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    Whatever Happened To Masculinity?

    Published: Thursday, January 26, 2006

    The recent Hollywood infatuation with homosexuality is only the latest example of how true American manhood is being systematically dismantled. Throughout our culture, masculinity is de-emphasized, even scorned.

    I well remember how Ronald Reagan was castigated as being "too masculine." Truly, Reagan was the last masculine president America has had (and maybe will have). Can you imagine what today's generation of soft Americans would think of Harry Truman or Theodore Roosevelt?

    By masculine, I mean a man who not only demonstrates the physical qualities of ruggedness but who also possesses inner toughness. A man who says what he means and means what he says. A man who recognizes the importance of honesty. A man of noble principle. A man without covetousness. A man who cannot be bribed or bullied. A man committed to manly virtues. A man who is the head of his home and knows how to control and discipline his children. A man who loves justice but also knows tenderness and mercy. A man who fears God and shows reverence for the sacred. A man who knows the difference between the rule of law and the lust for power. On the whole, our society today has little tolerance for such men. Even in our churches, masculinity is dying.

    It seems that most Christian schools and church Sunday Schools (and probably Christian homes) are controlled and dominated by women. Now, please don't misunderstand me. There is certainly nothing wrong with women working and serving in the Lord's vineyard. I can't imagine where we would be without the sacrificial and tireless efforts of the countless thousands of dedicated Christian women found in virtually all of our ministries. However, except for rare examples, women are not capable of inculcating manliness into young boys. This is truly man's work.

    The overexposure of young boys to women leaders is taking a serious toll on their masculinity. Think about it: it is not uncommon for a young boy to never know a male teacher or principal until reaching high school, and even then, male teachers are egregiously outnumbered by their female counterparts. In some schools, the ratio is 10 to 1. If a boy does not grow up with his father in the home, the problem is only exacerbated.

    Take a stroll down the hallways of most high schools, including most Christian high schools. What do you see? Soft, effeminate boys! Most Christian schools do not even provide masculine sports such as football, wrestling, or boxing. Beyond that, boys are constantly taught to submit to feminine leadership. Independence and assertiveness are considered evil, when in fact, any man worth his salt must, by definition, be a man of independence and strength.

    I see this constantly in gospel music. Many of today's popular Christian entertainers (and that's all many of them are) are markedly soft and effeminate in appearance, voice, mannerisms, and actions. Believe it or not, it did not used to be this way.

    There was a time in America when society as a whole expected men to be masculine. Boys were taught physical, emotional, and spiritual toughness. They played "rough" games. They were taught how to defend themselves and others. At the same time, they were taught rules of etiquette, polite manners, and proper speech. They knew the meaning of the word "gentleman." Manhood had more to do with how well he behaved, not how well he cussed.

    That Hollywood is continuing to pollute our culture with its incessant promotion of movies which praise and promote the homosexual lifestyle is one more nail in the coffin of American decency and manhood. But Hollywood is not the only culprit. America's politicians, business leaders, and even church leaders are all contributing to the problem!

    It is unclear whether America will be able to rebound from this anti-masculinity political correctness that currently permeates our culture. However, one thing is clear: true masculinity is fast disappearing from the American landscape, and as it vanishes, so does one of the significant attributes that helped build this nation.

    There is yet one more uncertainty: how long can America survive without it?

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