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    Showdown In Montgomery

    Published: Friday, August 22, 2003

    I was privileged to be in attendance at a rally in front of the Alabama Supreme Court building Wednesday evening where hundreds of concerned citizens had gathered to express their support for Judge Roy Moore's decision to ignore a federal judge's order to remove a display of the Ten Commandments from the building. Speakers included Alan Keyes, Rick Scarborough, and Patrick Mahoney.

    This case is just now beginning to draw media attention and, unfortunately, has yet to draw the attention and, yes, outrage, of freedom-loving people throughout the country. If pastors, Christians, and other patriotic Americans do not quickly awaken to the importance of this case, another landmark federal abuse of power which further erodes our liberties will come and go without a major challenge. This must not be allowed to happen!

    The order by federal judge Myron Thompson for Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore to remove a display of the Ten Commandments from the Alabama Supreme Court building is the latest example of judicial tyranny by arrogant and despotic federal judges. If allowed to stand, the right of people, through their elected state representatives, to acknowledge God will be eviscerated. The significance and importance of this case is as monumental as the decisions in 1962 & '63 when prayer and Bible reading were removed from schools and the Roe v Wade decision in 1973 which legalized abortion on demand. In other words, this case is huge!

    For over four decades, federal judges have established a "long train of abuses" against the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the principles contained in the Declaration of Independence. During this time, the American people have been too longsuffering. We have sat back and done virtually nothing as little by little an arrogant and lawless federal judiciary has become a law unto themselves. It has repeatedly ignored constitutional restraints, has repeatedly encroached upon the rights and freedoms of states and individuals, and has set itself up as sovereign over men's hearts and conscience. It's time for the American people to put an end to this usurpation of freedom and justice!

    First of all, Alabama Governor Bob Riley and President George W. Bush claim to be Christian conservatives. As such, they should be eager to take a firm and decisive stand in favor of the right of the people, through their elected state officials, to acknowledge God. Without the support of these men, this despotic judgment could not stand.

    Furthermore, the Congress of the United States should immediately begin impeachment proceedings against Judge Thompson! Instead of hiding like scared rabbits, members of Congress should roar like lions against this kind of judicial abuse of power.


    So, where is Governor Riley? Where is President Bush? Where are the members of Congress? Furthermore, where are America's pastors? Where are the conservative Christians of this country? There is a showdown taking place in Montgomery, Alabama, and they are conspicuously absent.

    There will be a presence of concerned citizens at the Alabama Supreme Court building until this matter is resolved. There will be a rally each evening (except Sundays) at 7:30 pm CST at the same place. If you are able to be in attendance on any day for the next several days, by all means, show up!

    Beyond that, please call Governor Riley's office in Montgomery. Call the White House. Call your member of Congress. Call your Senators. Demand that those elected officials who campaigned on the theme of conservatism stand up now for Judge Moore!

    Some are saying that Judge Moore is violating the law by refusing to remove the monument. Wrong. It is Judge Thompson and every one who supports him who are violating the law!

    If good people across this country do not come to Judge Moore's assistance now, they will have allowed arrogant liberal judges to put another nail in the coffin of America's liberty. We let that happen in 1962, in 1963, and again in 1973. We must not let it happen now!

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