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    You Seriously Believe The Same Media That Lied To You About Covid Is Now Telling You The Truth About Ukraine?

    Published: Thursday, April 7, 2022

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    For over two years, the news media repeatedly lied to us about the phony Covid pandemic. Virtually everything it told us was a bald-faced lie. 

    The accuracy of the PCR tests was a bald-faced lie. The need for social distancing was a bald-faced lie. The number of deaths due to Covid was a bald-faced lie. The need for masks was a bald-faced lie. The need to close schools and churches was a bald-faced lie. The need to shutter businesses was a bald-faced lie. The need for vaccinations was a bald-faced lie. The safety and effectiveness of the Covid vaccines was a bald-faced lie.

    EVERYTHING we were told about Covid was a bald-faced lie!

    But now, the same people that were awakened to the Covid lies regurgitated by the mainstream media (MSM) have swallowed the media’s Ukraine narrative hook, line and sinker. 

    Whenever I see the entire power establishment lining up in perfect agreement, all saying the exact same thing and repeating it non-stop over and over, I KNOW this is nothing but propaganda. Before I know the players, before I know the circumstances and events, I KNOW I’m hearing propaganda.

    When all of the TV networks, from CNN to FOX News, all the talking heads, from Joe Scarborough to Sean Hannity, all the Hollywood and entertainment figureheads and all the Christian Zionist evangelical leaders are regurgitating the same narrative—and condemning to Hell anyone who dares to challenge that narrative—I KNOW I am hearing propaganda.

    Accordingly, I am convinced with all of my being that everything I am hearing about Ukraine from the establishment is pure propaganda—a bald-faced lie. And yes, that includes the “news” about Bucha.

    Over the years, I have come to appreciate and respect the analyses of former USMC intelligence officer Scott Ritter. He’s not afraid to swim upstream and tell unpopular truths. He doesn’t disappoint in his recent analysis of the “Bucha massacre.”

    “In war, truth is the first casualty.” This quote has been attributed to Aeschylus, a 6th BCE Greek tragedian noted for his “copious use of imagery, mythic allusion, grand language, wordplay and riddles.” It is only fitting, therefore, that the man who first gave word to the concept of modern-day war-time propaganda would see his quote come to life in the present-day Ukraine. The Kiev government and their Western information warfare advisers may have coopted all of Aeschylus’ playwright devices to craft a modern-day tragedy in the Ukrainian town of Bucha that exemplifies the notion of the lie as not just a byproduct, but also a weapon of war.

    The main source of the Bucha tragedy reports is a videotape, taken by the Ukrainian National Police, of one of their convoys driving through a street in the town. A dozen or so corpses litter the roadway, many of them appearing to have been bound. This video has gone viral, producing a pandemic of anguish and anger that has swept over much of the world, capturing the attention of heads of state and the head of the Catholic Church alike, resulting in a tidal wave of condemnation and outrage directed at Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin. The cause-and-effect relationship between the video and the global backlash is clear – the former could not exist without the latter.

    One of the first lessons of objectivity is to slow things down to make sure that fact is not obscured by emotion. The Bucha videotape is disturbing. The video has been released in its present form, it appears, with the express intent of producing a visceral “shock and awe” moment for the viewer. If this was indeed the case, then those who released it – the Ukrainian National Police – have succeeded beyond their wildest imagination. Or that of their advisors, as the case may be. 

    The linkage between the dead and the Russian military was established immediately, without any fact-based data to back it up, and subsequently echoed in all forms of media – mainstream and social alike. Anyone who dared question the established “Russia did it” narrative was shouted down and belittled as a “Russian shill,” or worse. 

    That these conclusions are the byproduct of mass hysteria is beside the point – why seek to be objective when the narrative fits every stereotype that had been carefully assembled beforehand by the same people parroting the Bucha story today. Social “preconditioning” of an audience unused to critical thinking is an essential step in getting this audience to accept at face value anything that is put before it, regardless of how egregiously the facts of the story strain credulity. And let’s be clear – the Ukrainian narrative of the events in Bucha seems to stretch credibility.

