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    Bush’s Walk Doesn’t Match His Talk On Life Issue

    Published: Tuesday, June 25, 2002

    G.W. Bush claims to be pro-life. Because of this, he has enjoyed undying support from most pro-life organizations and grassroots Christian activists. When it comes to talking pro-life, Bush does it just about as well as anyone. When it comes to walking the walk, however, Bush is found seriously wanting.

    World Net Daily and Human Events recently reported, "The White House lobbied last week to kill a Senate Republican effort to effectively stop commercial human cloning in the United States, Senate sources (said)." Such effort is contrary to Bush's public statements that he supports a complete ban on human cloning.

    According to the report, "White House lobbyists contacted Republican senators June 18 to ask them to vote that morning for cloture (a closing of debate to bring a legislative question to a vote) on the Senate's terrorism insurance bill (S2600), thus preventing the up-or-down vote on a human cloning amendment that (Senator Sam) Brownback wanted to attach to the bill. His amendment would have banned the patenting of human embryos - effectively destroying any economic incentive for the experimental cloning of human beings."

    Once again, Bush's action betrays his rhetoric. As in the case of embryonic stem cell research, Bush has accommodated the pro- death position and betrayed the pro-life cause.

    This particular decision was especially egregious when one considers that this was a "rare opportunity for a Senate vote on human cloning." Understandably, many Senate staffers and conservative activists were "dismayed" at Bush's decision to kill Brownback's amendment.

    This dismay is doubly warranted when one considers that the House of Representatives has already passed a bill to ban completely human cloning by a 100-vote majority. Therefore, Senate passage of a similar bill is all that stands in the way of a presidential signature. Perhaps, that is what Bush wanted to avoid.

    The old adage, "Talk is cheap," is especially germane to politicians. If history teaches anything, it teaches that politicians will say anything to get elected (or stay elected).

    There is another adage that voters need to pay more attention to: "The proof of the pudding is in the eating." It is past time for conservatives and Christians to stop listening to what Bush says and start watching what he does.

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