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    Two Items Of Importance Unique To This Column

    Published: Thursday, June 15, 2023

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    Anyone who has followed my work for any length of time would doubtless agree that virtually everything about what I do is unique. Over the decades, my work has included being trained in Bible colleges that immersed my mind in Christian Zionist/Romans 13 statism, being a radio talk show host, a Moral Majority State Chairman, a traditional corporate pastor that had bought into the whole gambit of Scofieldism, pre-tribulation dispensationalism, a presidential candidate and the writer of this column.

    My readers also know that I’ve gone through a very lengthy but thorough illumination of all things Israel, all things eschatological, all things covenantal, all things governmental, all things ecclesiastical and all things Corpus Juris.

    Watch almost any of my online messages and one will quickly learn that I’m preaching Biblical truths that for the most part have not been taught in the vast majority of evangelical pulpits in decades—and in some cases, in over a century.

    And in the process of all of the above, I left the safety and comfort of 35 years of ideology and methodology, which resulted in the loss of position, friends and financial security. “They” told me that I had “gone off the reservation.”

    For the record, I’ve never felt freer. And I could NEVER go back. There is not another pastor in the world that has more liberty in his work than I do. It is absolutely the freshest of fresh air. And as to who and what I am today, I will let a lifetime of work speak for itself.

    I say all of that as a preface to what I’m about to say, knowing that many will criticize what I say and castigate the motives that would make me say it. Then again, these are mostly the same ones that don’t like much of what I stand for anyway.

    Here in the area where I live and work, the mainstream establishment religious, political and media organizations love to try and marginalize us, hoping that that will cause people to dismiss anything we say as extreme or radical.

    Each year, the local establishment newspaper runs a Best Of poll. And each year, one of two large pro-Zionist, pro-lockdowns, statist 501c3 government corporations called “churches” wins the poll. Amazingly, yours truly has finished 2nd the last 3 years in a row. That in and of itself is miraculous.

    Today I am asking you to help us send a message to the religious and political establishments of this State and send a shockwave to the leftist media who think they control public opinion by helping me win this poll in 2023.

    And the people who say that I am motivated by the desire of popularity or notoriety know NOTHING about me. The message of truth that I preach runs off more people than most churches take in. If I wanted to be popular, I would not have chosen the road “less traveled by.” That’s for sure!

    Winning this poll would send a crystal clear message to the uppity ups in religion and politics that there are still masses of people in this country who believe and appreciate Truth and who are NOT gullibly being propagandized with the anti-freedom, antichrist, anti-America “woke” agenda and who are not ashamed to say so.

    That’s what you are saying when you cast your online vote for me in the Best Of poll being conducted right now.

    To vote for me in this online poll, click this link.

    And the way the poll is set up, every email address is a voter, so please pass the word to anyone you know who would like to have a voice in this election.

    Thank you very much!

    And the next thing is: This is the Second Notice that we are shipping THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS right now.

    This is the giant compilation of America’s greatest historical documents in ONE VOLUME. This book is available nowhere else, and our supply will only last for a couple of weeks, so I encourage you to order now.

    To learn more about or to order THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS, click here.

    And I want to thank those of you who not only read this column but support my work with your prayers and financial donations. THANK YOU!

    One more time, here is the link to vote for me in the online Best Of poll going on now. 

    Voting ends at 11:59pm (Mountain Time) June 28.

    © Chuck Baldwin  

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