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    Ricky Nelson Wasn’t The Only “Poor Little Fool”

    Published: Friday, November 7, 2003

    The late Ricky Nelson had a smash hit with a song called, "Poor Little Fool." Well, it seems to me that Ricky spoke for a lot of us poor little fools!

    Take our illustrious conservative movement for example. The only people who are paid any attention are the "big" people. Unless your wallet is fat enough, or your church is large enough, or you happen to stumble upon fame and fortune by some quirk of fate, there isn't a conservative leader out there who would give you the time of day.

    Those letters we get from the big-shot politicians are form letters! They are sent to the teeming millions of "little" people with the hopes that the combined dollars from their wallets (money that would be better spent helping our children, church, or community, by the way) will give them the added clout and power they so desperately crave.

    Of course, if you give a little extra, they will send you an autographed picture. For a lot extra, you might receive an invitation to a photo-op dinner. But that's all you're worth, sucker! The really important people are going to meet behind closed doors and decide the really important stuff and they don't give a darn what you think.

    If you get on an ego binge one day and want a true taste of reality, just try to get a personal phone call through to any of these conservative big-shots, and I don't mean just the elected ones, either! You'll quickly learn how unimportant you really are to them.

    It's not that there aren't many common Joes out there trying. There are plenty of them, but they are among the vast host of "poor little fools" who don't amount to a hill of beans to the "big" people.

    For example, Jim Rudd, A.J. Toogood, Dave Black, Paul Walter, Derry Brownfield, and Lewis Goldberg are terrific fellows working their tails off trying to bring the American people the real news via the Internet. Alas, who pays them any attention? Who knocks on their doors asking for moral direction for the country? Nobody from Big-Shot City, that's for sure.

    Ron Paul is about as sincere and dedicated as they come, but he's only one "little" congressman beating his head against a wall of elitism. His own party doesn't even want him. He's about as welcome on Capitol Hill as screen doors in submarines.

    There are a few tell-it-like-it-is journalists out there who have managed to at least get a foot on the national stage. Well, there's one I can think of: Charley Reese, but who pays any attention to him?

    At one time I thought there was hope in the church. No more. Today, we come to church to read and study the book of Warren, not the book of Romans or Timothy. Furthermore, our churches more resemble dance halls or bingo parlors than they do houses of worship, and entertainment and recreation replaced prayer and preaching long ago.

    However, my friends who are smarter than me find no cause for alarm. After all, they are doing quite well. In fact, many of them have stayed out of enough controversy and have made enough money that they are already retired and enjoying the easy life.

    So, here I am: a little guy with a little church in a little town with little money, and little retirement. I have a little radio program, write a little column, and if I were forced out of work today, I would no doubt finish my life in a little poor house. My wife and I haven't taken even a little vacation in years and there's little prospect in sight. That's quite a record for over a half-century of living!

    Don't think me finished, however. Within the next couple of days I will arise from my ash heap of self-pity and write another column. And, in an effort to make a difference in my country, I'll produce another radio broadcast and preach another sermon. I won't succeed, of course, but I'll keep trying. It's okay, though, because I'm just a "poor little fool."

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