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    Who In Their Right Mind Would Want Their Children To Join Joe Biden’s Transgender Army?

    Published: Thursday, July 27, 2023

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    The “woke” agenda is in full implementation in America’s armed forces. Is it any wonder that not a single branch of service comes close to achieving their annual recruitment goals? Who in their right mind would want their children to join Joe Biden’s transgender Army?

    Imagine you have a bright, beautiful eighteen-year-old patriotic daughter who desires to join the U.S. Army. Remember, she’s eighteen years old. Her enlistment into the Army is probably her first extended trip away from home.

    You and your wife have taught her to be moral, clean and honest. You taught your family to love God and love your country. Your daughter is the apple of your eye. You cried when she got on the bus for basic training.

    You and your wife felt that the Army would give her the kind of discipline, training and education that would benefit her for the rest of her life. You put a bumper sticker on your car that read, “My Daughter Is A Soldier.”

    Then one day she calls you up crying and tells you about this:

    A Washington lawmaker has claimed that an 18-year-old female recruit was forced by the US military to shower with biological males who were allegedly in the process of transitioning to women.

    The young woman, who was also forced to sleep between two biological males, considered quitting over the issue and declined to speak out publicly for fear of ruining her military career, US Senator Mike Rounds (R-South Dakota) said on Monday in a Fox News interview. The lawmaker added that he was informed of the incident by the attorney general of the South Dakota National Guard.

    “She could have basically resigned or stepped away,” Rounds said. “She could have started over again. But nonetheless, it was an extremely uncomfortable position, and I think this is one of the reasons why we’re not meeting our recruitment goals now.”  

    Republican lawmakers have claimed that “woke” Pentagon policies – such as teaching critical race theory and funding sex-change surgeries for transgender troops – have discouraged many young Americans from enlisting. The US Army fell 25% of its recruiting goal last year and forecast a similar shortfall in 2023. The Navy reportedly may fall 10,000 recruits short of its quota of 38,000 enlistments.

    In the case cited by Rounds, the female recruit was forced to shower with biological men with their male genitalia exposed. “The respect that this young recruit should have received and the privacy that she should have had, she was deprived of,” the senator said.

    But this is just the tip of the iceberg. The Pentagon’s official policy is to extend special privileges to transgender service members:

    The Pentagon has extended special privileges to transgender service members including exemptions from readiness requirements and even the obligation to deploy, according to a new memo published by The Dossier on Tuesday.

    Transgender servicemembers may secure a waiver from both grooming and uniform standards in order to obtain the “real life experience” deemed necessary to continue with medical transition, according to the 34-page document. While not classified, it was not previously available to the public and represents updated guidance as of February.

    They may also obtain a waiver from physical fitness standards if experiencing negative side effects from hormone treatment, and these waivers can be renewed every six months.

    A transitioning service member can even avoid deployment entirely while taking cross-sex hormones during their transition. They are considered “non-deployable” for a minimum of 300 days during this period, or until considered “stabilized” on the hormone cocktail.

    The military pays for every medical procedure involved in transitioning gender from psychological counseling to “voice feminization surgery,” the memo explains, with full transition time expected to take from 9 to 18 months.

    All branches of the US military are currently facing some of the worst recruiting shortfalls in their history. Republican lawmakers have blamed the problem on the Pentagon’s prioritization of diversity, equity and inclusion over military readiness.

    And you can be assured that nations such as China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, etc., are reading the same news reports regarding America’s new “woke” army as we are. In fact, they read their own internal intelligence reports that provide even greater details of the Pentagon’s unfathomable “woke” policies for our troops. They read them and LAUGH.

    Joe Biden has turned our country into the laughingstock of the world. In truth, Joe Biden himself is the laughingstock of the world. Turn off FOX News and go online and watch some of the foreign television news anchors and listen to their perspective of the U.S. “president.” They literally use Biden as the court jester of international affairs.

    To be sure, America has had quite a few embarrassments, courtesy of several congressmen, cabinet members and presidents—including Bill Clinton, G.W. Bush and Donald Trump. But no one has brought the kind of embarrassment to America like Joe Biden—NO ONE.

    Plus, the evidence is becoming overwhelming that Joe Biden and his son are guilty of international bribery and treason. If the Republican House of Representatives does not impeach Biden—and I mean soon—then they, too, will be a national embarrassment.

    And getting back to Donald Trump (you knew I would), read this report:

    Trump Praises ‘Smart, Brilliant, Everything Perfect’ Xi Jinping: ‘Runs 1.4 Billion People With an Iron Fist’

    Former President Donald Trump praised Chinese President Xi Jinping — again — during his town hall with Fox News host Sean Hannity on Tuesday, calling the Chinese leader a “brilliant guy” who “runs 1.4 billion people with an iron fist.”

    “Think of President Xi. Central casting, brilliant guy. You know, when I say he’s brilliant, everyone says, ‘Oh that’s terrible,'” said Trump during the event. “Well, he runs 1.4 billion people with an iron fist. Smart, brilliant, everything perfect.”

    Trump has also previously made comments about President Xi ruling with “an iron fist,” and in 2018 he praised the Chinese leader for becoming “president for life.”

    “He’s now president for life,” Trump said. “President for life. And he’s great. And look, he was able to do that. I think it’s great. Maybe we’ll give that a shot someday.”

    Trump praises as “smart,” “brilliant” and “perfect” a bloodthirsty communist tyrant and dictator who does indeed “run 1.4 billion people with an iron fist.” That’s an iron fist of torture, kidnapping, rape, murder and omnipresent domestic spying and denial of basic human rights.

    And of this communist tyrant Trump says, “We love each other.”

    Trump should talk to the family members in China who have the national military police come to their house in the middle of the night to take away a father, husband or brother, never to be seen again. He should go to the gulags and torture chambers of Xi’s China and talk to the political prisoners and Christians who are there because they dared to criticize the communist government or dared to participate in a Christian worship service.

    I’ve said from the beginning that Donald Trump is not only the personification of arrogance and self-worship, but he also has a strong tyrannical inner nature that is doubtless the biggest motivation for his foray into politics. As much as any would-be tyrant, Trump craves power. His gratuitous gushing over China’s bloody dictator is just more evidence that this is true.

    Trump loves Xi, and he didn’t even have to be bribed to do it.

    How conservative Republicans continue to embrace this power-mad, communist-loving egomaniac, I will never understand.

    No wonder no branch of the U.S. military is reaching their enlistment goals. What father or mother in their right mind would want their children to join Joe Biden’s transgender Army?

    © Chuck Baldwin

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