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    Twenty-Five Faithful Conservatives

    Published: Friday, February 4, 2005

    Time Magazine recently published a story in which they named the twenty-five most influential evangelicals in America. The list included those people whom the magazine determined to be the most influential Christian conservatives within the Bush administration. The Time list:

    Howard and Roberta Ahmanson
    David Barton
    Doug Coe
    Chuck Colson
    Luis Cortes
    James Dobson
    Stuart Epperson
    Michael Gerson
    Billy & Franklin Graham
    Ted Haggard
    Bill Hybels
    T.D. Jakes
    Diane Knippers
    Tim & Beverly LaHaye
    Richard Land
    Brian McLaren
    Joyce Meyer
    Richard John Neuhaus
    Mark Noll
    J.I. Packer
    Rick Santorum
    Jay Sekulow
    Stephen Strang
    Rick Warren
    Ralph Winter

    However, I would like to offer my own list of those people whom I believe demonstrate not only supreme effectiveness and significant influence (except within the Bush administration, unfortunately), but more importantly, superb fidelity to America's founding principles. My list:

    David Alan Black
    Derry Brownfield
    Tom DeWeese
    Greg Dixon
    Don Dwyer
    John Eidsmoe
    Ezola Foster
    Gene Howard
    Rick Jore
    Alan Keyes
    Kelly McGinley
    John McManus
    Stanley Monteith
    Roy S. Moore
    Ron Paul
    Michael Peroutka
    Doug Phillips
    Howard Phillips
    Larry Pratt
    Charley Reese
    Paul Craig Roberts
    Jim Rudd
    John Stormer
    Herb Titus
    Edwin Vieira
    Paul Walter
    Darrell White
    David Wolfe

    That's my list. (I realize that there are twenty-eight names on my list; I got carried away.) When we see these people appearing in Time Magazine, we will know the country is turning around. Until then, it is pretty much business as usual.

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