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    Is Damar Hamlin The Latest Celebrity Victim Of The Covid Kill Shots?

    Published: Thursday, January 5, 2023

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    After a tiring weekend and getting home late Monday evening, I flopped down on my easy chair and started flipping through television channels. As faithful readers know, I stopped watching sports a couple years back and since then have not kept up with sports stats or players.

    But my channel selector hit the ESPN channel just as team doctors were trying to revive Buffalo Bills 2nd-year safety Damar Hamlin, who had collapsed on the field after making a tackle during Monday Night Football. But this was no ordinary injury. Hamlin was in full cardiac arrest, and physicians were administering CPR—for over 10 minutes. Fortunately, they succeeded in restarting his heartbeat, and an ambulance rushed him to the hospital where at this writing he is still unconscious and in critical condition.

    As I watched this tragedy unfold, I quickly realized that this was not a football injury. Football players can receive horrific injuries, such as broken bones, concussions, etc. I myself had to have knee surgery due to football injuries. But for a fit 24-year old to experience cardiac arrest is NOT a football injury. This was different, and every player and coach from both teams (they were playing the Cincinnati Bengals in Cincinnati) knew it.

    Watching the heart-wrenching scene, the first thing that jumped in my mind was: This young man had the Covid shot, which produced the cardiac arrest he had just experienced.

    Do I know that to be a fact? Of course not. But after Donald Trump unleashed this scourge on the world back in March of 2020, the NFL management pressured players to receive Fauci’s death shots to the point that nearly 95% of players and nearly 100% of personnel took the shots. And the story is no different for the rest of professional (and even collegiate) sports.

    Since the rollout of these experimental genetic modification shots, millions of people around the globe who received the shots have died sudden, premature deaths—including a plethora of athletes.

    Here is the AP account of Hamlin’s injury:

    Buffalo defensive back Damar Hamlin was in critical condition early Tuesday after the Bills say his heart stopped following a tackle during the Monday Night Football game, which was indefinitely postponed.

    Hamlin collapsed on the field during the first quarter of the nationally televised game against the Cincinnati Bengals and was given medical treatment for nearly 20 minutes before being taken to a hospital.

    “Damar Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest following a hit in our game versus the Bengals. His heartbeat was restored on the field and he was transferred to the UC Medical Center for further testing and treatment,” the Bills said in a statement. “He is currently sedated and listed in critical condition.”

    At this point, let me note that during the hour or so following Hamlin’s collapse and removal from the field, I heard sportscasters and analysts use the words “pray,” “prayers” and “praying” at least one hundred times. We saw both teams kneeling in the middle of the field—many of them holding hands—and praying to God. I, too, bowed my head and prayed for that young man.

    Suddenly and for 60 minutes, all of the leftist political correctness, wokeness and anti-God censorship vanished. That day may come to the entire nation sooner than we think, by the way.

    If Hamlin is one of the 95% who took the Covid shots, he is not the only athlete to collapse from cardiac arrest afterward. 

    According to a recent report, over 1,600 athletes have suffered cardiac arrests and over 1,100 of them have died—many of them after receiving the Covid shots:

    It is definitely not normal for so many mainly young athletes to suffer from cardiac arrests or to die while playing their sport, but this year [2022] it is happening. Many of these heart issues and deaths come shortly after they got a COVID vaccine. While it is possible this can happen to people who did not get a COVID vaccine, the sheer numbers clearly point to the only obvious cause.

    The so-called health professionals running the COVID vaccine programs around the world keep repeating that “the COVID vaccine is a normal vaccine and it is safe and effective.”

    In response to their pronouncement, here is a non-exhaustive and continuously growing list of mainly young athletes who had major medical issues in 2021/2022 after receiving one or more COVID vaccines. Initially, many of these were not reported. We know that many people were told not to tell anyone about their adverse reactions and the media was not reporting them. They started happening and ramping up after the first COVID vaccinations. The mainstream media still are not reporting most, but sports news cannot ignore the fact that soccer players and other stars collapse in the middle of a game due to a sudden cardiac arrest. Many of those die – more than 50%.

    We also note that many posts in Facebook, Instagram, twitter, forums and news stories are being removed. So now we are receiving some messages saying there is no proof of the event or of vaccination status. That is partly because this information is being hidden.

    More people are writing to tell us that in many cases, we didn’t mention a person’s vaccination status. There is a good reason for that. None of the clubs want to reveal this information. None of their sponsors want to reveal it. The players have been told not to reveal it. Most of their relatives will not mention it. None of the media are asking this question. So what should we do? Stop this now? No, we will collect as much information as we can, while it is still available, because eventually, more information will come out, and we will be here to put it together. Will it mean anything? We don’t know. What we do know is that there is a concerted world-wide effort to make this information go away, so that fact alone tells us it must be collected, investigated and saved so other researchers can look at it to see if there are any useful patterns.

