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    Jail For Liars? Start With Politicians!

    Published: Tuesday, July 16, 2002

    Responding to recent revelations of massive deception and untruthful reporting by corporate America, President Bush proposed jail time for business executives who lie in their accounting records. If we are going to start putting people in jail for deceptive financial records, however, we need to start with politicians.

    The Chicago Sun-Times recently reported, "Exaggerated earnings, disguised liabilities, off-budget shenanigans - they are all there in the government's ledgers on a scale even the biggest companies could not dream of matching."

    Republican Representative Bill Frenzel said, "If you look at the books of the corporate world, even the fraudulent ones, they are less subject to manipulation than the federal budget is. Members of Congress get re-elected by bringing home roads and armories and university grants and heaven knows what else. Everyone wants frugality, but only after they get their road or bridge."

    Even as President Bush issues the jail call for corporate CEO's, he is busy restating federal earnings and expenses. Originally, Bush projected an annual deficit of $106 billion. After the Enron and WorldCom scandals, however, he now says the deficit will be $165 billion. He has even changed the numbers of the projected 10-year surplus. He originally predicted a whopping $5 trillion surplus. He now says it will be $1.35 trillion. Incredibly, the stroke of a pen wiped out more than $4 trillion. Talk about deceptive numbers!

    The fact is, the government routinely lies to the American people about finances and virtually everything else. Despite claims to the contrary, President Bush continues the Clinton-era practice of exporting modern technology to Communist China. According to the current edition of Insight Magazine, "On the Bush administration's watch, highly sensitive U.S. technology still is being exported to the People's Republic, where it is being used to build better weapons."

    Insight goes on to report, "The Bush administration has been 'as bad, if not worse' than the Clinton administration when it comes to the transfer of sensitive technologies to (China), claims Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, a nonpartisan public-interest law firm."

    Furthermore, this administration has lied to us about its commitment to the pro-life cause, the pro-family cause, and more. Our own Congressman, Jeff Miller, lied to us. He said he would oppose granting fast track trade authority to the President. He didn't. He said he would oppose the monstrous education bill recently passed. He didn't.


    Those Senators who took an oath to judge the impeachment trial of Bill Clinton on the merits of the evidence and then refused to even examine the evidence deliberately and blatantly lied to God and to the American people! They even told the House prosecutor, David Schippers, that they had no intention of removing Clinton from office.


    Politicians from both parties have lied to us about Oklahoma City, Waco, Ruby Ridge, and even the terrorist attacks on September 11. The entire political establishment seems to be composed of habitual, pathological liars.


    If we are going to start putting liars in jail, politicians should be the first ones to go!

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