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    Today Is The 51ST Anniversary Of The Infamous Roe V Wade Decision, By Dr. Annie Bukacek

    Published: Wednesday, January 24, 2024

    Montana had an opportunity to stop abortion in Montana during the 2023 legislative session. With a super-majority, this was the year to pass a Personhood Amendment.  Republican leadership wouldn’t support it despite strong support for Personhood from the other Republican legislators. More on this at a later date.

    Incremental “prolife” legislation in the last 50 years that is designed to “restrict” rather than eliminate baby murder has served to place dehumanization of the unborn into legal code.

    How can that be? To illustrate, I provide a small number of examples:

    1. A dismemberment bill is designed to stop abortion at 15 weeks and fetal pain bills to stop abortion at 20 weeks…We saw in the famous video “Silent Scream” that babies feel pain at 12 weeks.
    2. 21 day heart beat bills that say abortion must stop when the beating heart can be detected…What about the 18 or 19 day old baby—are they any less human?
    3. 2003 partial birth abortion ban upheld by the Supreme Court in 2007…It did not stop the killing of the babies but actually removed the most humane way to kill them…compared to dismemberment and decapitation, saline burning, suffocation…

    What do the restrictive so called prolife bills do?

    They state that as long as you have met certain criteria, you can kill the baby.



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