    The chronology of the narrative produces the first red flag that the story being peddled by Ukraine, and echoed in the West, is not what it seems. It is established fact that Russian troops evacuated Bucha on March 30. Ukrainian National Police began entering Bucha on March 31, and that same day the mayor of Bucha announced that the town was fully under the control of Ukrainian officials. At no time was there any suggestion by the mayor or any other Ukrainian official of mass killings undertaken by Russia. The videotape in question was released by Ukrainian authorities on April 2; it is not certain if the video had been taken earlier, or on that day. What is certain is that the images shown in the video differed sharply from the narrative initially portrayed by the mayor.

    One example of this tactic manifesting itself is the reaction of US President Joe Biden. “You saw what happened in Bucha,” he explained in comments to reporters, adding that Russian President Vladimir Putin “is a war criminal.” Biden took advantage of the Bucha crisis to advocate for the delivery of more weaponry to Ukraine. “We have to continue to provide Ukraine with the weapons they need to continue the fight,” he said. “And we have to gather all the detail so this can be an actual – have a war crimes trial.”

    All this from the president of a country which has refused to recognise the International Criminal Court. For reasons which should be obvious to anyone willing to apply some critical thought. 

    Fortunately for President Biden and the Ukrainian government, the British chief prosecutor of the court, Karim Khan, announced in early March 2022 that he had launched an investigation into alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Ukraine. Given the high profile of the Bucha allegations, one would imagine that Khan has dispatched a forensics team to take control of the crime scene and oversee autopsies on the victims to establish the time of death, mechanism of death, and whether the victims had died where they were allegedly found, or if their bodies had been moved there from another location.

    Khan would also be empowered to conduct interviews with the Ukrainian National Police, who have a history of close relations with members of the Ukrainian far right, including the infamous Azov Battalion. Of particular interest would be any investigation into orders given to the police regarding the treatment of those Ukrainian civilians deemed to have collaborated with the Russian military during its occupation of Bucha.

    The results of such an investigation would more than likely conflict with the narrative being pursued by the Ukrainian government and echoed in the West by compliant media outlets and politicians alike. This is the prime reason why Khan is not currently on the ground in Bucha. One can assume that if and when Khan is eventually given access to evidence about the Bucha killings, it will have been manipulated by the Ukrainian National Police to such an extent that disproving the allegations will be virtually impossible.  

    The truth about what happened in Bucha is out there, waiting to be discovered. Unfortunately, that truth appears to be inconvenient for those in a position to pursue it aggressively through a forensics-based, on-site investigation. If it so happens that it eventually emerges that the Ukrainian National Police murdered Ukrainian civilians for the crime of allegedly collaborating with the Russians during their brief occupation of Bucha, and the forces of international law are brought to bear against the true perpetrators of that crime, any true pursuit of justice would have to include both the US and UK governments as witting co-conspirators in any crime charged. 

    The ONLY hope that the Ukrainian puppet president has in his desire to maintain his position as guardian of globalist Deep State corruption in Ukraine is to incite enough anti-Russian passion and emotion in Western nations—especially the United States—so as to bring them into direct confrontation with Russia over Ukraine’s protection. The Bucha story would be the perfect false flag to accomplish that. And if Bucha doesn’t work, you can bet there will be others.

    As I noted in my column last week, several faithful followers of Liberty Fellowship who either live in Ukraine or have relatives living in Ukraine have testified as to how the Ukrainian military—especially the notorious Azov Battalion—is destroying their own cities and murdering their own citizens.

    And it’s certainly not hard to figure out the motive. There are two obvious ones: 1) The Ukrainian military is taking revenge on Ukrainian civilians who are loyal or sympathetic to Russia, and 2) Ukrainian forces are creating death and destruction so as to affix blame on Russia and thereby goad the United States and NATO into war with Russia.

    And no matter what you hear from our lying media and gullible evangelical leaders, the conflict in Ukraine is NOT a good guy versus bad guy scenario. Not by a long shot! Zelensky is no George Washington, as some conservatives foolishly allege. He is more akin to Benedict Arnold.

