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    Americans Must Free Themselves From A Two Party Death Grip

    Published: Tuesday, July 29, 2003

    It's time to say it: the two major parties hold a death grip on the American people! Instead of representing the people, both parties are bought and paid for by special interest groups. Neither party pays any attention to the U.S. Constitution but are largely marching in lock-step toward bigger and bigger government. Both Republicans and Democrats eagerly sacrifice what's good for the country with what's good for the party. As they now exist, neither major party deserves the support of patriotic Americans.

    Furthermore, blind allegiance to the two major parties has created a "lesser of two evils" mindset that has warped the thinking and perverted the values of otherwise good people. What people would never accept in any other venue of society, they gladly and willingly accept from their chosen party's candidates.

    People expect honesty and integrity from clergymen, bankers, doctors, businessmen, realtors, even journalists and used car salesmen. Those same people, however, quickly tolerate and even excuse dishonesty and chicanery from their chosen political party.

    Consider the excuse conservatives give for President Bush's recent announcement that he supports the Clinton gun ban. Rather than holding Bush accountable for his inexcusable statement, they rush to his defense by saying, "Bush is just saying this to placate moderates. He doesn't really mean it." What they don't stop to consider is that if they are correct, G.W. Bush is a liar!

    It is clear, therefore, that conservatives are more than willing to support and defend someone they believe to be deliberately lying. In other words, it doesn't matter to them whether Bush tells the truth or not. He has an "R" behind his name and, therefore, they will support him.

    However, the same people who will justify dishonesty in the lives of their favored party's politicians would never accept such conduct from anyone else. Furthermore, many of these conservatives actually call themselves Christians; many are preachers. They preach and teach the virtues of honesty and integrity. What is even more amazing is that they find no inconsistency with what they are doing!

    In his Farewell Address, our first and greatest President, George Washington, loquaciously lobbied the American people to guard against over-infatuation with political parties. Anyone reading his warnings today will be impressed with his insight and sagacity. Virtually everything he predicted has come to pass. Blind loyalty to political parties has corrupted our public institutions, blinded the hearts and minds of the American people, and opened wide the door to undue foreign influence.

    If everyone who believes and teaches honesty and accountability would put it into practice when they walk into the voting booth, we could put a stop to this pathetic practice of electing dishonest and despicable people to high public office. Instead of hiding their own character and integrity under the bushel basket of party partisanship, voters could be proud of the fact that are actually helping to set the ship of state aright by helping to elect men and women of honesty and character!

    Though I do not share this opinion, many people believe Abraham Lincoln to be one of America's greatest presidents. Personal opinion aside, it is a fact that Lincoln's election and subsequent influence upon this country was huge. Therefore, it is more than significant to realize that Lincoln was first elected from a four- person ticket with less than 40% of the vote! So much for the importance of receiving a majority vote.

    In practically every presidential election, there are candidates from a variety of independent or "third" parties on the ballot. To ignore them merely because they are not Republicans or Democrats is absurd! If a worthy candidate cannot be found within the two major parties (and they are becoming increasingly harder to find), voters should look to alternative parties.

    Remember, the object is to elect honest and honorable leaders for our country, not to promote and protect the private agendas of the fat cats who control the two major parties!

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