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    This Is What Sheriffs Are For

    Published: Thursday, October 20, 2022

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    I have said repeatedly, and I will say it yet again: Domestically speaking, it is far more important whom we elect as governor and sheriff than whom we elect as president.

    About the only thing presidents are good for these days is making a mess out of international affairs, creating more and more enemies of the United States, starting or expanding foreign wars, intervening in the internal affairs of foreign countries, making sure the Israeli lobby and military/industrial complex are well-funded and signing executive orders to give the federal police state more power over the American citizenry.

    And it’s that last point that makes the county sheriff so vitally important.

    Forget what the liberal media tells you: The county sheriff IS the highest-ranking law enforcement officer in his county, and his authority DOES usurp the authority of federal law enforcement in his county—especially when it comes to protecting the constitutional liberties of the citizens within his county. 

    The reason we don’t have more constitutional sheriffs and governors is nothing more than old-fashioned greed. Instead of using threats, intimidation and broken knee caps as did the tyrannical kings of antiquity, the federal government in Washington, D.C., is more sophisticated: It uses the power of money in the form of bribes.

    Do what Washington wants, and receive millions in federal grant monies; don’t do what Washington wants, and receive no federal grant monies and face a disgruntled government-dependent citizenry at the polls.

    Yep! Most Americans would rather have the financial sugar sticks from government than Freedom from God. And politicians know it. In truth, many of the loudmouths who complain the most about government overreach are the first ones to live off the public dole, meaning the tax dollars of their neighbors.

    But along with the State Governor, the defense attorney and the citizen jury, the office of sheriff is the last line of defense against government tyranny. After that, it’s the cartridge box.

    A recent event in my home State of Montana illustrates very well what I am saying.

    Here is the report:

    Cascade County Sheriff Jesse Slaughter on Saturday broke up an investigation carried out in apparent coordination between federal and Canadian authorities at a Great Falls gun show, saying those agencies had not contacted his office beforehand.

    Although state law does not require federal investigators to obtain approval from local law enforcement to conduct operations, the agents left the fairgrounds "reluctantly" and without issue. Slaughter has positioned himself as a "constitutional sheriff," which theorizes [correctly] sheriffs are the ultimate authority in their county — above local, state and federal officials — raising questions in this incident about possible friction between layers of law enforcement. 

    According to a Sept. 24 report compiled by the Cascade County Sheriff's Office, Slaughter and a deputy responded to a complaint that a man at the Montana Expo Park was acting suspiciously by taking photographs of vehicles. According to the fairgrounds director, the man was driving around the property in a black SUV with Canadian license plates, but never entered the show. 

    A deputy contacted the man, who identified himself as Richard Kurina, a Canadian police officer with the Lethbridge Police Department working with a Royal Canadian Mounted Police task force. According to the sheriff's office report, Kurina said the task force was designed to catch Canadians smuggling illegal firearms into Canada and that he was with another officer, Agent Craig Howe with the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

    According to the report, Slaughter questioned Howe on why his office wasn't contacted about the investigation; Howe said he had made contact with city police. The fairgrounds however are under the county's jurisdiction. Howe added the person they were investigating was an American who did not have a federal firearms license to sell guns, according to the report. Slaughter noted this was a different reason than that provided by the Canadian police officer.

    After a discussion under the fairgrounds' grandstands, Slaughter "informed them they had to leave, to which they did."

    Slaughter said he had several concerns after learning of the investigation underway at the fairgrounds, primarily a public safety concern that if the federal or Canadian authorities were to use force in any way, they might be mistaken as a citizen assaulting another citizen. Citizens, local law enforcement or the agents involved could have been injured "if something went awry," he said.

    The sheriff also said he has constitutional questions about the legality of the investigation. 

    Bravo, Sheriff Slaughter!

    Of course, the big question is what is a Canadian police officer doing in the United States investigating American citizens?

    So, we have communist Chinese police agents operating in New York City and socialist Canadian police agents operating in Montana. And I have previously documented the fact that many police personnel in the U.S. are receiving tactical training from the Marxist Israeli military police. And I’m sure this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I make the argument that allowing foreign police and military units to participate in police actions against American citizens within the United States is high treason (recall that foreign military personnel participated in the murder of the Branch Davidians), which makes Joe Biden (and every president since G.H.W. Bush) guilty of treason.

    While Biden claims to be fighting for “democracy” in Ukraine (and Iraq and Syria and Lebanon and Iran and Yemen, ad infinitum), he is subjecting the citizens of the United States to the tyrannical machinations of foreign governments.

    And let’s not forget the sweet deals that have made millions of dollars for the Biden crime family that son Hunter has brokered with the government of Ukraine. Gee! You don’t think that that could have any bearing on Daddy Biden’s war in Ukraine, do you? Naw!

    Folks, this is what sheriffs are for.

    If a county does not have a constitutional sheriff and if a State does not have a constitutional governor, the citizens of those states and counties are left open and bare to virtually any act of oppression and criminality from within their own government—and even foreign governments.

    The people of the United States—not just the people of Montana—owe Cascade County Sheriff Jesse Slaughter a huge expression of gratitude.

    Here is the sheriff’s contact information, if you would like to send him your kudos:

    Phone: 406-454-6979


    As I said at the beginning of this column, our county sheriff and state governor are far more important to the protection of our liberties than our president.

    Sheriff Jesse Slaughter is living proof.

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