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    Collateral Damage From Covid Lockdowns; Gun Control Showdown In The Senate

    Published: Thursday, June 16, 2022

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    Collateral Damage From Covid Lockdowns: 

    The numbers of deaths and injuries from the Covid vaccines are grossly underreported by the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).  By virtue of the way these statistics are gathered, these numbers at best reflect a mere 10% of the actual total.  Therefore, the VAERS report of 28,000 deaths is actually 280,000 deaths, and the report of 1.3 million injuries is actually 13 million injuries.  

    But those figures do not take into consideration the collateral damage of the government’s tyrannical response to the phony Covid narrative, most significantly the lockdowns.

    Here is the report: 

    The US recorded nearly 170,000 excess deaths during the Covid-19 pandemic, which were not caused by the virus itself – as obesity, substance abuse and other killers spiked amid government-imposed lockdowns, a new study has shown.  

    The figures have been revealed in a report released this month by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER). 

    The report suggested that excess non-Covid deaths may have been “collateral damage of policy choices.” NBER pointed to such factors as increased gun violence, drug and alcohol use, smoking and weight gain during lockdowns. 

    “We find it especially notable that non-Covid health outcomes were not more closely monitored to, among other things, determine whether public or private Covid policies were aggravating them,” the study’s authors said. They added that while critics might blame the excess deaths on personal choices, rather than public policies, “this is no excuse for ignoring this soaring death toll or pushing an examination of these deaths to the back burner.” 

    Deaths from drug- and alcohol-induced causes have risen by 13% and 28%, respectively, exceeding baseline levels by a combined 24,000 people annually, NBER said. There were 32,000 excess deaths annually from circulatory diseases, an estimated 4% above the baseline, and fatalities caused by diabetes or obesity were 10% higher than expected, averaging an estimated 15,000 additional cases each year. 

    Even as governments closely monitor Covid cases and deaths, little data has been offered on what’s happening to health outcomes apart from the virus, NBER said. “There was little curiosity about testing whether public or private Covid policies were aggravating previous health problems,” the authors said, adding that their findings on the harms to health experienced during the pandemic were “significant and historic.” 

    Other data on drug addictions, nonfatal shootings, weight gain and cancer screenings point to a historic, yet largely unacknowledged, health emergency,” the authors said. 

    A study by John Hopkins University released earlier this year suggested that Covid-19 lockdowns around the world prevented few, if any, deaths from the virus. “While this meta-analysis concludes that lockdowns have had little to no public health effects, they have imposed enormous economic and social costs where they have been adopted,” the study’s authors said. “In consequence, lockdown policies are ill-founded and should be rejected as a pandemic policy instrument.” 

    Adding the 170,000 “excess” deaths to the 280,000 underreported VAERS deaths makes the actual number of deaths attributed to the phony Covid narrative over 450,000

    Plus, this study does not take into consideration the pernicious psychological impact that the Orwellian CDC protocols such as masks, social distancing and isolation have had on everyone—especially on school-age children. 

    No one can give those two years back to our nation’s high school and college students. They lost two of the most important years of their lives. And they returned to school as different creatures. 

    The ubiquitous Covid propaganda and the heavy-handed tyrannical Covid narrative not only took away two of the most important formative years from these young people, it changed their entire psyche forever. 

    Go to any public high school in America and take a look around. You’ll see mostly disconnected, anti-social and friendless robots, which have had their brains rewired and normal (healthy) teenage interaction, socialization and dreams of the future destroyed. 

    They sit in class with their cell phones plugged into their ears; they sit by themselves in the lunchroom, again, alone with their cell phones; they don’t look at other students, much less talk to them. They are totally detached from reality and afraid to interact in society. 

    I was eating at a local fast food restaurant recently, and a high school sophomore waited on my table. I eat there frequently and have developed a friendly acquaintance with many of the management and staff who work there, including this high school sophomore. 

    I casually asked her how school was going. She replied that she was skipping her last two weeks of school and would not go back next fall. I asked why, and she said that school was a nightmare. She said she had no friends and hardly anyone cared about making friends. She said the atmosphere was more like a funeral home than a high school. She said she’s had enough. 

