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    Tennessee Legislature Helps Preserve Second Amendment — Joe Biden Tries To Destroy It

    Published: Thursday, September 7, 2023

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    It was one of the largest and most intense attacks against the Second Amendment in modern times. The Neocon Republican governor of Tennessee, Bill Lee, called the Tennessee legislature back to Nashville for a special session with the specific intent on coercing its Republican members to pass the most draconian Red Flag gun confiscation law ever proposed.

    Lee knew what his GOP colleagues would be subjected to during the special session. He absolutely knew it. In fact, he was counting on it.

    Gun-grabber Bill Lee had three months before the special session began to threaten and bribe the GOP majority to pass his Marxist gun control bills. And you know that he used every political trick in the book to get his way. But the Republican legislature held firm. That, in and of itself, demands our respect for these stalwart Tennessee legislators.

    But there is much more.

    As soon as the special session began, the “Mob Squad”—these are the anti-Second Amendment radical leftists who have zero appreciation or use for our Constitution and Bill of Rights and who are rabid purveyors of mob rule (the Mob Squad also composes the majority of the “woke” agenda, the “green” energy/climate change agenda and the forced vaccination agenda)—descended on Nashville like a plague of locusts. They hassled, harangued and hammered the GOP legislators for the entire session. They behaved like bullies. But that is the way every Mob Squad behaves. 

    One of the highlights of Mob Squad stupidity and duplicity was when one of the Squad members was interviewed by a reporter and she screamed, “They are trampling our First Amendment rights.” This was after a committee chairman was forced to clear the chamber because of the rude, unruly and obnoxious behavior of the Squad.

    When I read the report, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Here is a would-be tyrant doing her best to deny Tennessee citizens of their Second Amendment rights, screaming about how her First Amendment rights were denied. But I doubt that the poor useful idiot ever made the connection.

    But it would get worse still: The mainstream media—local, State and national—used their respective bully pulpits to pressure, coerce and intimidate the Republican legislature into submission. The media treated the event like a pack of bloodthirsty wolves feasting on helpless prey.


    In the end, not only did the Tennessee legislature refuse to enact Bill Lee’s Marxist Red Flag gun confiscation bill but they did not pass a single gun control bill of any kind.

    Pro-Second Amendment freedomists around the country should send the Republican legislators in Tennessee a hearty Thank You.

    Here is how one biased mainstream report recorded the event:

    Tuesday’s tense standoff marked the latest turn in a session Republican Gov. Bill Lee initially organized in response to a shooter opening fire at The Covenant School in Nashville, killing three young children and three adults. Lee had hoped to convince fellow Republicans to pass legislation to limit dangerous people from accessing guns [Red Flag laws], but the proposal never gained enough support. Some Republicans said they didn’t think a session was even needed and tried to adjourn from the outset last Monday.

    While we can take great encouragement from the courageous Liberty convictions of the Tennessee State legislature, it is with great angst that we see how our Marxist would-be tyrant and liberty-hating president has signed an Executive Order that took a huge bite out of our Second and Fourth Amendment liberties.

    Here is the report:

    The Biden administration Thursday announced a new proposed rule to clarify the definition of being “engaged in the business” of dealing in firearms.

    The Justice Department’s rule would clarify who is engaged and thus is required to be a licensed firearms dealer and run background checks. It outlines what criteria people would have to meet, such as offering for sale any number of firearms and repetitively offering for sale multiple firearms of the same mark or model, or firearms that are in their original packaging

    But, if someone is offering a firearm for sale to make money . . . “they would presumptively need a license — and need to run background checks,” according to the new rule.

    The rule also would clarify that an individual would be presumed to have the intent to “predominantly earn a profit” — meaning they are engaging in the business of dealing firearms — if they are creating a website or making business cards to advertise, maintaining records to document and track profits and losses, or purchasing business insurance or renting space at a gun show.

    Those provisions are an effort to close the “gun show loophole” and “internet loophole” in the federal law, clarifying that dealers who engage in selling guns are required to obtain a license and run background checks even if it is at a gun show or online.

