiage come next Tuesday. However, the record reveals it is just so much hot air! While Bush is busy fighting terrorism, the most heinous act of terrorism is taking place some 4,000 times every day right under his nose and under his authority. That's right, more people die every day in abortion clinics around the country than died on September 11, and hardly anyone in Washington, D.C., Republican or Democrat, cares!

    Until this country comes to grip with the evil and barbaric practice of legal abortion, it will never get on a corrected course; and until we get a president who is willing to risk his reputation and even his chances of future elections in order to stop the grisly practice of abortion, the country will never deal with it. It will take a president who is that committed and that principled. Such a president we do not have, and it appears the American people (including professing Christians) are not willing to elect such a one.

    Overall, it appears that the Kangaroo Rat has more friends in Washington, D.C., than do unborn babies. Perhaps the Governor of the Universe will hold back His hand of judgment until America can produce a William Wilberforce - perhaps.

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