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    I Have A Dream: Politically-Blind Pulpits

    Published: Tuesday, August 12, 2003

    The current edition of Insight Magazine carries an article entitled, "Connerly Has a Dream: A Color-blind Society." The story chronicles the activism of Ward Connerly, a black man who is waging a plucky fight against Affirmative Action. Like Connerly, I, too, have a dream. My dream, however, is not for a color-blind society, as important as that is. My dream is for politically-blind pulpits.

    As I see it, the greatest culprit contributing to America's cultural and political collapse is our church pulpits! Today's pastors seem much more concerned about who is in control of the White House than they are about who is in control of God's house. Instead of being courageous couriers of God's Word, they have become little more than cheap cheerleaders for a political party! However, the problem is actually deeper than that.

    Many pastors actually rate spirituality to political parties. To many preachers, political parties and their candidates are as important as the Scriptures, maybe more so. For example, when having to choose between a clear Scriptural principle and their political party, the party wins hands-down!

    The only thing today's conservative pastors seem to fear is the other party. Every Bible principle known to man can crash and burn, but as long as the right political party is in office, all is right with the world.

    Wouldn't it be nice if pastors feared God as much as they fear Hillary Clinton? Wouldn't it be wonderful if preachers would preach the Word as it is, without forethought as to how politicians will react? Wouldn't it be great if preachers could get their eyes off high-dollar donors long enough to see the righteousness and judgment of Almighty God?

    The fact is, both major political parties are taking America in the wrong direction. Neither party gives a flip about Biblical principles or limited government. Both parties have betrayed, ignored, and helped eviscerate the U.S. Constitution. Furthermore, both parties are filled with pathological liars.

    However, instead of boldly demanding that politicians from both parties adhere to basic honesty and integrity, today's pastors and preachers give aid and comfort to their party of choice which allows corruption and deception to continue unabated! Thus, loyalty to parties and politicians supercedes loyalty to God and the Bible! No wonder our country is in trouble!

    I submit that Connerly's dream of a color-blind society would take care of itself if only politically-blind pulpits would become a reality in our land.

    © Chuck Baldwin

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