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    Talmudics Are Out Front Promoting The Abortion Agenda—Again!

    Published: Thursday, February 23, 2023

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    As I have stated before, and as many others have shown, Tel Aviv, Israel, is the world capital in regards to the glorification and promotion of abortion, homosexuality and all things hedonistic. That evangelical Christians continue to regard the Zionist State of Israel as “The Holy Land” and Talmudic Jews as “God’s Chosen People” is a testament to the depths of ignorance and apostasy to which evangelical pastors and churches have fallen.

    The Zionist State of Israel began as a bloodthirsty, murderous regime intent on ethnic cleansing and genocide against the Palestinian people—many of whom were Christians. I strongly urge readers to purchase Ilan Pappe’s blockbuster book The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine

    And the Zionist state continues to be that same bloodthirsty, murderous regime to this very day.

    The State of Israel loves to play the role of victim on the world stage, but the truth is, since World War II, Israel has been one of the most murderous aggressor/terror states in the world. Had any other nation on earth committed the atrocities you will find documented in Pappe’s book, the entire world—especially the United States—would hold it up to global condemnation. But you have likely read or heard absolutely nothing about it. The truth of Israel's bloody conquest of Palestine has even been hidden from the people of Israel themselves.

    Evangelical Christians who are enamored with the modern State of Israel, believing it to be a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy, need to take a close, hard look at the brutal history of the Zionist state. Reading Pappe’s book is the best place to begin.

    A couple of recent news items reminded me of the murderous propensities of the disciples of Talmudic Judaism—the modern proselytes of the Pharisees.

    News Item One: Montana Jewish rabbi and State legislator introduces bill protecting the killing of unborn babies under the rubric of “religious rights.”

    In Montana, a state lawmaker who is an ordained Jewish rabbi argues religious freedom laws that protect health care workers’ religious beliefs should also protect abortion rights for those who belong to religions that support such rights.

    “It seems that both sides should be permitted to have equal protections for their religious conscience,” said Rep. Ed Stafman, a Democrat.

    Stafman’s bill does not say how the state would determine if religious protection should be granted.

    Republicans on the committee questioned how far the proposed law could go in protecting actions claimed as religious beliefs, including whether it should protect infanticide or the killing of people who violate religious tenets.


    In fact, under Talmudism’s Noahide Laws, Christians could be put to death for worshiping Jesus, as Talmudics regard the Lord Jesus Christ as a blasphemous deceiver and those who worship Him as idolaters—a capital offense under Jewish Noahide Laws.

    And the radical pro-abortion agenda of Judaics is well-documented in Michael Hoffman’s enlightening book Judaism’s Strange Gods. 

    News Item Two: Jewish women in Kentucky cite their Jewish faith in contesting the State’s abortion ban.

    Kentucky’s sweeping abortion ban was challenged Thursday by three Jewish women who brought a lawsuit arguing that it violates their religious rights under the state’s constitution.

    The legal challenge, filed in state court in Louisville, says the state’s Republican-dominated legislature “imposed sectarian theology” by prohibiting nearly all abortions. The lawsuit bears similarities to legal challenges to abortion bans in at least two other states.

    “Plaintiffs’ religious beliefs have been infringed: they are Jewish and Jewish law (“halakha”) asked and answered the question of fetal personhood thousands of years ago and rabbis, commentators and Jewish legal scholars have repeatedly confirmed these answers in the intervening millenia,” the Kentucky lawsuit reads. “While a fetus is deserving of some level of respect under halakha, the birth giver takes precedence. Jews have never believed that life begins at conception.”

    “Under Jewish law, a fetus does not become a human being or child until birth,” it said.


    Here is another similar news report citing protests by Jewish organizations around the country against the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v Wade, including the American Jewish Committee and a Jewish congregation in Boynton Beach, Florida, called L'Dor Va-Dor.

    Today’s Christians need to understand that Talmudic Judaism—the Judaism of modern Israel, modern rabbis and modern Jewry—is NOT the religion of the Old Testament; it is the religion of the Pharisees, the murderous men who hated and persecuted Jesus and who eventually orchestrated His torture and crucifixion.

    The rabbis are wrong! God’s Word is clear that life begins at conception.

    In the Hebrew Book of Ruth, Chapter Four and Verse Thirteen, God’s Word says: “So Boaz took Ruth, and she was his wife: and when he went in unto her, the LORD gave her conception, and she bare a son.”

    Ruth bare the “son” (a person) that the LORD had blessed her and her husband with by giving her conception of that son. Conception is a blessing and gift from the LORD. In other words, it is the LORD and the LORD alone that giveth life in the form of conception. 

    As Thomas Jefferson said, “The God who gave us life gave us liberty.”

    In the Hebrew Book of Hosea, Chapter Nine and Verse Eleven, it says: “As for Ephraim, their glory shall fly away like a bird, from the birth, and from the womb, and from the conception.”

    Notice that in this verse the Holy Spirit shows the life cycle beginning at conception and continuing in the womb and in birth. God’s Word declares that there is NO interruption of the life cycle from conception to birth.

    And regarding the birth of Jesus as recorded in the Gospel of Luke (which Talmudic Judaizers reject, along with the entire New Testament), the Greek word for the unborn “babe” of John the Baptist in the womb of Elizabeth (brephos) is the same Greek word for the born “babe” of Jesus lying in Bethlehem’s manger (brephos).

    In both Testaments, God declares that there is no distinction between the unborn child conceived by divine blessing and the child born of its mother as a result of that conception (blessing): They are one and the same a living human being.

    The proselytes of the Pharisees in modern Talmudic Judaism are promoters of the Old Covenant “ministration of death” (II Corinthians 3:7), which is why we see them constantly championing the deaths of innocent unborn babies and violently taking the lives of innocent Palestinians—of all ages.

    Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy under President Ronald Reagan, fully understands Talmudic death culture. In his latest missive, Roberts writes, 

    The crazed Jewish warmonger, Victoria Nuland, who Biden stupidly appointed and the Senate confirmed Undersecretary of State, announced that Washington considers Russian installations in Crimea “legitimate targets” and the US government supports Ukrainian attacks on Russian territory.  

    Therefore, it comes as no surprise that a Talmudic Jewish rabbi in Montana, Talmudic women in Kentucky, Talmudic congregations in Florida and Talmudic organizations around the country, including the American Jewish Committee, are out front promoting legal abortion again and again—and again.   

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    © Chuck Baldwin

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