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    Granting Pigs Constitutional Rights

    Published: Friday, October 25, 2002

    Once again, my home state of Florida is making history. It could become the first state to grant hogs constitutional liberties. You heard me right.

    Appearing as constitutional amendment number ten on the Florida ballot, the measure seeks to limit the "cruel and inhumane confinement of pigs during pregnancy." That's right. During a time when millions of unborn babies are denied the basic right to life, voters are being asked to grant pregnant pigs constitutional protection. Furthermore, as asinine and ridiculous as the proposal sounds, it could actually pass and thereby become state law!

    However, we shouldn't really be surprised at this kind of nonsensical legislation. After all, America's schools, colleges, and universities have been indoctrinating our children in atheistic evolution for over 40 years. More than that, we have denigrated and practically destroyed the concepts of divine creation, moral absolutes, and personal responsibility. The result of these social and scholastic attacks against our moral and spiritual character is proposals such as Florida's Amendment 10.

    It should be obvious to any thinking person that the extremists who compose the driving force behind the animal rights and environmental movements will not be satisfied until every semblance of America's historic Christian culture and every founding principle on which this nation was built has been vanquished. It should also be obvious that they are very close to accomplishing their goals.

    As a nation, we are adrift in a sea of unbelief, hedonism, and materialism. The most simple and basic principles protecting our families, our society, and life itself are lost to us. We can no longer distinguish between right and wrong or good and evil.

    Consequently, deer hunters are called murderers, while abortionists are called doctors. Trees are living things, but unborn babies are merely blobs of tissue. Pigs and rats enjoy constitutional rights and freedoms, but people deserve neither.

    Perhaps Florida's voters will reject this experiment into egregious encroachment of common sense, but the fact that Amendment 10 could even make it to the ballot speaks to the depth of our departure from established truth and logic.

    © Chuck Baldwin

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