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    Trump Skewers Conservatives—AGAIN

    Published: Thursday, January 12, 2023

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    Once again, Donald Trump proves that he is—and always was—as phony as a three dollar bill. In light of his ongoing efforts to sabotage the conservative, constitutionalist agenda, it’s almost impossible to believe that he was NOT a globalist plant from Day Number One.

    The latest piece of evidence is the way Trump rode in to save the House speakership for Big Government RINO and New World Order globalist Kevin McCarthy.

    Here is an AP report:

    Republican Kevin McCarthy was elected House speaker on a historic post-midnight 15th ballot early Saturday, overcoming holdouts from his own ranks and floor tensions that boiled over after a chaotic week that tested the new GOP majority’s ability to govern.

    Trump may have played a role in swaying some holdouts — calling into a meeting of Republican freshmen the night before, and calling other members ahead of voting. He had urged Republicans to wrap up their public dispute.

    So thank Donald Trump for saving the Globalist Golden Boy Kevin McCarthy’s bacon.

    If Trump was truly the conservative that he touts himself as being—and that many conservatives swear he is—he would have called the RINO Republicans that were supporting McCarthy and urged them to join their Freedom Caucus warriors and elect a true conservative such as Jim Jordan or Byron Donalds.

    But, no! Trump urges Freedom Caucus conservatives to elect McCarthy.

    You remaining Trump loyalists, in the name of all that is righteous, holy and good, please throw off your misguided support for this Con Man and get rid of this maniacal nuisance once and for all. Trump is toxic to everything that is decent, honest and true.

    Okay, so think about it: 20 freedomist House members (out of 222) rose up to oppose the Big Government California RINO from being House Speaker. That means 202 GOP House members were just fine with making McCarthy speaker.

    What this did was show the world just how few House Republicans are NOT bought and paid for by the Big Government Washington establishment.

    Of course, we do need to applaud the 20 courageous congressmen who were not afraid to take on McCarthy and his Big Government machine. Their Herculean efforts were not totally in vain.

    According to reports, McCarthy made several concessions to the Freedom Caucus in order to obtain their support. Here are the concessions McCarthy supposedly made:

    Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) was forced to give in to a series of demands from detractors to win the support necessary to win the Speaker’s gavel after a historic week of failed ballots.

    One change in particular — which empowers a single lawmaker to launch the process of ousting the Speaker — is giving heartburn to lawmakers in both parties, who fear a hard-line group of conservatives will use it repeatedly to browbeat McCarthy into keeping crucial must-pass bills off the floor.

    The right of a single lawmaker to launch the process of ousting the Speaker is the way it had always been since America was founded until Nancy Pelosi bullied her way into negating that policy and thus entrenching herself as a de facto dictator over the House. So, the Republican House members who sided with McCarthy and against the Freedom Caucus were, in essence, supporting Nancy Pelosi’s Big Government power grab. Don’t ever forget that.

    Some of McCarthy’s conservative critics have also demanded that any move to raise the nation’s debt ceiling — which allows the government to borrow money to pay its obligations — must be accompanied by cuts in the nation’s entitlement programs. And a provision of the new House rules package requires a separate vote on hiking the debt limit. 

    Aww. So sad. Big Government tyrants in Congress won’t be able to print unlimited amounts of money out of thin air on the sole authority and surreptitious procedures of the Speaker, thus giving the power of the purse to individual House members and NOT to the establishment’s anointed leadership, which is the way it is supposed to work.

    “It’s safe to say that we believe there ought to be specific, concrete limits on spending attached to a debt ceiling increase,” Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) told reporters in the Capitol on Thursday.

    “There will be no clean debt ceiling increase, that’s for sure,” echoed Rep. Scott Perry (R-Pa.), another McCarthy opponent who was brought around to support him by the new concessions. 

    That demand has prompted howls from Democrats, who want to protect the nation’s safety net programs and fear the heightened risk of a federal default if McCarthy yields to the conservatives’ wishes. 

    “If they do the debt ceiling, we’re screwed,” a Democratic lawmaker said Friday.

    I’m as sad as I can be!

    Another major concern for centrist Republicans throughout the week’s marathon negotiations was the conservatives’ push to win more subcommittee gavels for themselves — an idea that infuriated those already in line for those seats.

    How terrible! All those years of sucking up to Big Government House leaders might go for naught, and real constitutionalists might be able to actually have a say in what goes on in the House of Representatives? I feel so bad for these boot-licking, butt-kissing, narcissistic nincompoops. Don’t you?

    The other changes adopted by Republicans as they open the 118th Congress are less controversial. They include a guaranteed floor vote to establish term limits for all House lawmakers; an open amendment process, providing rank-and-file lawmakers with more power to alter legislation; adoption of the so-called Holman rule, which grants Congress new powers over federal agencies; and a 72-hour rule, which requires a full three days to allow lawmakers to read bills before they hit the floor. 

    Egad! You mean House members might actually be able to read a bill before they vote on it? Horrors!


    Of course, always remember this: All we have that these concessions will actually take place is McCarthy’s word for it. And we all know how much the word of a corrupt politician is worth.

    Conservatives are rightly rejoicing over the GOP House passing a bill to revoke the increased funding for the new GESTAPO version of the IRS approved by the 117th Congress. Of course that’s a terrific move. However, the bill has no chance of going anywhere, as Democrats still control the Senate (and that includes Mitch McConnell), and, of course, Biden would never sign it.

    McCarthy knows that.

    I suspect McCarthy will allow several good bills to pass the House that he knows have no chance of becoming law in order to portray himself as a true conservative leader. He’s not. He will always be an establishment globalist neocon.

    The real test will come when money is needed to support the Big Government agendas of the War Party, such as more money for the neocon/globalist war in Ukraine (and very likely Iran), when money is being requested for Israel, when debt-ceiling bills are put forward, when omnibus bills are presented, when money is needed to enlarge the ATF, FBI, DHS and the Marxist surveillance state in this country, etc.

    Always remember that per the U.S. Constitution “All Bills for raising Revenue must originate in the House of Representatives” (Article. I. Section. 7. Clause. 1.), so even though the Democrats control the White House and the Senate, without the House Speaker’s support and the GOP-led House signing off on the paychecks, NOTHING can happen.

    Believe me, it won’t take long to see what McCarthy and the Republican House are really made of. 

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