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    Bush Continues Clinton Policy: Puts Troops Under Foreign Commanders

    Published: Tuesday, March 18, 2003

    When Bill Clinton was President of the United States, conservatives often excoriated him for allowing American troops to serve under the command of foreign military officers. Republicans assured us that this policy would change when G.W. Bush became President. It hasn't.

    According to the Drudge Report, "Some American marines camped in Kuwait are furious they have been put under British command." 'I want to serve under my own country!,' one angry marine communicated to the Drudge Report this weekend."

    The report continued by saying, "In several desert camps, American troops have been placed under the command of British officers, it has been revealed. The issue has become a hot flash point-even before the first bombs are dropped!"

    Drudge reports one marine as saying, "This is bogus, if I die it's for the United States, not the freakin' world. I did not come here to take orders from the British. [We] already feel a big let down by this."

    Once again, we see the familiar pattern of Republican administrations continuing the liberal policies of their Democratic predecessors. The only difference is, when Democrats are in charge, conservatives rise up in vehement opposition, but when Republicans are in charge, they are as meek as sheep. In fact, one would be hard pressed to find any of Bill Clinton's policies that President Bush has rescinded.

    Hopefully, none of our fallen warriors will come home from Iraq wrapped in U.N. flags or even British or NATO flags!

    What Americans need to understand is that leaders from both parties seem more interested in building an international New World Order than they are in preserving the autonomy and independence of the United States. Until the American people come to the place where they are willing to hold both parties equally accountable to the U.S. Constitution and to the principles set forth in the Declaration of Independence, we can only expect more of the same, political rhetoric notwithstanding.

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