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    My Challenge To Rep. Matt Regier, Montana Speaker Of The House, By Pastor Chuck Baldwin

    Published: Tuesday, February 7, 2023

    Matt Regier has been a faithful pro-life conservative legislator here in Montana for several years. Liberty Fellowship has enthusiastically supported and campaigned for Matt in each election in which he ran.

    Now Matt is Speaker of the House in Montana and is suddenly showing cold feet in supporting a Personhood Amendment--and is even stonewalling the bill. Montanans elected a Republican supermajority in the legislature and a Republican governor. This is the BEST opportunity to pass Personhood that this State has ever had--and Matt Regier is stonewalling.

    I am asking everyone who watches this brief 11-minute video to share it with everyone you can and encourage them to contact Matt and ask him to please show some courageous leadership, stop stonewalling and throw his support behind this bill.

    Should Montana pass Personhood this session, it would be a prototype for red states all over the country to pass Personhood Amendments.

    Matt Regier's phone number: 406-253-3293.

    And please share this video.



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