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    Arm Yourself!

    Published: Thursday, May 11, 2023

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    The rate and scope of public shootings around the country are being used by would-be totalitarians as justification to disarm the American people. For example, Republican Tennessee Governor Bill Lee has scheduled his special session for the Tennessee legislature to convene to take up his proposed Red Flag gun confiscation bill on August 21.

    See my previous columns explaining Lee’s proposed gun confiscation law here and here.

    And the states of Washington and Illinois have already enacted “Assault Weapons” (they are no such thing; they are simply semi-automatic rifles) bans.

    After it was reinstated by the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, the State of Illinois is now threatening to “go after” the AR-15-style rifles (and their owners) that were purchased during the week that a federal judge had placed a temporary injunction against the State’s semi-automatic rifle ban.

    So, don’t let anyone tell you that the goal of the communist gun grabbers is not to “go after” guns. The State of Illinois is already publicly threatening to do just that, which only serves to confirm that the purpose of the Second Amendment was always about the American citizenry protecting itself against the tyrannical usurpations of Liberty by their own government.

    Accessibility of firearms is NOT the cause of mass shootings—and the gun grabbers know it. For decades and decades, firearms were much more accessible to the American people than they are now, and mass shootings were virtually unheard of.

    I’m old enough to remember when one could order any firearm they wanted from a Sears and Roebuck, JCPenny or Montgomery Ward catalog without filling out any paperwork, and the gun would be delivered to your front door. Today, the federal and State regulations to which one must submit in order to purchase a firearm are multitudinous.

    In other words, during the time when guns could literally be freely purchased, there were almost NO mass shootings. But now, when gun laws restricting the purchase of firearms are almost too numerous to count, mass shootings are commonplace. Yet, the only solution politicians can come up with is to make firearms even more inaccessible.

    The logic of gun grabbers just doesn’t add up. America doesn’t have a gun problem; America has a heart problem.

    For several generations now, young people have been indoctrinated in anti-God, amoral, anti-America public educational systems. They have been subjected to ubiquitous gratuitous violence in movies, television and video games. They have watched their government invade almost every country on earth. They have watched politicians at every level glorify and extol wars of aggression all over the world. They have been raised largely by parents who refused to discipline them, make them work or even behave. Everywhere they go, young people have been told that everyone owes them everything. And now they are being taught that they are not even supposed to know if they are a boy or a girl. 

    America has produced the most mixed-up, spoiled, self-absorbed, entitled, lazy, arrogant, undisciplined generation of people that the world has ever seen. And you’re surprised when these people whose minds have been warped and twisted almost from birth grow up with no moral compass or conscience and commit acts of criminality? Are you kidding?

    Folks, face reality! America is under divine judgment. God has given this nation over to itself. Almost every major institution—public and private—has given God the middle finger and told Him that He is not welcome. Even churches have lost the will to resist evil. Not only do many churches not resist evil, they openly embrace it.

    God walked out of most churches three years ago when He saw them happily and enthusiastically turn their backs on fundamental Biblical truth and basic Christian liberty, as they cast their crowns before an antichrist Covid prison state.

    At this point, please allow me the opportunity to ask you to watch my message from last Sunday entitled America’s Churches: Forfeiting God’s Law Of Self-Preservation And Volunteering For Slavery.

    It is no hyperbole to say that the vast majority of evangelical churches are leading the way for America’s enslavement. With very few exceptions, the patriot pulpits that gave birth to the greatest free country to ever exist—a country founded on God’s Natural Laws of Liberty—have disappeared.

    The average evangelical pastor has no understanding of freedom, no appreciation of freedom and no desire to lift a finger to help preserve freedom. In fact, many of them are telling their congregations that they must submit to tyranny in obedience to Romans 13.

    Their treason against all things God and Country is massive

    The main difference between Colonial America and modern America is that Colonial America had John Witherspoon, James Caldwell and Jonas Clark and modern America has Joel Osteen, Kenneth Copeland and Jesse Duplantis.

    I’ve traveled a circuitous route to get to the point of this column, but the point is: America is more and more a godless country that is becoming an increasingly dangerous place to live.

    How is it that every time an act of mass violence takes place everyone at the scene is shocked that it happened? But not only are they shocked in disbelief that it happened, they are totally unprepared to deal with it.

    Come on, folks!

    The only way to stop the momentum of these wackos who have the evil intention to kill a bunch of innocent people is to be prepared to FIGHT BACK. That means not only buying a gun and knowing how to use a gun; it means carrying the gun with you everywhere you go.

    And, yes, I realize that if you live in a State that does not allow you to carry a firearm, you are faced with the painful choice of either living an unarmed and helpless existence or risking a heavy fine or imprisonment (or both) by breaking the law in order to arm and defend yourself.

    But I am personally bewildered at why people remain in a State that cares so little about the lives of its citizens that it will not allow its citizens to defend themselves.

    I realize that there are elderly people who are physically and/or financially unable to relocate. My heart goes out to those folks. It really does, because the people who need a gun for self-protection the most are the weak, the elderly and women of all ages. Beasts of prey feast on those who are the most vulnerable. I cannot imagine an elderly person or a lady not being armed today.

    And please understand that crowded places are prime targets for violence-prone sickos. Busy supermarkets and stores, malls, theaters, schools, concerts, sporting events, churches, restaurants, etc. Anywhere large crowds of people gather multiplies the chances of there being violent predators present.

    I personally will not live in a place where I am not legally allowed to carry arms for my own protection. And at my age and station in life, I will not even visit a place where I cannot legally be armed.

    My philosophy is pretty simple: If a pastor doesn’t defend my God-given right of self-preservation, I would find a pastor who does. And if a State or city doesn’t defend my God-given right of self-preservation, I would find a State and city that does.

    For your own self-preservation, arm yourself! 

    © Chuck Baldwin

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