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    Schumer Not Bennett Is A Hypocrite

    Published: Friday, May 16, 2003

    Much has been made in the media about the gambling revelations of former Drug Czar William Bennett. Liberals have been quick to castigate Bennett with the most demonizing language possible. However, let's see what these same people have to say about recent revelations concerning liberal New York Senator Charles Schumer.

    On Wednesday, May 14, News Max reported, "The Senate's leading gun control advocate, Senator Charles Schumer-who's currently pressuring the White House to extend the 1994 assault weapons ban-travels with an armed bodyguard."

    For years, Schumer has been the number one proponent of disarming law-abiding American citizens. He has probably authored and introduced more gun control bills than anyone on Capitol Hill. Yet, as a member of the rich and famous, he chooses to have an armed bodyguard accompanying him wherever he goes. If that isn't hypocrisy, nothing is!

    Let's see if the liberal media will have the character to attack Schumer with the same vengeance they have Bill Bennett. I would recommend that you not hold your breath waiting.

    To my knowledge, Bill Bennett never advanced making gambling illegal. Perhaps some of us would have liked it if he had, but he didn't. No doubt, Bennett's personal involvement in gambling clouded his judgment on the subject helping to keep him silent about it, but at least he was honest enough to not condemn in others what he himself was doing. That is not the mark of a hypocrite.

    A hypocrite loves to deny to others what he himself indulges in. Schumer is a hypocrite in the classic definition of the word. He claims the right of self-defense while denying that same right to millions of average Americans.

    In Schumer's world, there are two kinds of people: the powerful elite who are entitled to all privileges and freedoms, and the average American who must be subjugated and controlled. As a member of the powerful elite, Schumer claims his right to self-defense, but he would deny the rest of us the same right.

    Yet, it's even worse than that. Schumer is not only a hypocrite, he is a despot! He attempts to trample fundamental, God-given liberties. Furthermore, he seeks to destroy the Bill of Rights and the immutable principles contained in the Declaration of Independence.

    Bill Bennett was certainly unwise. He may have even been sinful. However, he is not a hypocrite, and he is not a would-be tyrant. Schumer is both!

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