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    Just Who Are The Biggest Hypocrites In The World?

    Published: Thursday, January 26, 2023

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    Just who are the biggest hypocrites in the world? The following are my nominees:

    Progressive Liberal Democrats

    These people seem to have a penchant for utter insanity. Call it “horse sense” or “common sense,” but whatever you call it, these folks have a natural immunity against it.

    Their love of Big Government makes them idolaters. Their zealotry for all things unconstitutional, un-American, anti-God and anti-Natural Law makes them, well, seriously misguided.

    They demand open borders and proclaim their cities “sanctuary cities,” but when the illegals begin showing up at their doorsteps, they are the loudest to scream about how unfair it is that they should have to actually follow through with their very own policies demanding illegal aliens be provided with virtually every welfare program on the books—in THEIR communities. They even have the audacity to put them on buses—just like Red State governors—and send them somewhere else.

    Folks, that is classic A-Number-One hypocrisy!

    Then they do everything they can to disarm the American citizenry and trash the Second Amendment to our Constitution all the while living and working behind some of the most heavily armed security guards on the planet—and if somehow they don’t have that luxury, they are packing heat in their own homes. 

    Boy, you’ve got to hand it to them. They seem to have adopted Hypocrisy as a Family Tree.

    Neocon Republicans 

    This is the largest group of Republicans, by the way.

    Boy, they know how to talk; but like most little children, they just haven’t learned how to walk.

    Take the GOP verbiage about fiscal responsibility and sound money practices: It’s just HOT AIR. They don’t mean a word they say. I think hypocrisy is an apt description here.

    The debt ceiling debate is a relevant case in point.

    It seems like just yesterday that the debt-ceiling circus returned to Washington. Actually, it was October 2021, a little over two years ago. That circus was just like all the ones that preceded it. The mainstream press and other acolytes of the welfare-warfare state issued all sorts of dire predictions if the debt ceiling wasn’t raised. As soon as the debt-ceiling was raised, no one advocated cutting government spending to prepare for the next time that the debt ceiling was reached. Everyone knew that as soon as the new debt ceiling was reached, they could do the same thing again.

    In other words, for the past two years, it has been business as usual — federal government expenditures exceeding tax revenues by around $1 trillion per year. And everyone knew that within a couple of years, the debt ceiling would be reached again. 

    But perhaps the most noteworthy thing to notice about the debt-ceiling circus is Republicans. Whenever there is a Republican president, Republicans stay silent about or, even worse, supportive of out-of-control spending and debt. President Trump, for example, added around $8 trillion to the national debt. You could call him the King of Debt. The Republican members of Congress were as quiet as church mice or, even worse, wildly supportive of their big-spender and big-debt leader. 

    Now that the debt ceiling has been reached under Democrat president Joe Biden, the Republicans have suddenly discovered their inner secret self of fiscal responsibility. They are demanding that Biden agree to undefined reductions in federal spending as a condition for agreeing to lift the debt ceiling. For his part, Biden says he’s not budging. He’s determined to continue the out-of-control federal spending and debt spree, no matter what.

    Let me tell you how this ends. The Republicans will cave. Republicans always cave. This time will be no different. Oh, sure, they might finally get Biden and the Democrats to agree to some minor reduction in spending  — no doubt spread over the next 10 years, but for all practical purposes it will do nothing to prevent the federal government from continuing to hurl America into national bankruptcy. 

    When it comes to spending and debt, Republicans are right up there with Democrats, especially considering their unwavering devotion and subserviency to the national-security establishment — i.e., the Pentagon, the CIA, and the NSA.

    How long have we heard Republicans calling for a “balanced-budget amendment”? Decades! But it’s all been idle, hypocritical chatter.


    Then there is the issue of abortion. Republicans love to call themselves “pro-life.” But it’s just a clich√©; nothing more. Oh, they don’t mind passing timid “pro-life” bills, but when it comes to the real nuts and bolts issue, Personhood, they do everything they can to avoid it—and will often oppose it—behind closed doors, of course.

    Now that SCOTUS has courageously overturned Roe v Wade, Red states across America should be making Personhood amendments to their constitutions Priority Number One. That has been the central issue in this debate all along.

    A Personhood amendment is in complete harmony with American Liberty as expressed by Thomas Jefferson in our Declaration of Independence, where he stated:

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men. [Emphasis added.]

    A baby’s conception in the womb is the endowment of our Creator with the unalienable right of life. If Republicans were truly pro-life, they would be fighting tooth and nail for the legal protection for all unborn life via a Personhood amendment that recognizes and protects life in the womb.

    But, no! Republicans nationwide are all but totally ignoring (or opposing) the Personhood issue. And that goes for the so-called pro-life nonprofits like National Right to Life and James Dobson’s “family” groups—including the Montana Family Foundation and its controlled opposition leader Jeff Laszloffy.

