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    A Personal Invitation

    Published: Wednesday, December 28, 2005

    This is a personal invitation to all my readers. My fine staff has just uploaded a video slide show which gives viewers an intimate peek at my family, my church, and my radio show. The 16 minute video gives a thumbnail sketch of what really makes Chuck Baldwin who he is. The slide show is personally narrated by yours truly. I invite you to watch the video slide show and enjoy this glimpse into the personal life of the man behind these commentaries.

    We have also just uploaded my newest video sermon. It is entitled "What Does It Take To Keep You In Church?"

    In addition to this latest sermon, we have six other video sermons online. They are:

    Psalms Of Thanksgiving

    Why God Raised Up This Place

    Lying Prophets

    The Gospel Of Christ: America's Only Hope

    The Preacher's Job Description

    Is God Judging America?

    These video sermons may be accessed by using either a dial up or high speed modem and may also be downloaded or archived to one's computer hard drive. And, please, if the video sermons inspire and bless you, please share them with as many others as you can. As always, there is absolutely no charge to view or share any of my video sermons.

    Let me please remind you that my radio interview with former Republican Congressman Bob Barr is also online. Bob is doing great work in helping to expose the dangers of the USA Patriot Act. In addition, my web site also features a pro-Second Amendment speech I gave some years back to a giant crowd of enthusiastic patriots.

    To view the video slide show, my video sermons, my interview with Bob Barr, my Second Amendment speech, and a "ton" of other very helpful information, go to:

    And, once again, thank you for letting me share my thoughts and analysis with you during 2005. These columns have grown to such a degree that hundreds of thousands of people now read them. See you in 2006.

    © Chuck Baldwin

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