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    Are Americans Ready To Crown A King?

    Published: Friday, July 26, 2002

    In an attempt to alert my readers of the increasing propensity of the Bush administration to foist unconstitutional, even tyrannical, laws upon the American people (under the rubric of fighting terrorism), I found that many readers appear more than ready to accept these Orwellian, police state attacks against their freedoms. Even though more people have been murdered at the hands of tyrannical governments than from all the terrorists and outlaws of history combined, Americans today seem to exude a trust in big government such as has never been seen in the history of the republic. The following letters that I have recently received illustrate this point.

    "Allow federal police to search and seize at will? It would be nice if this was in place on September 11. Allow federal police to incarcerate and indefinitely hold suspects without arrest or warrant and with no legal recourse by the person seized? Good! It's about time! Allow the U.S. military to conduct lethal operations on U.S. soil? Good! Allow the federal government to act in secret? Good!" -BF-

    "If President Bush were doing none of these things you suggest are too commie-like, he would be accused of doing nothing to keep us safe. I have come to like and admire him. If he is creating an empire, then others are doing worse." -CD-

    "Most of the people (both Republicans and Democrats) seem to either be in favor of these things, or indifferent. I am in Mid- Michigan, and I would say 90% fall into the in-favor-of/don't-care category. I really like President Bush." -DL-

    "ALL HAIL TO THE KING. I would gladly give a crown to George. You (Chuck Baldwin) are my enemy and King George will help me in destroying you. If you hate what America is becoming, MOVE." -LR-

    Are these letters reflective of the thinking of most Americans? Probably. Some 40 years of indoctrination and propaganda through our public schools and media have created a generation of people who seem to be totally ignorant of the principles of American government and true liberty. Such people are easily manipulated into putting the chains of tyranny around their own necks, which is exactly what they are busy doing. Politicians (in both parties) know this and are only too willing to assist in the effort.

    As to LR's suggestion that those of us who believe in constitutional government and individual freedom should leave the country, apparently some people are already contemplating doing just that. JC wrote and said, "I do not want to live in this country anymore. If I didn't have a family, I wouldn't stay. I don't know where to go to escape this rush to totalitarianism. Any suggestions? I don't want to be like the Jews in Germany who stayed until it was too late."

    JC makes a good point. When people are willing to rid themselves of constitutional government and grant a president (any president) king-like powers, it is very late. Such people do not deserve freedom and will not have it long.

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