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    My Christmas Wish: Courageous Leaders

    Published: Tuesday, December 24, 2002

    As our minds think of Christ's birth, it is essential that we consider the kind of example He left for us. To be sure, no mortal man can give his life a sacrifice for sin as He did. However, the Holy Scripture does implore us to "follow in his steps." That being true, what kind of men should today's Christian leaders seek to be?

    It seems to me that today's Christian leaders are far too concerned with rhetoric and far too unconcerned about substance. This is especially true in the area of politics.

    Today's Christian leaders seem willing to fully embrace anyone (especially if he or she is a Republican) who talks like a Christian, regardless of how wicked their policies might be. As long as the talk is palatable, walk means nothing.

    Furthermore, today's Christian leaders seem totally out of step with the character and courage of the Lord Jesus Christ. They seem to have forgotten that our Lord was a revolutionary, that He constantly challenged the political and religious leadership of His day, and that He never sought to feast at the table of the rich and famous or become popular among the influential and powerful.

    Our Lord drove moneychangers out of the Temple with a whip and lashed out at His nation's leaders with the most derisive and trenchant language possible. He was totally unconcerned with His own acceptance among society's elite. In fact, He was identified as a friend of sinners and was commonly seen in the company of common people.

    Today's Christian leaders act in stark contrast to the example of the Lord. They grovel before political potentates. They seem willing to compromise virtually any principle, surrender virtually any position to be accepted among society's elite. They are intoxicated with the wine of political correctness. They are not voices in the wilderness; they are cheerleaders for the establishment.

    As we approach another Christmas Day, it would be wonderful if somehow America could find a few packages containing some courageous, Christ-like leaders under the tree.

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