    We really appreciate the athletes named in this list (or their families) who have confirmed what happened to them so the truth can be known. They care about their fellow athletes, even if the clubs, their sponsors, media, politicians and so-called health professionals do not.

    Contained in the list are many professional athletes and high level amateur athletes.

    There are many countries or states with large populations, that have almost no reports in our list. That probably means events are not being reported to us. The true death and injury numbers are likely to be very much higher than we list here.

    The report goes on to list more than 1,600 athletes who suffered cardiac arrests or blood clots—many of them after receiving the Covid shots.

    Some of the Americans listed are:

    Mike Leach (61), Mississippi State American Football head coach suffered a massive heart attack and brain damage and died in hospital. In October 2022, it was reported that “Mississippi State is mandating COVID vaccine.” 

    Max Mitchell (23), New York Jets American Football player has “blood clots” in his right leg and is out for the rest of the 2022-23 season.

    Jake Hescock (25), former University of Central Florida American Football player was running in a park in Boston, Massachusetts, USA when he suffered a cardiac arrest. He died later in hospital.

    Jed Jurchenko (44), Runner and children’s pastor, marriage & family therapist, psychology professor, writing coach, and author. The avid runner participated in marathons and triathlons and enjoyed mountain biking, hiking, and paddle boarding. He died unexpectedly in Minnesota.

    William Henke (56), former Denver Broncos and New York Giants American Football player. More recently he had TV acting roles after moving to California. “Henke shared on Instagram last year that he had a serious blockage in an artery, and then received two stents in his heart.” He died in his sleep.

    Jimmy Thomas (52), Littlefield Athletic American Football coach was suddenly taken to hospital “suffering bilateral blood clots in both lungs.” He died the next day.

    Patrick Torrey (22), St. Ambrose University Basketball player died “suddenly.”

    Alaric Jackson (24), Los Angeles Rams American Football player will miss the rest of the season due to blood clots after COVID injections.

    Ben Fike (20), Buffalo Stampede Ice Hockey player died unexpectedly.

    Tylin McDowell (16), American Football player appeared fit and healthy after a game but was later found unconscious due to blood clots restricting blood flow to his brain, indicating that he was having a stroke.

    Geronimo Warner (21), Jackson State University Basketball player died unexpectedly.

    Brady Zalar (19), Basketball player died unexpectedly at home.

    Henry Anderson (31), Carolina Panthers American Football player suffered a “minor stroke” with his arms and legs going numb and his speech slurred.

    Sam Westmoreland (18), Mississippi State University American Football player was found Dead in church.

    Doug Brignole (63) well-known bodybuilder (Mr. America and Mr. Universe) and fitness author as well as prominent supporter of the vaccine died suddenly.

    Jalen Thomas (22), Butler Bulldogs Basketball player is out indefinitely due to a blood clot in the lungs.

    Mike Hart (36), former Michigan Wolverines American Football player and now coach suffered a seizure and collapsed.

    Andrew Johnson (26), Greenville University Volleyball player died suddenly. 

    Davis Heller (22), North Greenville University Baseball player was found unresponsive at his home.

    JJ Watt (33), Arizona Cardinals American Footballer experienced atrial fibrillation, an irregular heartbeat and had his heart shocked back into rhythm in order to play in a match a few days later. [He just announced his retirement from the NFL.]

    Again, the list contains over 1,600 names.

    I have already noted the Brownstone Institute report that documents that “Those Who Died Suddenly Were Likely Killed by the Covid Vaccine.”

    I have also noted a report in which Dr. David Martin believes that over 700 million people will succumb to early deaths due to the Covid shots. And Steven Kirsh stated categorically that “We are killing nearly close to 10,000 people every single day [due to the Covid shots].”

    Dr. Pamela Geller reports that “If you take that vaccine, you’re [400%] likely to die from a fatal cardiac arrest over the next six months than if you don’t.”

    It’s very difficult to report this, but those people who foolishly submitted to the Covid shots are in danger of serious heart injury or death, which could happen at any time—even years later. And, tragically, there is nothing they can do about it.

    I repeat what I’ve said before: Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci are mass murderers. They just might be the most prolific mass murderers in all of human history. And everyone who facilitated and promoted these kill shots, including the CDC, WHO, physicians, pastors, newscasters, politicians, corporate executives and presidents Joe Biden and Donald Trump, are guilty of mass involuntary manslaughters—at the very least. 

    Damar Hamlin might be the latest celebrity victim of the Covid kill shots, but he most certainly will not be the last.

    Maybe at some point the American people will rise up and demand that Gates, Fauci and the others responsible for this global pharmaceutical genocide are held accountable. Maybe 24-year-old Damar Hamlin’s cardiac arrest on live national television will help get the ball rolling. 

    I pray for that too. 

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