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    College Kids Are Putting Clergymen To Shame

    Published: Thursday, May 2, 2024

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    Last Sunday, I delivered a sermon epilogue of seven minutes that shares the same title as this column. In this seven-minute video clip, I praise the kids on our college and university campuses who are willing to risk their academic and financial futures to peacefully protest Israel’s genocidal war against Gaza. And I rebuke America’s evangelical pastors for sitting back and letting college kids do what they should be doing as spiritual leaders.

    Here is the YouTube video clip of my seven-minute address.

    What we are watching before our very eyes is a glaring indictment against the religious/governmental/media/educational establishments, whose machinations are enforced via 1984-esque police-state campaigns, and the inevitable mushrooming political/societal/cultural and even religious resistance that is obligatory for any nation that wishes to be free.

    What we are witnessing is HUGE! It is so much larger than most people in my generation realize. I call my generation the “Wilderness Generation,” because it has allowed itself to be controlled by the forces of subjugation and is wandering aimlessly in a wilderness of blindness, indifference, self-absorption and pride. The result is an American nation that is but a shell of itself. It is a nation controlled by criminals, gangsters, thieves, murderers and god-makers.

    Natural Law requires that such a condition MUST be challenged and resisted. Jefferson put it this way:

    The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

    It wasn’t until the wanderers who came out of Egypt—after wandering aimlessly in rebellion and blindness—eventually died out that a fresh generation that was not absorbed with the sins of their fathers could then march forward into a new and better land.

    My generation has rebelliously and stubbornly given itself (body, mind and soul) to the evils of Marxist-Zionism, created by the likes of Herzl, Ben-Gurion and the Rothschilds.

    And though Americans—especially evangelical Christians—should have seen the murderous, genocidal nature of the Ashkenazi Zionists, whose violent fruit began growing in earnest in December of 1947 and continues to this very day, it took the genocidal war against Gaza to awaken, not America’s conservative politicians or America’s evangelical pulpits or the mainstream news media, of course, but kids on America’s college and university campuses.

    Side note: To understand the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, you MUST read Ilan Pappe’s blockbuster book The Ethnic Cleansing Of Palestine. Pappe is a renowned Israeli historian, and his book is the VERY BEST book written on the subject. I’ll say it straight out: If you have not read this book, you don’t have a clue as to what is really going on (and has been going on for a long time) in Palestine. Buy this book!

    Order the book The Ethnic Cleansing Of Palestine here.

    Chris Hedges writes:

    Student protesters across the country exhibit a moral and physical courage — many are facing suspension and expulsion — that shames every major institution in the country. They are dangerous not because they disrupt campus life or engage in attacks on Jewish students — many of those protesting are Jewish — but because they expose the abject failure by the ruling elites and their institutions to halt genocide, the crime of crimes. These students watch, like most of us, Israel’s live-streamed slaughter of the Palestinian people. But unlike most of us, they act. Their voices and protests are a potent counterpoint to the moral bankruptcy that surrounds them.

    Not one university president has denounced Israel’s destruction of every university in Gaza. Not one university president has called for an immediate and unconditional ceasefire. Not one university president has used the words “apartheid” or “genocide.” Not one university president has called for sanctions and divestment from Israel. 

    Instead, heads of these academic institutions grovel supinely before wealthy donors, corporations — including weapons manufacturers — and rabid right-wing politicians. They reframe the debate around harm to Jews rather than the daily slaughter of Palestinians, including thousands of children. They have allowed the abusers — the Zionist state and its supporters — to paint themselves as victims. This false narrative, which focuses on anti-Semitism, allows the centers of power, including the media, to block out the real issue — genocide. It contaminates the debate. It is a classic case of “reactive abuse.” Raise your voice to decry injustice, react to prolonged abuse, attempt to resist, and the abuser suddenly transforms themself into the aggrieved. 

    The genocide in Gaza, which we fund and support, is of such monstrous proportions that it will achieve a prominent place in this pantheon of crimes.

    History will not be kind to most of us. But it will bless and revere these students.

    Here is Dr. Stephen Jones:

    More and more universities are seeing their students protest against the genocide in Gaza—and against Zionism in general. As always, those who disagree with the protests try to divert the narrative in order to discredit them. In this case, right wing news media pundits claim that these are pro-Hamas protests, whereas the vast majority of the students are simply pro-Palestinian. The right wing pundits try to paint the protesters as being anti-semitic, when in fact many of the protesters themselves are Jewish.

