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    Without Allegiance To The Constitution, Party Partisanship Means Absolutely Nothing!

    Published: Tuesday, December 9, 2003

    Conservatives, especially Christian conservatives, labor under the assumption that voting for a Republican candidate somehow translates into a vote for conservative policies. Such is not the case, however. A much better case could be made for the proposition that, in reality, Republicans contribute to the growth and expansion of government to equal or even greater degrees than do Democrats.

    For example, since taking office, President G.W. Bush has superintended over the greatest expansion of federal discretionary expenditures since Lyndon Johnson's Great Society came into existence! Furthermore, under Bush, Jr., more rights and freedoms have been lost than since the Franklin Roosevelt years. Yet, this reality seems lost to the vast majority of professing conservatives.

    All conservatives can say is, "God forbid that any Democrat should become president." Yet, the fact is, during the past forty years, Republican appointments have dominated the federal courts, especially the U.S. Supreme Court, and still the federal judiciary continues to lead the nation in a hard left turn.

    The reason that Republicans in general, and G.W. Bush in particular, have made no significant difference to the overall socialist direction of the country is that they are as uncommitted to the U.S. Constitution as are Democrats. Without allegiance to the Constitution it doesn't matter one hill of beans which party is in power!

    With Bush in the White House, both parties have supported expanding the federal government's role in public education via the Bush/Kennedy "No Child Left Behind" monstrosity. Both parties have supported gutting the Bill of Rights via the USA Patriot Act and other similar policies. Both parties have supported the massive expansion of the Medicare welfare program. And the list goes on without end.

    Furthermore, what good did it do Chief Justice Roy Moore to have a Republican governor and attorney general in Alabama? What good did it do him to have a Republican president and attorney general in Washington, D.C.? What good did it do him to have Republican-appointed federal judges sitting on the bench?

    Again, the problem is neither party has any loyalty to the U.S. Constitution! Yet, every president, every member of Congress, and every court justice takes an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these people prove on a daily basis that they have no intention of honoring their oath of office.

    Until the American people begin holding their elected officials accountable to the U.S. Constitution, it will not matter one iota which party is in the White House and which party controls Congress! In fact, until the American people awaken to this reality, the best we can hope for is a divided federal government. By that I mean, when one party controls the White House, be sure the other party controls Congress and vice versa. Liberty and freedom will not long survive one party, Republican or Democrat, in control of the entire federal government!

    Of course, the real solution resides with the American people becoming a constitutionally informed, educated, and committed electorate. Is anyone holding their breath?

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