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    Suddenly Rush Limbaugh Is Concerned About Conspiracie

    Published: Tuesday, January 6, 2004

    Nationally syndicated radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh has seen the light, or maybe felt the heat. In either case, he suddenly realizes the consequences of living in a society where government agencies have unfettered access to personal information and where individuals have little or no constitutional protections. Welcome back, Rush.

    For years, Limbaugh has impugned, denigrated, and chastised any caller who dared bring up the subject of federal encroachment on individual liberties, calling them "conspiracy nuts," or worse. He has had little patience for anyone who wanted to suggest that both political parties are trampling the U.S. Constitution and helping to create a gargantuan federal oligarchy at the expense of The Bill of Rights and personal freedoms. Suddenly, however, he is screaming that he is the victim of a (eeh-gads) "conspiracy."

    The issue at hand is a criminal investigation into whether Limbaugh, who has been addicted to pain killers for years, violated the law by "doctor shopping" in an illegal bid to obtain a continuing supply of powerful drugs such as OxyContin, Hydrocodone, and Xanax. To obtain the needed evidence, authorities seized, by court order, Limbaugh's medical records. Rush is furious! He maintains his medical records should remain private and that he is being singled out because he is a popular "conservative."

    Rush's inconsistency is massive! For years, his beloved Republican Party has collaborated with liberal Democrats to eviscerate The Bill of Rights, and he has fully supported them! Patriot Acts I & II, the SS-style Department of Homeland Security and dozens of other measures have come into reality with Rush Limbaugh's complete and enthusiastic support!

    As a result of Limbaugh's (and other popular "conservatives") endorsement, personal freedoms affirmed under The Bill of Rights have all but vanquished. Virtually any American citizen, not just those targeted by a "left wing conspiracy," is capable of being victimized by this new federal monstrosity.

    So, where was Rush Limbaugh when this "New World Order" (George Bush, Sr.) was being constructed? He was either ignoring it or demonizing those who opposed it.

    If Rush was not concerned about people losing their 4th Amendment rights under The Patriot Act, why should people now be concerned about the loss of privacy regarding his medical records? What's good for the common goose should be good for the celebrated gander.

    The fact is, no American citizen's medical records are private anymore. Neither are our financial records, our phone calls, our emails, or our travel records. The feds have absolute and total access to virtually every piece of information about every single one of us!

    Furthermore, in the grand scheme of things, the loss of free speech (via phone taps, etc.) is far more egregious than Limbaugh's medical records. Historically, next to the preciousness of life, the freedom of speech has been held in the highest esteem by the laws of this country. No more!

    Today, America's federal laws more resemble those of Stalin's, Hitler's, or Mao's than they do those put in place by Washington, Jefferson, and Madison. And, until now, Rush Limbaugh has not objected.

    Suddenly, it's different! Now, Rush Limbaugh believes in conspiracies and is opposed to granting the federal government (or even state government, as in his case) access to personal information. It's amazing how one can change his tune when it's his own bacon in the fire!

    Unfortunately, it appears that the Limbaugh saga is a microcosm of America as a whole. It seems that until the American people are personally affected by the tyrannical laws that we allow our politicians (including Republicans) to pass, we seem oblivious to their danger.

    However, we should all realize that once we allow tyranny to take root, nothing short of revolution will stop it, and that what happened to Rush Limbaugh (and worse) will happen to every one of us. Therefore, how long will "conservatives" continue to support a Republican Party that facilitates such tyranny? Until they join Rush in jail, I suppose.

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