    Even Congress has tried to equate anti-semitism with anti-Zionism. This is a bogus argument, but quite effective among the uninformed.

    Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, changed his position after a visit from John Hagee and the CIA director. If either of these men are pushing a political policy, you can be sure that I am against it. The CIA is the heart of the Deep State and is the enforcement arm of Mystery Babylon. John Hagee is one of the main leaders of Christian Zionism who is leading the church into the disastrous position of supporting genocide in the name of Christ.

    Christian Zionist leaders should have learned from the story of Jacob that believers cannot fulfill Bible prophecy by unlawful means. Jacob lied in order to try to fulfill the prophecy that the elder shall serve the younger. Today, the Christian Zionists support genocide in their attempt to fulfill what they think is Bible prophecy.

    It really comes down to the issue of lawlessness. If Hagee had studied the law, he would have understood the issue. But he puts away the law, ensuring ignorance in this most pressing issue of the day. God is exposing Zionism for what it is, and it seems that the world is more righteous than the Christian Zionists.

    As I alluded to at the beginning of this column and what I plainly state in my seven-minute video clip, what we are witnessing is a massive “changing of the guard” of America’s blind and robotic support for the Zionist State of Israel. The younger generations in our country are wising up—and speaking up!

    I would hope that in another ten years (or sooner) the sorcerer’s spell blinding the American people to the TRUTH of the Zionist state will be broken. The scales will have fallen off, and the Zionist hold over our country will be no more. The exact timing of this may be uncertain, but the fact of this is INEVITABLE!

    Then and only then will evangelicals en masse be able to clearly see Christ’s New Covenant. Then and only then will the true New Covenant Gospel begin to be preached en masse. And then and only then will America have another opportunity to reclaim the principles of Liberty that birthed our great country.

    Of course, the devil Benjamin Netanyahu condemned America’s student protestors, calling them “antisemitic” and likening them to the Nazis in 1930s Germany.

    Now, I don’t agree with Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) very much, but I totally agree with his response to Netanyahu. He said:

    Do not insult the intelligence of the American people by attempting to distract us from the immoral and illegal war policies of your extremist and racist government.

    It “is not antisemitic” to note that Israel’s military operation has left more than half the population of Gaza homeless, “obliterated” the Palestinian territory’s water and electric infrastructure and “annihilated” its health care system.

    Sanders, who is Jewish, concluded,

    It is not antisemitic to hold you [Netanyahu] accountable for your actions.


    Amen, Senator!

    We can expect the Deep State to try and co-opt the Pro-Palestinian protests in a similar manner in which it co-opted the peaceful Pro-Trump protests on January 6. They are experts at such things. Many rank-and-file protesters of any cause are often somewhat ignorant of the cause. They know enough to know that something is wrong and that something must be done to correct it, but they are often ignorant of the substantive issues pertaining thereto. These are the ones that agent provocateurs, manipulators in the news media and Deep State billionaires such as George Soros target.

    That changes nothing!

    The shame of it all is that America’s pastors and professing conservative political leaders are doing absolutely nothing to come to the aid of peace, liberty and life in Palestine. Instead, conservative congressmen allocate billions of dollars to assist Netanyahu’s butchery and evangelical pastors provide moral support for his murderous genocide and ethnic cleansing in Gaza.

    Most of them are among the “Wilderness Generation.”

    The good news is that the “Wilderness Generation” that came out of Egypt soon died off, and a new generation took the nation to the promised land.

    These kids that are now marching on our college and university campuses are going to be all grown up and in positions of leadership in our country after the “Wilderness Generation” is dead and gone, after which America will be free of the Zionist chains that bind us.

    Granted, these kids will have their own sets of besetting sins that they are going to have to come to terms with, but at least the scales of blindness to Christ’s New Covenant—placed there by John Darby and Cyrus Scofield and their devilish doctrines of Prophetic Futurism/Prophetic Dispensationalism—will be removed. Then, God can raise up fresh, dynamic preachers of the New Covenant in America in a way similar to that of our great colonial pastors who preached to a young America—a young America NOT enslaved with Scofield Zionism.

    And I would like to think that the thousands of hours of study that produced The Israel Packages and The Prophecy Packages could be part of the great awakening of Christ’s New Covenant in those fruitful years yet to come.

    God’s finger is writing on the wall of our country—and those college kids protesting the genocide in Gaza are part of that writing.

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