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    My Latest Video Sermon Now Online

    Published: Friday, December 9, 2005

    My latest video sermon has just been uploaded and is now ready for viewing. It was delivered a couple Sunday nights ago and is entitled, "Psalms of Thanksgiving." To view this video sermon, go to:

    Other sermon titles which may also be viewed include:

    Why God Raised Up This Place

    Lying Prophets

    The Gospel Of Christ: America's Only Hope

    The Church's Confession

    The Preacher's Job Description

    Is God Judging America?

    Remember, too, that my Second Amendment video and my radio interview with Bob Barr regarding the USA Patriot Act are also currently available.

    One more thing: we are in the final days of shipping out The Freedom Documents. If you want this giant compilation of over 50 of America's most endearing historical documents, you must send your checks or Money Orders now. The supply is almost gone. Details for ordering are available on my web site.

    Once again, thank you for reading my commentaries.

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