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    “Erasing Palestine”

    Published: Thursday, October 26, 2023

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    The world is watching the genocide of an entire people right before its very eyes, and the sound of global indifference is deafening. If any other nation in the world was carrying out this deliberate carnage of innocents, global outrage would be off the Richter Scale. But the evil perpetrators of this willful human tragedy do not reside in Berlin; they reside in Tel Aviv, and the world—especially the Western World, meaning especially the United States—is utterly apathetic to the plight of these suffering, dying people, most of whom are innocent women, children and the elderly.

    From Day One, meaning December 1947, Zionist Israel has not been held accountable for a single act of criminality, murder, torture, ethnic cleansing, the violation of human rights or even the deliberate, willful attack against the people of the United States when it attacked the U.S. Naval ship, the USS Liberty.

    No accountability! Zero! Zilch!

    Israel’s consistent history and established principles and mores are polar opposite from everything that evangelical pastors and Christians preach and teach each Sunday.

    Yet, evangelical pastors and Christians by a large margin continue to promote the unbiblical babble that Palestine is the Promised Land for “God’s Chosen People, the Jews” and America can only be blessed by God if we bless the Zionist state.

    By the way, how is that working for you evangelicals? Is God “blessing” America? Or is He judging America? If it’s the latter (and every evangelical reading this column KNOWS it is), then is it slightly possible that you evangelicals have egregiously misinterpreted Genesis 12:3? Of course, you have, but you simply aren’t willing to admit it, because it would force you to reevaluate your entire understanding of eschatology—and the true Biblical teaching of Israel—and you aren’t willing to do that. 

    But I digress.

    Accordingly, Israel gets a free pass from everybody. Evangelical Zionists vote in large numbers, so congressional legislators dare not do anything to cross the red line of appeasement to Israel or touch the “third rail” of criticizing Israel.  

    In turn, the United States is the Nanny State, not just for American freeloaders, but also for international freeloaders. U.S. dollars pour into the laps of foreign governments by the billions, not to mention military equipment, ammunition, tanks, missiles, jets, small arms, mercenaries and U.S. Special Ops and CIA operatives by the scores and hundreds.

    Therefore, what evangelical Zionists want, congress delivers; and what the U.S. Zionist Congress and White House want, Western Europe delivers, which all means, what Benjamin Netanyahu wants, the entire Western World delivers.

    Netanyahu knows that he can slaughter all of the “human animals” (Zionist term for Palestinians) that he wants with complete and total impunity. The sheer terror and inhumanity against innocent women and children mean absolutely nothing to this Zionist devil. He is immune from any form of criticism or accountability from anybody—and he knows it.

    Think about it: All of this war, bloodshed, ethnic cleansing, terror, torture, crimes against humanity and the most unimaginable tales of human suffering stem from Cyrus Scofield’s Zionist-inspired notes in his Scofield Reference Bible and the ubiquitous teaching of Israel-based prophecy doctrines in most evangelical Bible colleges and seminaries and at least 80% of the evangelical churches in this country.

    There is a true maxim that says, “All wars are bankers’ wars.” And since 1948, it is equally true that “All wars are evangelical Zionists’ wars.”

    In an article entitled Erasing Palestine, Omar Suleiman writes:

    As the siege and bombardment of Gaza continues at full force, killing hundreds each day, maiming many more and wiping entire families out of the civil registry, the international community is still watching idly by. The global conversation on the assault on Gaza is shifting towards the annexation of yet another part of historic Palestine by Israel, with countries around the world rushing not to prevent the injustice but to ensure Palestinians made into refugees as a result won’t end up coming their way.

    Today, the fear of what comes next is looming larger for Palestinians than the cruelty of the world’s apparent indifference to their suffering.

    This time, the Nakba is being televised, and it has a stench of finality to it. What is happening in Palestine can no longer be described as genocide or even ethnic cleansing. It is beyond mass extermination – it is total erasure.

    Alongside the deranged and morally rotten military campaign to extinguish the lives of innocent Palestinian civilians – most of whom are women and children – is the equally if not more sinister campaign to entirely erase their identity.

    It’s not just the Palestinian people or the name of the country that’s disappearing, but the word Palestine itself. Palestine is being deliberately erased from our consciousness and discourse, during war and even in peace.

    The Abraham Accords, the supposed blockbuster deal brokered by the United States to normalise relations between Arab states and Israel, somehow manages to exclude the main aggrieved party: the population of Palestine. One would assume that the plight of the Palestinians, which has supposedly been the single biggest impediment to peace between Arab states and Israel, would have made the Palestinian people a critical – if not the central – stakeholder in such a monumental deal. Yet, as far as the Abraham Accords are concerned, the Palestinians are non-existent.

    And now, the current genocidal campaign being waged by the occupying state of Israel against Palestinians is being universally – and erroneously – described as “a war between Israel and Hamas”. Somehow the Palestinian people, who have been subjected to Israeli occupation and oppression for 75 years before October 7, no longer matter. This sinister public relations move is deeply problematic for two reasons.

    First, it allows for a simplistic story of good vs evil, where Israel takes on the role of the peace-loving, civilised democracy minding its own business and Hamas the inexplicably evil and barbaric militia group – decorated with all the anti-Muslim trimmings and tropes imaginable – that attacks it out of the blue. This despite the fact that according to Human Rights Watch, Amnesty and even numerous Israeli human rights organisations, Israel is in fact an apartheid state and illegal occupier that has implemented the most inhumane open-air incarceration system on earth. Israel may have dozens of political parties, but the oft-repeated claim that it is the only “democracy” in the Middle East cannot be taken seriously when its veteran prime minister, who is embattled with corruption charges, can undermine the judiciary and appoint to his government senior officials that openly refer to themselves as fascists.

    Israel entirely sidesteps any awkward questions about the attacks of October 7 being linked to its more than 70 years of occupying the Palestinian people.

    The simple truth is that the word “Palestine” is deeply damaging to Israel’s image on the international stage. The word “Palestine” carries with it so much universally recognised victimhood and so many stories of oppression, subjugation and genocide that when it is included in the conversation, Israel simply cannot dispute, however desperately it tries to, its crimes. The moral weight of Palestine is so heavy that every time the word is uttered, you can hear the deflating hiss from Israel’s PR bubble. No amount of beach resorts and tech unicorns can wipe the permanent stain of Palestinian blood off Israel’s hands.

    Which is why the only way to get rid of the heavy moral burden of Palestine, Israel seems to think, is to literally get rid of “Palestine” altogether, and that includes totally erasing it from the map. And yet, it is Israel that stands in front of the United Nations, year after year, pleading to be protected from the “barbarian” nations that supposedly wish to erase it from the map. The irony may be hysterical, but the hypocrisy is real.

    Suleiman’s analysis could not be more accurate.

    The Israeli war against the Palestinians has absolutely NOTHING to do with Bible prophecy or defending itself against Hamas. It merely provides another opportunity for Israel to do what it has been doing for over 75 years: expanding its territorial borders off the bloodshed, violence and death of the Palestinian people.

    In other words, “erasing Palestine.”

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