    Therefore, along with the liberal progressive Democrats, these neocon Republicans well deserve the nomination for the biggest hypocrites in the world.

    Evangelical Christian Zionists 

    If the first two groups qualify as hypocrites, this group defines the word.

    As Doc Holliday said in the movie Tombstone, “It appears my hypocrisy knows no bounds,” so, too, the hypocrisy of evangelical Christian Zionists knows no bounds.

    In my message last Sunday, I said:

    I submit that the Christians who are so quick to condemn Russia for its war in Ukraine but sit back in utter silence and indifference to the Israeli war on the Palestinians are among the greatest of hypocrites!

    This report illustrates what I’m saying:

    The son of Palestinian refugees from Gaza, now in Toronto, Sabawi’s invite to the exclusive organisation, where membership is reserved for “exceptional people”, had come off the back of his founding of TABO, an initiative dedicated to expanding property rights in Palestine, and his Toronto-based company with offices in Gaza, Open Screenplay, which aims to help diverse screenwriters start their careers.

    That recognition was a big deal; YGL’s ties to the WEF meant access to some of the world’s biggest names and invitations to the WEF’s annual summit which is being held this week in Davos, Switzerland.

    However, in September of last year, Al Sabawi was suspended indefinitely from the YGL community.

    Al Sabawi believes the suspension was retribution for a letter he and other YGL members had sent to Schwab, accusing the WEF of being silent on Israel’s actions in the occupied Palestinian territory at the same time that it was expressing solidarity with Ukraine after Russia’s invasion of the country.

    “While we profoundly support your public statement in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, we cannot help but also feel immensely hurt that the WEF is selective when it comes to morality and solidarity based on nationality,” the letter, sent in March, said.

    According to emails shown to Al Jazeera by Al Sabawi, Schwab responded angrily, saying Ukraine was a “special case” and that the content of the letter was “deeply insulting” and “offensive”. He threatened to dissolve the YGL.

    The dispute between Schwab and the YGL members had begun earlier, in the summer of 2021, during Israel’s war on Gaza. At least 260 Palestinians were killed in that assault, including more than 60 children.

    At the time, Al Sabawi and a number of other YGL members wrote an initial letter to WEF and Schwab, in which they called on the organisation to denounce Israel for its actions in Gaza.

    “As members of the Young Global Leaders (YGL) and Global Shapers community, we are proud to represent and further the values espoused by the World Economic Forum and answer your call for responsible leadership,” the letter said.

    “Today, we feel these values are being tested by our collective silence as a community vis-√†-vis the atrocities and violence being committed by Israel against the Palestinian people.”

    For Al Sabawi, the war in Gaza was personal. Beyond being a Palestinian from Gaza, he says, his company Open Screenplay’s office in the blockaded territory was bombed, resulting in four deaths and leaving employees traumatised.

    “Israel’s airstrikes impacted Schwab’s very own YGL members,” Al Sabawi told Al Jazeera. “We were traumatised beyond belief and outraged by the indiscriminate attacks. Myself and over a thousand YGL and WEF stakeholders believed Schwab must take a stand.”

    However, in response to their plea, Schwab wrote an article on the WEF website highlighting that the organisation needed to remain neutral.

    “Impartiality and neutrality are enshrined in our charter as an international organization. We also built it into all our governance rules, allowing people to associate with the Forum independent of their race, nationality, gender or political conviction, knowing that the purpose of the Forum is to improve the state of the world through dialogue and action-oriented collaboration,” the article said.

    Schwab backtracked on that position when, along with the WEF, he issued a statement in February 2022, condemning Russia for its invasion of Ukraine.

    “When the WEF took a clear stand against the invasion of Ukraine, that’s when we were outraged,” YGL member and fellow signatory Ramzi Jaber said.

    “We were told that WEF cannot speak out against injustice because it is a neutral body and simply cannot take a public stance – only to see a few months later that the WEF took a strong stand on the war on Ukraine and expressed solidarity with Ukraine,” YGL member Mary Nazzal said.

    “This is undoubtedly welcome and encouraged of course. But what is not welcome are double standards.”

    Evangelicals who are preaching sermons and hosting radio and television programs vehemently condemning Russia’s war in Ukraine, while at the same time remaining silent, mute and dumb in condemning Israel’s war on the Palestinians should love Klaus Schwab. That is exactly what he is doing. Schwab even gave Ukraine’s First Lady a major speaking role at the WEF meeting last week in Switzerland.

    Double standards? The WEF and evangelical Christian Zionists are filled with double standards!

    So, I repeat what I said last Sunday:

    Christians who are so quick to condemn Russia for its war in Ukraine but sit back in utter silence and indifference to the Israeli war on the Palestinians are among the greatest of hypocrites!

    So, just who are the biggest hypocrites in the world? The three finalists are listed above. Take your pick.

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    © Chuck Baldwin

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