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    Patrick Henry Could Not Be Elected Today

    Published: Friday, August 2, 2002

    My friend and mentor, Jerry Falwell, wrote an inspiring column in his National Liberty Journal entitled, "We Need A Patrick Henry To Lead Us." In this article, he aptly expresses the desire for leaders such as the famed Patrick Henry to again arrive on the American scene. With all my heart, I agree with him that such leaders are desperately needed. However, the problem is not that such leaders don't exist but that few Americans seem willing to support and follow them.

    We have seen several principled patriots make the effort to sound the clarion call for freedom and constitutional government, all to no avail. I'm talking about men such as Pat Buchanan, Alan Keyes, and Howard Phillips. These men are every bit as principled, patriotic, passionate, and persuasive about freedom as was Patrick Henry or Sam Adams, yet the vast majority of conservatives and Christians did not support them.

    Instead, Christian and conservative leaders across the country pooled their resources and influence to help mushy, milquetoast candidates such as George I, Bob Dole, and George II. I would even argue that it was Ralph Reed's Christian Coalition that single- handedly stole the Republican nomination from Buchanan and gave it to Dole back in 1996. Again in 2000, it was the leaders of the "Religious Right" that fought for Bush the Younger and virtually ignored the candidacies of Keyes, Buchanan, Phillips, and even Gary Bauer.

    In his column, Falwell writes, "We have elected men and women who uphold homosexual lifestyles that God calls abomination. We must become prudent with our votes, supporting only candidates who - like Patrick Henry - adhere to biblical values." I whole heartily agree. That is why I cannot support G.W. Bush. Bush has done as much to promote the homosexual agenda as Bill Clinton. Bush has kept and even expanded virtually all of the socialist, New World Order policies of Clinton. In addition, Bush's propensity to create an American police state is as ubiquitous as it is ominous.

    What attracts us to the heroes of 1776 was their commitment to principle and their courage in the face of insurmountable opposition. However, these same virtues are used against today's patriots. We are not allowed to support anyone outside the establishment because "he has no chance of winning." We turn a deaf ear to the voices of modern-day Paul Reveres because "they refuse to compromise." What we embraced yesterday we eschew today. Conservatives and Christians throughout the country have let it be known in no uncertain terms that mild mannered socialists are much preferred to courageous constitutionalists.

    Just as God's people rejected the prophets in Old Testament Israel, so have they rejected America's patriots today. Patrick Henry could never get elected today, because even Christians would not support him.

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