    The goal of that order was to move the U.S. as close to a system of universal background checks for all gun sales as possible without requiring legislation from Congress. [Emphases added]

    Notice carefully what this EO does:

    1. It makes it a crime to sell a personal firearm for more money than one paid for the gun.

    Firearms are as much an investment as are other commodities, such as precious metals, real estate, artwork, etc. Their value appreciates over time. In a word, this is government theft. It is the same as telling people that they cannot sell their home or personal property of any kind for more money than they paid for it.

    2. It makes it a crime for an individual to sell personal firearms “in their original packaging.”

    This has to be one of the most absurd “orders” ever concocted in the warped minds of the imbeciles inside the Beltway—I mean, in the entire history of the United States. 

    Most medium to large handguns come with hard protective cases, so that the firearm may be stored or transported more safely. Many of these cases also have a lock feature for extra security. These cases are professionally designed and built specifically for that unique firearm by the manufacturers. But under this ignominious EO, the purchaser of a used firearm must be denied the benefit of a safer and more secure way of carrying or storing his firearm, because the seller would be a criminal if he provided these protective cases to the buyer. 

    This is so insane that only someone as mentally challenged as Joe Biden could even think it up.

    3. With the stroke of a pen, Joe Biden made it a crime for an American citizen to sell his own personal property—a firearm—at a gun show.

    At any typical gun show there are many personal items being sold besides firearms, including things such as books and other reading material, jewelry of all kinds, children’s toys, all kinds of survival gear, knives, flashlights, bumper stickers, t-shirts, hats, all kinds of food items, ad infinitum.

    What’s next? Will another would-be tyrant president prohibit the sale of other types of personal property at gun shows? And what about car shows or trade shows or jewelry shows or tractor shows or boat shows or garage sales or flea markets?

    But what Biden is really doing (and he knows it) is attempting to destroy gun shows altogether.

    When gun shows first began, gun dealers could not even participate. The whole purpose of gun shows initially was to give individuals an opportunity to buy, sell or trade their personally owned firearms. It was a prime example of the free enterprise system at work.

    Today, only firearm novices go to gun shows expecting to purchase a gun from a gun dealer—unless they have been looking for a particular new firearm and could not find one in the local retail outlets. Then, they might look around at all the dealer tables to try and find that one particular gun. But most “gun people” know that one rarely finds a bargain from a dealer at a gun show. 

    Most “gun people” go to a gun show specifically to see what private individuals are wanting to trade or sell. Making it illegal for an individual to participate in gun shows will have a very chilling effect upon gun shows universally. Not having the opportunity to browse and trade with private individuals, a sizable percentage of people who visit gun shows will abandon them altogether. There will be little reason not to. 

    And THAT is what Biden wants. 

    The ripple effect of Biden’s constitutional treason will be significant, as all the people who use the venue of a gun show to sell a variety of goods other than firearms will be denied much income. Some will even go out of business. Many people rely on gun shows to sell a variety of products, as alluded to above.

    Joe Biden has just shuttered more businesses and made it harder for people to earn a living—as well as made criminals out of honest, hard-working Americans. Virtually everything Biden does ruins someone’s business or life.

    The timing of Joe Biden’s tyrannical Executive Order banning individuals from trading at gun shows to the rejection of Bill Lee’s tyrannical gun confiscation bill by the Tennessee State legislature is not a coincidence. Biden was angry at what happened in Tennessee, so he decided to launch his own anti-Second Amendment attack. 

    This EO must be challenged in court! 

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    P.P.S. In this column a couple of weeks ago, I lauded GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy for his stated positions on the seven issues I believe are most critical for the election of anyone seeking political office. In that column, I only examined his positions on the issues; I did not examine his past history. And, as I said in that column:

    Obviously, it is still very early, and we have much yet to learn.

    Well, here is a report that examines Ramaswamy’s past record that you should read before getting too excited about this man. Robert Bridge wrote the report, which is titled Can American voters trust rising Republican star Vivek Ramaswamy? 

    And while I’m on the subject, for all of Ron DeSantis’ good qualities, I have previously reported on his disquieting Zionist loyalties, but I didn’t realize just how entrenched DeSantis is to the Zionist machine.

    Writing for, Alexander Rubenstein writes this report entitled How Ron DeSantis puts Israel first and assaults the speech rights of American citizens

    It needs to be read.

    © Chuck Baldwin

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