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    The President’s Strange Heroes

    Published: Friday, January 25, 2002

    President George W. Bush has a propensity to lavish praise upon those who are the least deserving of it. This is very unfortunate, because it sends the message that people who break the rules and behave badly will still be honored. Furthermore, it tells people who try diligently to keep the rules and live honorably that there is no reward for doing so.

    Just recently, Bush heaped acclaim and accolades upon Martin Luther King, Jr. Bush said King "brought much good into the world." He further said, "America is a better place because he (King) was here, and we will honor his name forever." Bush then announced that the Department of Education would establish the "Martin Luther King Jr. Scholars Program to promising students all across America." However, is King deserving of the accolades heaped upon him? The answer is "no."

    King admitted to numerous adulterous affairs. Like Bill Clinton, King was a prolific philanderer. He spent the night before his murder with two women, and then fought with a third, knocking her across the bed. Obviously, the "non-violent" preacher did not practice what he preached!

    Furthermore, a reluctant media was forced to acknowledge that King had plagiarized his Ph.D. thesis at Boston University. Can you imagine how the press (or even President Bush) would handle that story if the guilty party were anyone else?

    As a minister of the Gospel, King was an apostate. Although raised in a fundamentalist home, he rejected the training of his youth and came to renounce the fundamental tenets of the Christian faith. He rejected Christ's deity, His virgin birth, and His physical resurrection. He also rejected the authority and inspiration of the Holy Bible.

    It is also true that the F.B.I. has a dossier on King that is a mile long. King's coziness with communists and Marxists is undeniable. Martin Luther King, Jr. brought havoc and unrest to America as few men have ever done. One look at the plight of black families today reveals that his legacy is one of destruction not healing. Bush's praise of King is hollow and hypocritical. If Bush really wants to emulate King's legacy, heaven help us!

    Another strange hero of the president is Senator Ted Kennedy. Bush recently said to Kennedy, "Mr. Senator, not only are you a good senator, you're a good man." Bush also said, "I've come to admire him (Kennedy)." These statements are so appalling it turns the stomach!

    To call Kennedy "a good man" borders on blasphemy! Does anyone remember the name Mary Jo Kopechne? She was the young campaign worker who Kennedy, after a night of drunken revelry, left in the back seat of his Oldsmobile Eighty Eight to slowly drown as the car plunged to the bottom of an estuary near Chappaquiddick Island. Any other person would have been charged with some form of murder and put in prison. How can President Bush say he "admires" such a man? I doubt that the President would feel the same way if the girl at the bottom of that body of water had been one of his daughters.

    Furthermore, Kennedy's record in the U.S. Senate reveals that he is one of the most liberal senators the country has ever had. His record on abortion, gay rights, gun control, big government spending, etc. reeks with liberalism and socialism. Again, how can Bush say that Kennedy is "all right"? How can he extend presidential praise upon such a man?

    America has produced many genuine heroes; however, King and Kennedy are not among them, and the President is wrong to pretend that they are.

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