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    Elitists Are Turning America Into The Tower Of Babel

    Published: Thursday, September 1, 2022

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    It is no hyperbole to say that the elitists behind the Covid and War tyrannies are attempting to turn America into a modern-day Tower of Babel. 

    When I talk about America, I’m not talking about the great independent, Liberty-loving, God-fearing American people that cover this land; I’m talking about the vast majority of America’s governmental leaders—especially in Washington, D.C. 

    These beasts, resembling the ravenous beasts of Revelation, are drunk with wealth and power. In their hearts, their great ambition is to turn the United States into a giant feudal system where they are the owners and rulers and we are nothing but their serfs and slaves. 

    Over the past few months, I have seen a significant increase in the number of constitutionalist/freedomist writers (Christian and non-Christian) beginning to warn us of an impending collapse into a period tantamount to the Dark Ages of history. I do not know if these individuals read my columns and listen to my messages or not, but I have been issuing that same warning for several years—even before the Covid tyranny. 

    When national collapses occur, the fall is always lightning fast, i.e., Ancient Egypt, Medo-Persia, Greco-Macedonian, Assyria, Babylon, Israel and Judah, Rome (West and East), the Ottomans, the Soviet Union, etc. Doubtless, the seeds of the fall of those empires were long in the making, but when the end came, it came almost overnight. 

    The seeds of America’s collapse have been long in the making. I would put the starting gun of our demise at the presidential administration of Abraham Lincoln (1861 - 1865) and then point to President Woodrow Wilson’s (1913 - 1921) acceleration of Lincoln’s war against American constitutionalism. But the fall began in earnest following World War II with the presidential administration of Harry Truman (1945 - 1953). 

    Truman was America’s first Zionist president, and every president since—Republican and Democrat—has carried the torch for Zionist treachery. But it was G.W. Bush who introduced America to the Surveillance/Police State. And every president since Bush has only expanded this Orwellian nightmare. The latest expansion of federal police powers is Biden’s introduction of a de facto “standing army” of armed IRS agents. 

    But each president only builds on the blocks cemented in place by the administration before him. Biden’s IRS army is built on Trump’s Red Flag gun confiscation precedent. Biden’s Covid dictates were authorized under the signature and seal of Donald J. Trump. And every president from G.W. Bush and forward is guilty of mass murder and has committed international crimes against humanity. And as far as mass killings go, Trump trumps (pun intended) Biden, Obama and Bush. 

    America’s decline has been steepening ever since the dawn of the 20th century and accelerating exponentially since the dawn of the 21st century. But the Covid tyranny and subsequent war in Ukraine is likely the final one-two punch that puts America on the canvas for good. 

    We all know that if Biden should be reelected and the Democrats maintain control of the House and Senate America’s collapse is inevitable—and imminent. 

    Trump is a Trojan Horse and always has been. 

    The FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago could indeed be a political Gestapo-esque attack on Trump. If it is, Republicans have no one to blame but themselves. Everyone in the GOP knew Merrick Garland’s tyrannical character, and after stopping his appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court, 20 Republicans in the U.S. Senate voted to approve Garland’s appointment as U.S. Attorney General—a position that is far more dangerous to Liberty than one justice on the bench.

    On the other hand, since the raid, Trump’s approval numbers have skyrocketed. If this is all smoke and mirrors, and no charges are brought, there would be no one within the GOP who could challenge Trump for the 2024 nomination. If Trump survives the raid, he is certain to be the Republican nominee in 2024—and the Prophetic Futurists will be associating Trump with all kinds of outlandish and bazaar Biblical prophecies.

    But back on point: If Trump should regain the presidency, he would continue selling out America’s liberties just as he did in his first term when he championed both the Red Flag gun confiscation laws and the Covid vaccinations—which he continues to do to this very day—and Trump’s supporters would continue to look the other way, just as they did in his first term.  

    If Trump is eliminated from competition for any reason, Florida’s Ron DeSantis would probably emerge as the strongest candidate for the White House. His main asset is his strong anti-Covid mandates position. And that is no small matter. 

    But DeSantis has done nothing to repeal or, at the least, refuse to enforce the State of Florida’s Red Flag gun confiscation law, which is extremely troubling. And he is another bought-and-paid-for Zionist who signed a draconian anti-First Amendment State law prohibiting the criticism of Israel in Florida’s schools and colleges. 

    So, DeSantis is a mixed bag. 

    But even if somehow DeSantis should win the presidency and the GOP should take control of both houses of Congress (very uncertain), America’s collapse will not be stopped. The pace might be slowed, but that’s a big might

    The Covid tyranny and War tyranny already have done their worst. America’s hyperinflation and economic recession will worsen in 2023 no matter who wins in November. Western Europe is likely to experience World War II-style electrical blackouts, food rationing and a serious lack of running water and heat this winter. Governments in Western Europe could topple like dominoes. 

    The U.S. will fare a little better—but not much. 

    Our economy will continue to shrink; the job market will not rebound and could get worse; inflation will worsen, as will shortages; crime will escalate, and the government will use all of the above as an excuse to continue to grow itself into an even uglier monster than it already is. 

    At some point, separation within the United States is unavoidable. 

    Many American freedomists have been preaching secession for decades, but I’m not sure if that is now an option. Texas is the only State where a somewhat serious secession movement exists—and that movement is nowhere near large enough to sway State leaders to actually attempt it. And no other State is even seriously discussing the subject. 

    But that doesn’t mean that separation will not take place. I am more convinced than ever that it WILL take place, and that there is NOTHING that can stop it, because this separation will be Natural, not political. 

    Governments can only exercise authority as long as the People consent. When the People (meaning the Body Politic) refuse to consent, governments are powerless. Brute force at the local level is precarious at best. Remember that during a time of upheaval, one will discover that many government law enforcers (military and civilian) are also freedomists at heart and will only follow unconstitutional and illegitimate leadership for so long. 

    America shows all the decadent signs of the great fallen empires of history. America will not be an exception to the Laws of God and Nature. The Natural laws of common decency, strong nuclear families, a national commitment to the Christian faith, commitment to common social values, respect for a common heritage and commitment to a common language essential to the survival of an independent nation are ALL passé in our country. 

    There is literally NOTHING holding America together today; and the foundations and walls are already crumbling. Russia and China are not blind; they see America’s deepening demise. They know that time is NOT on the side of the United States.

    As someone with a scriptural and spiritual perspective, I believe that as with any nation, America’s fate—whatever it might be—is all of God. And that means it is ultimately for the good

    The forces of evil may be allowed by divine sovereignty to collapse earthly powers (because those earthly powers have taken positions against God and His Natural and revealed laws), but God always gets the last laugh. 

    As Joseph said to the brothers who betrayed and sold him as a slave to Egypt: 

    Ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive. (Genesis 50:20) 

    The power-mad elitists who are orchestrating America’s upheaval (we all know their names) will NOT prevail over Almighty God. Whatever evil they have planned for America and whatever evil they will be allowed to inflict upon America, God will use it for GOOD—and will eventually grind these antichrists and their Tower of Babel to dust. 

    And a better day will come. 

    P.S. THIS SUNDAY, September 4, I will deliver Prophecy Message Number Eight at Liberty Fellowship. 

    If you are able to make a trip to be with us in person this Sunday, we would be honored to have you with us for this special service. 

    For everyone else, I invite you to be watching online THIS SUNDAY at 2:30pm Mountain Time. 

    Again, I will be delivering Prophecy Message Number Eight this Sunday, September 4.  

    © Chuck Baldwin

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