    So, there is another high school dropout with little hope for the future, carrying a totally despondent and depressed outlook on life. Chalk her up as more collateral damage from the phony Covid narrative. 

    Erase the last two years of Covid tyranny, and this girl would no doubt be a typical happy, enthusiastic, optimistic teenager all excited about becoming an upperclassman with all of the inherently fun and memorable experiences that come with it. 

    This young girl is one of millions around the country. They will never show up in anyone’s stat sheet, but they are casualties of the Bill Gates/Anthony Fauci/Donald Trump/Joe Biden/CDC/ WAR ON FREEDOM. 

    Gun Control Showdown In The Senate: 

    The most egregious gun control proposal being considered in the U.S. Senate is a provision that would authorize the federal government to bribe states into enacting Red Flag gun confiscation laws—in effect, a national Red Flag law. 

    From ZeroHedge: 

    Red Flag laws, also known as “Extreme Protection Orders,” are generally associated with assumptions of mental health and instability (remember the word “assumptions”). The parameters of such laws tend to be incredibly broad and ambiguous, and allow for almost anyone in regular proximity to a person to accuse them of being psychologically unstable. The accusation can come from a family member, a significant other, a work associate, etc. 

    Once the accusation is made, authorities can confiscate the target person's firearms without due process under the law on the grounds that they present a danger to themselves and others. No jury, no testing, no proof is required to get a court order. It is then up to the accused to prove they are NOT unstable and that they deserve to have their firearms returned. This process could take years, if the guns are ever returned at all.

    Some versions of Red Flag bills even allow police to declare you dangerous on their own accord, even without direct contact or a witness. In other words, it's a pre-crime system open for massive abuse. And keep in mind, we live in a digital era in which social media is carefully monitored, often by people that do not have our best interests at heart. Red Flag laws could even extend to comments made and taken out of context on social media platforms. 

    As with all leftist propaganda, Biden and the Democrats have sought to associate normal political and social concerns as well as constitutional concerns with nefarious behaviors such as racism and treason. If you oppose illegal immigration, want proof of citizenship for voting, support gun rights and the constitutional right to a militia, believe the government is corrupt and has overstepped its constitutional mandate, oppose globalism and corporate monopoly, etc. then you are an extremist in the eyes of the Biden Administration. Not only that, but you are comparable to groups like the KKK and individual terrorists like the Oklahoma City Bomber. 

    Red Flag laws open the door for punishment of political opposition by associating contrary views with “extremism” and then extremism with mental instability. Biden's policies specifically mention people who are hostile to government authority, which falls right in line with rhetoric used by the DHS and other alphabet agencies over the past several years relating to something called “Oppositional Defiant Disorder.” 

    Anti-gun authoritarians are fearful of direct confrontation and direct confiscation. Going door-to-door is not their idea of a good time. Instead, they prefer the use of backdoor confiscation, going after a handful of people and then moving on to the next group. Slowly at first, until it is too late for people to organize effectively against it. The 2nd Amendment is not a privilege granted for loyalty to a particular regime or ideology and it is not dependent on the crime rate; it is sacrosanct and stands outside of the conditions of the times we live. Shootings may rise and fall, but none of this matters – once gun rights are taken away, it is unlikely they will ever be returned. 

    Nineteen states and the District of Columbia have already enacted Red Flag gun confiscation laws. They are: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia and Washington. 

    Notice that these states include the Deep Blue and the Deep Red. 

    I encourage you—especially you ladies—to read this excellent article entitled An Open Letter to Women Who Want Gun Control by Daisy Luther.

    By the way, Ms. Luther’s personal testimonial about how the presence of a gun and the readiness to use it in self-defense successfully averted potential serious injury or death to both her and her daughter is also the testimony of my family and me on six separate occasions. 

    Anyone who would allow the government to disarm them is a fool.

    If you value your freedom—and your safety—you need to send a loud and clear message to your Republican (and a handful of professing pro-2nd Amendment Democrat) senators and let them know in no uncertain terms that if they vote in support of these new gun control measures, they have lost your vote forever. 

    And you folks in Texas need to know that your senator, John Cornyn, is one of the Senate leaders promoting this new national Red Flag gun confiscation law. He needs to hear from you NOW.  

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