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    What Is The April Surprise?

    Published: Wednesday, April 2, 2003

    Call it intuition. Call it premonition. Call it what you want, but my heart screams at me that there is a big surprise coming for the United States of America. What will it be? When will it come? From whom will it come? Those questions are yet to be answered.

    Could it be that some of Iraq's Muslim brothers from Iran and Syria will join the fight thus turning the Iraq War into a Middle East War? We are already hearing quiet reports of Muslims from Syria slipping into Iraq. Furthermore, Iran is obviously agitated at having American troops on two of her borders. Will she decide to jump in with both feet?

    Remember, as much as Iran dislikes Iraq, it hates America even more. After all, Iran commonly refers to us as "The Great Satan." Iran is also on President Bush's "axis of evil" list. They might feel that after America dispenses with Iraq, we will turn our guns on them. Will they attempt to preempt this possibility by attacking first?

    North Korea is another wild card. They, too, claim that the United States is planning a preemptive strike against them. Will they initiate a nuclear or conventional confrontation with the United States while we are imbedded in Iraq?

    Then, there is China! A recent CNN report stated, "The Iraqi war has convinced the Chinese Communist Party leadership that some form of confrontation with the U.S. could come earlier than expected."

    CNN quotes President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao as saying it is important that "China make good preparations before the rainstorm," and that it "be in a position to seize the initiative."

    China's People's Daily commentator Huang Peiahao accused the United States of "seeking world-wide domination." Another Chinese government leader said that Washington is attempting to "build a new world order under U.S. domination."

    The report states that Chinese leaders are convinced that the United States will attack North Korea as early as this summer. As a result of these events, many within the Chinese government are urging Beijing to "adopt a more pro-active if not aggressive policy to thwart U.S. aggression." Does that mean we should expect a possible attack against the United States by the combined forces of China, North Korea and Iran by sometime later this year or even earlier?

    Another major question is, "What is Russia going to do?" Russia still controls thousands of nuclear missiles; most of them are aimed at the United States. Russia also yet possesses a sizeable and potent army. Furthermore, Russia has recently entered into several agreements and alliances with China. If conflict erupted between the West and the East, just where would Russia fit in?

    Furthermore, is there any merit to all those rumors about foreign troops building along our southern border? We know China controls the Panama Canal. Have they been surreptitiously funneling troops into Mexico? Have they made a secret deal with the Mexican government to assist an invasion against America's great Southwest? Mexico has been less than supportive of Bush's decision to attack Iraq, that's for sure.

    Beyond that, we know that there are thousands of foreign troops currently housed on American military bases throughout the United States. Where do their loyalties lie? We have already seen at least one Muslim soldier in our own army attack and kill Americans due to his support for Saddam Hussein. Do we really believe that foreign troops located on American bases have any loyalty to the United States? Just what kind of action would these troops take if a multi-front war broke out? Why are they even here?

    President Bush's decision to invade Iraq is fraught with risks. Surely, he understood that when he gave the order to attack. Perhaps he feels that America is invincible. Maybe we are. However, whether we are insuperable or not doesn't depend on our military capabilities but on the sovereign will of Almighty God!

    Since God is our ultimate Protector and Defender, one would think that our leaders would seek His favor and approbation during this perilous period. That doesn't mean offering politically-correct prayers or ending speeches with the demand that "God bless America," while at the same time virtually ignoring His laws and principles, either. And it certainly doesn't mean commanding our troops to remove their Christian symbols or forbidding them from having copies of the Bible.

    While this war has certainly not taken God by surprise, there could be some surprises yet in store for us. Right now, the best surprise would be no surprise at all, and that's what I'm praying for.

    © Chuck Baldwin

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