    The government of Ukraine is thoroughly corrupt. It is a Deep State vassal of money laundering, child trafficking, international criminal banking, etc. Zelensky is a Zionist toady for George Soros and the Western Deep State.

    You probably didn’t hear about the election in Hungary—because the media propagandists didn’t want you to hear about it. Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban just won his fourth term last Sunday.

    Hungary’s Viktor Orban, fresh from winning a fourth term as prime minister in Sunday’s election, said his party was victorious despite facing interference from left-wing forces at home and “opponents” around the world, including Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and billionaire political activist George Soros.

    “We will remember this victory until the end of our lives because we had to fight against a huge amount of opponents.”

    Those forces included not only Hungary’s own opposition parties, he said, but also “Brussels bureaucrats, the Soros empire – with all its money – the international mainstream media, and in the end, even the Ukrainian president. We never had so many opponents at the same time.”

    “The entire world can see that our brand of Christian democratic, conservative, patriotic politics has won,” Orban declared.

    As a devoted Zionist/Globalist, Zelensky and his benefactor George Soros did everything they could to defeat the Christian Hungarian prime minister. They lost, but not because they didn’t try.

    Respected Christian educator and writer Don Boys this week wrote:

    George Soros, Klaus Schwab, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and others have taken the leadership of the globalist agenda. These men are simply radical, greedy, evil leftists with a far-left agenda for the world, not just one nation. Together they use their money, influence, and position to produce an imbalance in various nations. 

    That’s exactly right (except I would suggest that politicians such as Obama and Clinton are lackeys, not leaders). So ask yourselves: Why are Soros, Schwab and the rest of the globalist cabal BACKING UKRAINE? 

    So, congratulations to all of the political conservatives and Christian evangelicals out there who are cheering for Ukraine: You, George Soros and Klaus Schwab are now on the SAME TEAM. 

    That doesn’t mean that Putin and Russia are the “good guys” at all. It simply means that the people of the United States have no dog in this fight. The problem is, the Deep State hooligans in Washington, D.C., are just as corrupt as anyone in the European theater; and if we let them, they will drag all of us into the muck and mire—and death and destruction—of their evil machinations.

    And if you doubt what I’m saying about Zelensky’s Zionist bona fides, the man just said point-blank that post-war Ukraine will be a “big Israel.” (Ask the Palestinians what that means.)

    Israeli Ambassador to Ukraine Michael Brodsky told Haaretz, stating that the Jewish state has “always been a role model for Ukraine.” 

    This should not be surprising. If evangelicals were not so brainwashed with the devilish doctrines of Christian Zionism, they would know that Ukraine was once the epicenter of the Khazarian Empire, which was the forerunner of the Ashkenazi Jews that became the Zionist State of Israel.

    Are you really going to keep swallowing the globalist propaganda from the mainstream media about Ukraine? If you are, then at least have the consistency to stop complaining about the Deep State, because when you fall for the lies of the MSM, you have become a part of it.

    P.S. I am excited to announce that we have just released my latest message DVD in my prophecy series. The title of the message is: Why Ezekiel's Gog And Magog Prophecy Is NOT Identifying Russia.

    Most evangelicals are supporting the Deep State’s puppet government of Ukraine because they believe that Russia is the fulfillment of Ezekiel’s Gog and Magog prophecy. It isn’t! 

    This message is a detailed explanation of Ezekiel's Gog and Magog prophecy found in chapters 38 and 39. I use supporting Scriptures to show very clearly who and what Gog and Magog represent: And, again, it's NOT Russia!

    I also explain how the myth that Gog and Magog represent Russia—expounded by the vast majority of evangelicals—originated.

    And I also expose the devilish purposes that are accomplished by the way today's Scofield Futurists sensationalize prophecy—by outlandishly applying prophetic Scripture to whatever news headlines happen to be prominent at the moment—at the cost of sound New Covenant doctrine.

    Find my brand new message DVD Why Ezekiel's Gog And Magog Prophecy Is NOT Identifying Russia here.

    © Chuck Baldwin

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