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    A Personal Note

    Published: Thursday, December 28, 2023

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    Please forgive me, but I am taking this week off from my regular column. 

    For today, please allow me to remind you of several important items that I strongly believe are extremely important to the understanding of our current course of events as a nation—and as a body of believers.

    I refer you to the following—and I would NOT promote these items if I was not convinced that each item is fundamentally important and necessary to the above.

    1. My third Prophecy Package, which includes one of the most important messages of the entire Book of Revelation from Chapters ten and eleven entitled The Seventh Trumpet: The Fall Of Jerusalem And Rise Of The New Covenant Kingdom
    2. Prophecy Packages One and Two containing a total of twelve messages are also available. 
    3. My latest Prophecy Message (Number Eighteen) is now available as well. The message is taken from Revelation Chapter 13 and is entitled The Beast, The Mark And The Number Of His Name
    4. I delivered three messages on the Israeli genocidal war of Gaza. The first message is entitled Is The Hamas/Israeli War Fulfilling Bible Prophecy? The second message is entitled The Wars Of The Jews. And the third message is entitled Jerusalem Was Ground To Powder Once: Could It Happen again? We put all three messages on ONE DVD, which is entitled End-Time Israel. This DVD containing all three messages is now available. 
    5. We carry the VERY BEST book on the subject of Judaism and Talmudism, which was written by Michael Hoffman, entitled Judaism’s Strange Gods.
    6. The VERY BEST book explaining the Israeli/Palestinian conflict was written by Israeli historian Ilan Pappe and is entitled The Ethnic Cleansing Of Palestine. We are a major distributor of this phenomenal book. Since October 7, the publisher has sold out of this book TWICE. We are currently waiting for shipment from the third reprint. As soon as we receive a supply, the books will be available in our online store.
    7. The ONLY comprehensive Study Bible that I can recommend is the Matthew Henry Study Bible. It is the only comprehensive Study Bible I know of that does NOT promote the false doctrines of Christian Zionism in the notes. This terrific Bible is available in our store. 
    8. I am also very proud to be a major distributor of the tell-all book about the Israeli attack of the USS Liberty, co-authored by USS Liberty survivors. This book is available as well. The title of this awesome book is Remember The LIBERTY!
    9. And don’t forget that we have all thirty-one of my Israel messages in three DVD packages. These are entitled simply Israel Packages One, Two and Three

    And I want to thank all of you who have supported my work during 2023. Thank you so very much!

    I cannot say that I am optimistic about 2024, but I AM optimistic that God is opening the eyes of thousands—and perhaps millions—of people to the truth of the New Covenant, which includes having one’s eyes opened to the truth of Israel, and that this enlightenment will continue throughout the coming New Year.

    My regular column will resume next week. Again, thank you. 

    © Chuck Baldwin

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