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    It Might Not Take 50 Years

    Published: Tuesday, January 29, 2002

    Pat Buchanan's new book predicts the death of the United States (as we know it) within 50 years. His reasoning is sound and his conclusion is justified. However, it might not take 50 years.

    A few years back, I predicted that, if America continued on its present course, within 35 years pedophilia (adults having sex with children) would be as socially acceptable and as politically protected as homosexuality is today. The election of a Republican president has put nothing on the radar screen to cause me to change my mind. I, therefore, stand by my prediction.

    For all practical purposes, the gay rights agenda continues unimpeded under the Bush administration. Bush's appointment of homosexual activist Michael Guest as U.S. Ambassador to Romania is merely one of several pro-homosexual overtures this president has made. No nation can survive for very long once it codifies into law (and the public conscience) the practice of aberrant sexual behavior.

    Couple the social acceptance of sodomy with the social acceptance of abortion and one gets a very bleak picture for the future. Rhetoric aside, there is virtually no resistance to the legal murder of unborn children from the White House or the church house.

    Buchanan's arguments that mass immigration and a dying Christian culture portend America's demise must also be given serious consideration. One look at any television network's prime time programming is proof positive that America is already in a post-Christian era. In addition to television, take into consideration the hedonistic, pagan themes of Hollywood movies, modern art, and contemporary music and the conclusion is undeniable: America's Christian culture is gone. What is frustrating is that hedonists have successfully expunged our Christian culture in the face (and with the consent) of more than 400,000 evangelical churches.

    The immigration problem is also undeniable. In the name of diversity, America is selling its birthright. As a result, the Muslim and Wiccan religions are the fastest growing religions in the United States. Even the definition of "Christian" has changed. It no longer means "follower of Christ." Today it means "one who is tolerant (meaning tolerant of sin, of course)." The result is a general population with no identity, no history, no heritage, and no future!

    Add to Buchanan's prognostications the warnings of Harry Wu and the future looks even bleaker. The former political prisoner of the Chinese Communists has tried to warn us for years that what our government is doing is suicidal, to no avail. U.S. cash continues to flow unabated into the Red Chinese Army. The result of this cash flow is that sophisticated nuclear weapons are currently aimed at U.S. cities, and Wu predicts that those weapons will be used in a first-strike attack on our country within 25 or 30 years.

    However, it seems that few on Capitol Hill and no one in the White House is paying any attention. This government continues to supplant the U.S. Constitution in the most flagitious ways - with impunity. We call the attacks of September 11 an act of war, but we refuse to declare war. We take prisoners from this war, but we refuse to call them Prisoners of War. We call them "unlawful combatants."

    President Bush calls himself a conservative, but he is in the process of growing the size and scope of the federal government even faster than Franklin Roosevelt did. Currently, he is helping to increase Lyndon Johnson' s socialistic welfare programs, establishing an American version of Germany' s SS, and is teaming up (again) with Ted Kennedy to push through a modified version of Hillary Health Care.

    Bush's big government proclivities, coupled with the support and approbation of fawning Christian leaders and compliant conservatives, means America's demise is now on fast track. Democrats may be responsible for putting the train on the tracks, but Republicans are responsible for greasing them.

    If Buchanan is off on his predictions, it is only with his timetable. It might not take 50 years.

    © Chuck Baldwin

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