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    Alan Keyes Speaking Sunday, Nov. 5 In Pensacola, Florida

    Published: Tuesday, October 31, 2006

    For readers who live within driving distance of Pensacola, Florida, today's column serves as an announcement that Ambassador Alan Keyes will be our keynote speaker for the giant God and Country Day services at Crossroad Baptist Church, 6800 Mobile Highway (US Hwy. 90), in Pensacola, Florida. For planning purposes, Pensacola is located in the western-most tip of the Florida panhandle. Driving time from Atlanta is about 4 hours. From Jacksonville about 5 hours. Tallahassee about 3 hours. Nashville about 6 hours. New Orleans about 3 hours.

    Joining Dr. Keyes will be notable dignitaries and public officials from across the Florida panhandle. Superb tenor soloist, Tim Davis, will provide stirring patriotic music, along with the Crossroad Church choir. John Wayne impersonator Gene Howard will also appear. The service begins at 10am CST. On Sunday evening at 6pm, the White Sands Panhandle Bluegrass Band will join Tim Davis for a musical celebration that will inspire young and old alike.

    Notable conservatives who have participated in past God and Country Day activities include men such as Pat Buchanan, Alabama Governor Fob James, Jr., Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy S. Moore, Congressman Joe Scarborough, Howard Phillips, and Dr. Jerry Falwell.

    Anyone needing more information regarding our God and Country Day activities can call 850-944-3544 during regular business hours. If you plan to attend from out of town, please call ahead, as we would like to recognize your sacrifice in coming to this special event.

    One more thing: my fine staff has recently uploaded two brand new video sermons to my web site. The last one was recorded from inside our beautiful new auditorium. As always, there is no cost to view my video sermons. Go to

    Once again, thank you for reading my columns.

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